01 AM | 28 Apr

The Health Benefits of Swimming Laps Daily

fiberglass swimming pools

Swimming has always been considered as one of the best cardiovascular exercises. It is not only fun and enjoyable but also low impact, which means there’s no strain on the bones, joints and muscles.

Athletes, for instance, swim laps to stay in shape, boost lung capacity or even help themselves recover from injuries. Whether you’re a serious swimmer or one who’s just fond of staying in the water, one great thing to do is to have a lap pool installed on your property. This way, you’ll get to enjoy the following health benefits every day right in your own sanctuary.

Full body workout

Swimming laps is an efficient way to get a full body workout. Each kick, push and pull you do is like a resistance exercise for different parts of your body, including your shoulders, arms, hips, legs, core and back. Even just a few laps daily can help you build muscles and take you a step closer to your fitness goals.

Lap swimming is ideal for people of all ages, especially since you can customize your routine to fit your goals or to address just a particular muscle group. For example, if you’re healing from a rotator cuff injury, you can still swim and do kick board exercises. Meanwhile, if you have knee injuries, you can strap on a pull buoy and still do some laps.

Working at your own pace

Having your own pool to do your laps can help you assess your swimming workouts better. Unlike in a public pool where you have to compete for space with other guests, you can swim laps at your own pace, whenever you want, in your home pool. You can easily measure your progress, including the number of laps you can do in three minutes, your lap time intervals, number of strokes and distance per stroke, among others. This, in turn, will help you perform your sets better, thus achieve your goals faster.

Stress reliever

Instead of heading out for drinks at the end of a stressful day at work, you have the healthier option of swimming to release stress and tension. Swimming is known as a ‘feel good’ exercise for a reason—it not only loosens up your body and mind but it also helps you feel good about yourself.

Bodies of water are also known to have a calming effect. The good thing is you don’t need to live near the beach to enjoy that. You can have your own pool in your home, where you can plunge and melt your stresses away.

It’s also worth noting that having a pool at home makes it more welcoming and inviting to have friends over. You’ll obviously be spending more time with your loved ones at home when you have a place to relax, bond and share more fun memories together.