02 PM | 08 Oct

Aesthetic Agony: What to Do with Awkward Windows

Woman looking out the window

Windows are rarely noticed as part of interior design, until they’re situated at an awkward corner or sporting an irregular shape. However neat and sophisticated your furnishings are, the entire aesthetic of the space is thrown out of the window when you have bad windows.

The good thing about this is every design nightmare is a creative project opportunity. Here are the most common types of bad and awkward windows and how you can deal with them:

Short Windows

They’re awkward because it feels as if the walls are uneven, with the bottom space left empty. As the windows are at the top portion of the wall, people in the room don’t have an eye-level view of the outside, making the space look a bit cramped. The trick here is to use ceiling-to-floor drapes, as these would define the vertical space of the wall. This gives the illusion of tallness and an expanded space. It also drives the viewer’s attention away from the blank bottom space.

Bay Windows

These are beautiful, but often they’re placed in awkward corners at home. Without the right window treatments, the space looks unfinished and disconnected from the entire living space.

Use plantation shutters, for instance. Fort Worth interior design experts highly recommend this, as you’re able to control natural light better with such treatments. Turn this awkward corner into a reading nook. Install some bench seats. Throw in some throw pillows that complement the nearby room’s color palette, and voila, you have a finished nook that’s tied to your interiors.

Arched Windows

Sometimes, they remind you of the medieval period or the ancient times, but this shouldn’t necessarily have to be an outdated interior design feature at your home. The trick is to have simpler window treatments, as its architecture already has a statement. Don’t bother looking for arched curtain rods. The simple, straight ones will do. Place a sheer curtain and let simplicity improve the visual appeal of the space.

Do you have awkward windows at home? Channel your creative juices in dressing them up. Do it like a pro.

09 AM | 16 Mar

Narrow Lots and Houses: Break Away from the Norm

Narrow Lot House

Narrow Lot HouseAdaptation is key when you do not have enough in your resources. The same goes for the amount of space your lot covers. When you find your land lacking in space, your plan of building your dream home may be altered. It does not mean you should have to settle with scrapping your idea of a great home, though. It simply means you just have to be creative.

The type of lot you have may showcase a narrower style. At first, you might think it is impossible to design a house in this manner. You can look into narrow lot house plans in Brisbane to see how you can actually build your dream home out of this type of land. You might even realise that having a narrow lot is an advantage.

Better ventilation

Your comfort inside your home depends on the weather outside. During hot summers, the interior of your home can suffer when there is too much space to work with. Breeze coming in from outside may not reach the inner parts of your home just by opening a window. With narrow houses, it can be easy to let the wind in. Having strategically-placed sliding doors and windows on the side of the house may help control interior temperature.

Illusion of space

A narrow lot puts more walk space before you reach the other side of the house. This gives you the feeling of a large home because you still need to pass by several sections of your home. A box type of house cannot achieve this, as rooms are right by each other. This illusion of space gives you a sense of exploration right in your own home.

Narrow houses may not be your original goal when it comes to your dream home. Looking into plans and seeing how it can actually be more beneficial can change your mind.

04 PM | 27 Feb

Want to Save Energy in Your Home? Start With Windows

Energy-Efficient Windows In every part of the home, energy is running – from the basement’s dehumidifier that averages 432 kilowatts per hour to the bedroom’s ceiling fan that consumes 11 kilowatts. The average home uses 45% of energy for space heating, 6% for lighting, 9% for cooling, and the rest for electronics and refrigeration.

According to an article about energy by Dave Bartlett, for Breakingenergy.com, the world wastes as much as 30-50% of the energy that goes into buildings and homes. With the volume of homes and buildings all over the country, it is alarming to realize just how much energy goes to waste on a daily basis.

If you are trying to shift to a more energy-efficient home environment, you don’t have to do drastic measures, such as unplugging your appliances and enduring a cold, dark space. If you want to save energy in your home, start with your windows. Energy-efficient windows provide homes with light, warmth, and ventilation. Monarowindows.com.au says thermally efficient windows and doors not only look better but also save you energy and money.

Here are some reasons why changing to energy-efficient windows would be great for your home.

Warming up with Heat Radiation – Heat energy moves from warmer to colder areas. In radiation, window glass absorbs the heat energy and radiates it toward the cooler part of the area.

Conducting Heat Inside – Energy-efficient windows let heat energy move through solid materials of the frame, sash and bar to transfer heat inside.

Moving Air through Convection – Heat that enters the window cools down through the movement of air near and inside the space of the home.

Cooling the Home by Air Leakage – The residence naturally cools down as air moves through the open window and adjusts the heat of the home.

Lighting the Home Naturally – Energy-efficient windows allow more natural light enter the home without causing problems in heating and cooling. Natural light can add to energy savings and to warming or cooling your home naturally.

