08 AM | 08 Aug

Top Factors Behind Freshly Laundered Clothes That Are Smelly

Woman holding her nose

Doing the laundry can be one of the unexciting house chores. But the moment the clothes are out of the washer or dryer, you get that positive feeling once you get a whiff of that fresh-smelling scent plus the fact that your clothes are back in their A-list state. This, however, is not always the case. There are moments when the clothes will smell stinky no matter how many times you have washed them.

There are some reasons your clothes smell this way. It is vital that you know what these reasons are so it will be easy for you to do the laundry the right way next time.

The Bacteria

Believe it or not, there are still bacteria in your clothes even after you washed them. These are the bacteria that interact with sweat, thus leaving some bad odors in your clothes, especially at the armpit areas. What you can do for this is to use detergents that have anti-bacterial property. Some laundromats are already using commercial laundry chemicals with such properties from providers like BC Industrial Services, LLC.

Smelly Washers

The washers and the dryers may be the last places you will suspect that will make your clothes smell. But truth be told, these machines can be favorable hosts to certain bacteria. As such, you need to have them cleaned regularly.

Not Drying Under the Sun

It is okay to relay on your dryers, but nothing beats the smell of clothes that are line-dried. If there is enough sunlight, you can hang your clothes outside and let the heat do its magic. Heat can kill bacteria, thus making your clothes smell fresh.

These are only some of the things to keep in mind if you want to keep your clothes from smelling bad. It will always boil down to cleanliness.