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Window Treatment Shopping: Which One is Right for You?

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Drapes or Shades?

Choosing the right window treatments can be tricky, confusing, and irritating all at the same time. Places like Jo-Vin offer a wide array of treatments to choose from but you need to narrow down your choices and get the most suitable one for your windows. Thankfully, such places are also usually keen on lending a helping hand in the selection process.

Always ask yourself which window treatments you need and want. Are you leaning towards drapes or are you more of a shades person? If that doesn’t narrow it down, think of the window treatment’s purpose. Are you after privacy or is it purely for aesthetic purposes?

Your budget also plays a part in your decision. Window treatments are always priced by size so be sure to get your measurements right to avoid spending needlessly.

Different Window Treatments


Blinds are usually the cheapest window treatments  available. They offer little to no style but are great for providing privacy and filtering sunlight. However, they’re also a magnet for dust, so you better be prepared to clean them often. Blinds are best for rooms that need the most privacy, such as bathrooms and first-floor bedrooms.


If you want the functionality of blinds but also want some style, you can opt for shades. Although shades don’t have slats that blinds have for filtering sunlight, they come in various levels of opacity. They also come in black-out and motorization options, for maximum privacy and optimal convenience respectively. Depending on the type, shades can also be an energy-efficient option.


The possibilities with drapes are endless. With so many options available, you may have difficulty pinpointing which one best suits to your needs. Living and dining areas may have aesthetically pleasing drapes which allow natural light in. On the other end of the scale are blackout drapes which are suitable for nurseries and bedrooms, as they serve as a barrier to light and help keep the space temperate.

These are just some of the basics when it comes to window treatments. Consult a designer or a window treatments specialist about your particular needs. They’ll help you choose the most practical type of treatment for your windows.

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It’s Easy to Choose the Right Exterior Window Treatment for Less Heat and More Shade

Window TreatmentA shady spot may be all you need to make your home more comfortable during the summer months. Since you cannot grow trees high enough to block the sun in just a few months, consider artificial solutions. Shutters, shades, awnings, and blinds are quick, efficient, and affordable. If the objective is to keep your surroundings cool, then invest in the right external window treatment.

Options galore at your fingertips

The right exterior window treatment can block as much as 90 percent of the heat and glare from the sun. If you are thinking about putting up external blinds in Brisbane, Image Blinds suggests you find something offering different levels of shade. If you want to maintain your home’s aesthetic appeal, then look for retailers selling designer products. You can have anything you want — a specific pattern, colour, or effect if you make the effort.

Roller shades — that is the classic choice and the safest if you are pressed for time and need to make a decision immediately. If you want something fancier than the usual lineup at the local home improvement store, then browse the digital inventory of online retailers. You will also find exotic fabric roller shade designs, fire-resistant products, mildew resistant fabrics, and options which are stain and fade-resistant as well.

Considerations when buying online

Material and overall style are not the only parameters to consider. The components matter as well. When you’ve decided to instal external blinds, then look beyond the basic design. Pay attention to the specifications. If you’re buying online, examine the details. Check out the quality of materials used in the brackets, springs and tubes. These components determine whether your blinds will work smoothly. Read the feedback from customers as well before placing your order.

Lastly, you should also look at awnings. Since the awnings will be highly visible from the street, you should spend time choosing the colour and style of the product. Remember to do research on the record of accomplishment of the online retailer before you click on the shopping cart icon.