Energy-efficient windows in your home help save energy and money. They cut down energy consumption and provide the home with a natural living environment.

09 AM | 07 Jan

How Window Film Can Save Your Life

Window Film

Window Film Thieves and trespassers will scout your property to find the best ways to break in. The windows are typically targeted as the main entry point because glass that is not reinforced is easiest to break. Once inside your home, you may be defenceless against potentially armed burglars who have nothing to lose. Additional security inside and outside your house may buy you enough time to either deter them or wait until the police come.

You have several options to improve home security; a cost-effective one would be to add safety film on glass. An extra layer of protection may give you enough time to save yourself from a break-in.

Extra Time

The additional few seconds or minutes may mean the difference between a successful or failed break-in; it may also save your life. The extra time a thief spends just trying to break the windows or enter through another part of your property allows you or your neighbours to contact the police. It also discourages them from finishing the job because of the threat of potential imprisonment, if caught.

The longer they take trying to break the glass, the likelier that someone will notice them. The attention they get from neighbours or people in your house will deter them from breaking into your house.


CleargardAustralia.com cites that window films add an extra layer of protection that is shatter-resistant. This feature makes it difficult for burglars to enter your home as it strengthens glass, making it tougher and harder to break.

Shatter-resistant glass also reduces the risk of injury because it will not spread shards on the floor. Small particles may injure feet or hands when you clean up the mess.

Home Security

The addition of window safety film is not your only option; installing security cameras in strategic locations, motion sensors, additional lights or buying a dog may deter thieves from breaking in. A combination of all of these buys you enough time to prevent a break-in or even catch the thief. Weigh all your options and determine which is the most cost-effective and best solution to keep your home safe.

07 AM | 30 Nov

Winter Remedy: No Escape for Heat at Home

Water Heating

Water HeatingWinters can be ruthless, especially when you are not ready. This is why a few weeks before the season starts, you have to prepare not just yourself but your home for the transition. All you have to do is keep watch of weather forecasts and notice the changes around you. Fighting off the cold can be limiting to your lifestyle, so you have to go through preparations to save you from the hassle. Here are some ways you can protect your home from the cold.

Watch out for air leaks

Air can easily flow in and out of your home. What you want to do is keep the warmth in and the cold air out. All you have to do is listen to your windows during strong winds. A whistling noise would indicate that there are crevices requiring a cover up. Seal off the sides of your windows and doors to eliminate noise and insulate your home. Another good insulation technique is to put up curtains with thicker fabric. Replace your current sheer curtains and go for large draperies that can really cover windows.

Conduct checks and repairs

It is better to conduct routine checks on your roof and ceiling to see if there are any leaks. If you have an air ventilation system, it is time to have them cleaned out. Chimneys must also undergo cleaning from experts so they do not cause accidents when you use them. The same goes for your heating systems and air conditioning units. Call for a reliable heater repair in Salt Lake City to make sure all your equipment is in their best condition before winter.

Always remember, winters will not be a huge problem as long as you are ready for it. Open the windows in the morning to let the sunshine in and make the most out of the warmth of the day this season.

03 PM | 07 Nov

Elegance: Why Perth Homeowners Use Roller Shutters

Shutters Supplier in Perth

Shutters Supplier in PerthIn any venture, elegance and style define success. There’s no sector where this statement is truer than in the construction of homes. Upon completion of any house, decoration services are necessary.

Companies offering interior design are everywhere. However, you have to invest a little bit, especially in window treatments such as shutters. As one of the best additions any home in Perth can have, shutters have several desirable qualities.

Quality Roller Shutters

Want to control the amount of light, air circulation and privacy of your home? Perth has several companies offering shutters of high quality. These window treatments provide security and peace of mind, and companies offer them for a competitive price. According to Half Price Shutters, a shutters supplier in Perth, they design and offer a range of products in different colours to fit any house exterior.

Want superior aluminium roller shutters that transform your room into an exciting space, or view you can enjoy all year round? There are options that fit any budget. Inquire about the products that best fit your home. On top of industry leading warranties, reputable companies in Perth pride themselves with their customer services.

Key Benefits and Features

Roller shutters offer plenty of benefits. They help in the reduction of outdoor noises. Simply adjust them to let less noise or light pass through. They also help in insulating the room, and minimising the costs of heating and cooling. Besides, most shutters have desirable features such as versatility, adjustable sensor controls, and timers for shutting down or opening.

With so many options, home decoration has never been easier. The prices of shutters are competitive, and the services offered by companies exemplary. You have no reason to settle for unappealing interiors or exteriors.

