05 PM | 24 Jul

What Does It Take to Maintain Your Interior Timber Doors?

Doors made with timber and glass

It is no doubt that getting bi-fold interior timber doors in your home is one of the ways to improve the functionality and aesthetic appearance of your home.

Bi-fold doors are low-maintenance, thus the popularity among many homeowners. You only need proper door servicing, annually, but with regular cleaning in between the service sessions.

However, getting an extended service life from your doors is an entirely new issue that demands high maintenance. Have a look at the following ways you can keep your doors in tip-top condition before your next service session:

Keep the running tracks clean

Any debris on the running tracks could cause blockage and affect the proper functioning of the mechanism. Forcing your door through the tracks will damage the door, even with a few trials.

It is advisable you consider regular vacuuming of the tracks to get rid of any debris that could get in the way of the tracks, and regular proper lubrication.

The hinges and door frames

Clean the hinges and frames using a mild soap solution and a soft sponge to avoid scrubbing the material on the door.

A rubber eraser is the most appropriate tool for removing stubborn stains from your door; your door may require special cleaning agents if it has a unique finish. After the hinges and frames dry, you could go with a silicone spray for a polished finishing.

Interior timber doors are robust and can last ages; however, a little maintenance will make them last longer and keep looking great; but, before it is time for any maintenance, you need to have a correctly installed door.

Wrong installation of the door poses a risk of severe damage on your door; you also render your warranty void when you install the door wrong. Professional door installation services will go a long way in delivering a quality door that will be quick and easy to maintain.