04 PM | 22 Dec

Three Reasons to Get a Walk in Bathtub for the Elderly

Nurse talking to an elderly woman

Being able to have a nice and relaxing bath is something we all treasure. This includes the elderly. While traditional bathtubs work fine for us who are young and agile, they can pose a challenge for the elderly. Bending and squatting into a traditional bathtub may become a difficult task.

Taking a nice bath should not have to be a chore. A good solution for this is a walk-in bathtub. As the name suggests, this is a portable tub that allows anyone to walk in and enjoy the benefits of a nice bath.

Beyond the portability, there are more benefits to it, especially for the elderly:


With traditional bathtubs, there is always a risk of falling. This applies to everyone, whether kids, adults, or the elderly. Walk-in tubs, as the name suggests, is designed to be walked into by opening and closing its door. This reduces the risk of falling while enabling the elderly with injury or lesser mobility to enter and exit the tub safely. Other safety measures include handlebars, non-slip surface and outward opening doors.

Independent Bathing

Getting old is a stage in life that makes a person have to rely on others for personal care. Losing one’s independence can be depressing. A walk in bathtub allows more privacy and independence during a private bathing time. There is no need to rely on someone to get into the tub or make sure the setting is right. Compared to a traditional bathtub, a walk in bathtub allows for more convenience as well.

Relaxation and pain relief

Walk-in bathtubs, depending on the design, come with different features for a pleasant bathing experience. Such features may include hydro or air massage therapy jets, temperature monitor, and even whirlpool mode which create a spa-like bath experience. The temperature monitor helps relax muscles and relieve pain, especially for those with injuries or suffering from arthritis.

Beyond just a bathtub, a walk in tub provides a range of benefits for the elderly. This includes being capable of having a relaxing private bath experience.