02 AM | 06 Oct

Tricks to Keep Your Home Warm with Overusing the Heating


InteriorWith the chilly days of winter just around the corner, many New Zealanders can expect their utility bills to go up, as most of them are sure to rely on their heating systems more. Since heating costs can be quite expensive, but is a must during the snowy season, it pays to make some changes now in preparation for the cold days.

These upgrades will keep your home warm and comfy throughout the coming season without putting too much stress on both your heater and your wallet.

Draw your window furnishings before night comes.

Shut your windows and window coverings (curtains, drapes, blinds, shutters, etc.) before it gets dark, Auckland Glass suggests. This way, the heat that entered your home during the day will be trapped inside. Replace thin curtains or drapes with thicker materials, and make sure they fit well and can cover your windows completely.

Glaze your windows.

Invest in glazing services. Well-glazed windows work great during both the winter and summer seasons. In the winter, it can retain as much as fifty per cent of heat inside homes, making it easier to keep it warm. In the summer, it helps cut heat gains just as effectively, allowing you to cool your home faster.

Rid your home of old and damaged windows.

Conduct a careful examination of all the windows in your home. Those that no longer fit perfectly into their frames should undergo window replacement. These loose-fitting windows allow draughts into your home, making it feel colder than necessary. Besides, new windows are a great investment, as they now incorporate energy-efficient features.

Keeping your home draught-free, comfortable, and energy-efficient can start through these simple and quick changes. Carry these out before winter arrives, so you do not have to be shocked by really high bills caused by the extended use of your heating system.

02 AM | 05 Oct

Maximising Comfort in Your Bedroom


BedroomA comfortable room is spacious, well lighted and has great breathing spaces. A small room can be arranged to be spacious and comfortable. The important thing is you find the furniture pieces to make it work.

Your bedroom the place where you rest. Each piece of furniture should be comfortable and carefully selected. Look for high quality beds and mattresses as it could last for years. Find well-made yet inexpensive bedroom furniture in Auckland that will suit the theme of your room. Forest Furniture recommends choosing wood furniture for a classic appeal.

Using colours

Light colours will give the impression of bigger spaces. They are also cool to the eyes, making the room seem cleaner and cooler than it actually is. Choose simple patterns. You can create an illusion of larger space by using plain prints or solid cool colours. Common favourites range from shades of light green, sky blue, pink, coral to plain white.

Maximising the space

Pay attention to the circulation of the room. There should be enough space for movement. Arrange the furniture and the items according to the order of their usage. You can also choose minimalist bedroom furniture.

Playing with light

A well lit room is comfortable. Darker spaces seem stuffier than they actually are. It’s also difficult to breathe in dark places. Proper light placement sets the mood. It also expands space. Choose between white light for a polished look or yellow light for a more elegant finish.

Placing breathing spaces

Accentuate your windows. Have larger windows that allow air and light if you are renovating. If you are only rearranging your room, place your bed across or beside the window to let the light in as you wake up. Pay attention to how your windows are decorated and arranged. Arrange the room in a way which gives you a view of the nice scenery outside. Do not clutter the area with large, overbearing curtain. Choose light curtain or blinds to maximise space.

Space is irrelevant in arranging a comfortable bedroom. Maximize the space that you have and play with key pieces to keep the room spacious, well lit and airy. Choose only furniture that fits and is made well.

04 AM | 11 Sep

Plantation Shutters: Combining Energy Efficiency, Security and Privacy


plantationMaking your home more secure, private and energy-efficient is necessary, with all the crime-related concerns and increasing energy bills Perth homeowners are experiencing. Fortunately, there is no need for you to deplete your savings just to achieve all these. With plantation shutters, you can make sure your home will possess all these qualities minus the high costs.

Here are a few things you can expect once you install these window treatments:

They provide a layer of security for your windows – a favourite entry point of criminals.

As Action Awnings say, outdoor and indoor plantation shutters — when installed correctly — can make your windows safer and more secure from unauthorised entry. Locking them up tight will make it harder for burglars to break into your home, which can happen if you leave your glass windows bare of these coverings.

They make it easy to enjoy greater privacy in your home.

Plantation shutters are also ideal for boosting the overall privacy of the room. You can close them all the way down for more privacy, or open them to let more light and heat in. Whatever your preference is, you have more control over visibility and clarity of views from the outside.

They help minimise heat gains and loss.

Although the primary use of plantation shutters is to increase privacy in homes and make them more aesthetically pleasing, they can also contribute to energy efficiency. These window treatments are a form of shading; using them to protect your windows can help you save on energy costs.

In fact, installing plantation shutters in ideal locations around the home can provide added insulation and help minimise heat gain and loss during the changing seasons.

Get quality plantation shutters from your local suppliers, so you can enjoy all these benefits. With these window covers, you can have a safer and more private home.