06 PM | 03 Oct

3 Tips to Consider for First-Time Movers to the UK

Man fixing his new house

As a visitor in a new country, you are often not aware of many things. You do not know where to shop for what you want. However, that has been made easier through e-commerce as visitors can purchase what they need without having to be physically present at the stores.

Furnishing the house

After finding a house in the UK, you still need to furnish it. In the case of bedrooms, you may rely on companies that sell bedroom furniture online. Upon purchasing the products, the chosen company will deliver the furniture to your door. Online services have provided a vital solution, especially for people relocating to the country for the first time.

Locating necessary facilities

You may be relocating with your school-going kids. That means that you have to identify suitable schools to enrol them in. The same applies to an ill family member. In such a case, you may need to identify a care centre that is close to where you plan to reside. That may not offer a serious dilemma to people living alone unless they themselves need the facilities.

Applying for a work permit

Before going to work in the UK, you may be required to obtain a work permit. The procedures have become a bit complicated following the Brexit. As a precaution, you should make an early application for a work permit to ensure that it is granted in time for your relocation to the country. Having to settle in the country and then waiting for a few weeks for the permit to be processed may diminish your savings.

The emergence of online platforms has made it easier for people moving to the UK. Even from their host countries, they can search and book for houses and household items. That allows them to settle faster upon arriving in the UK.

12 AM | 01 Sep

What’s With All The Racket About Fake Turf in the UK?


TurfThe UK usually comes to mind when people think of extensive lawns. Combined with well-maintained structures, these things even attract tourists to visit this country. Recent trends, however, suggest that artificial lawns dominate homes and offices in the UK more than real greens.

Grass specialists from oakleighmanor.com cite some reasons for the people’s fascination with fake turf:

Long lasting

Foot traffic and harsh weather may cause real grass to break easily. The maintenance of grass is not an easy task, and if the grass withers for any reason it is twice as hard to nurse it back to health.

Synthetic lawns consist of durable materials so they are summer-resistant and not prone to damage. In addition, a fake lawn may last for more than a decade depending on the quality and frequency of maintenance. The longer its lifespan, the less likely people will spend money for a new lawn.

Less costly

Real grass is less expensive than synthetic grass, costing around £6 per sq m. However, the maintenance required for it will cause the total price to go higher over a certain period.

Fake grass is more affordable in the long run, as prices vary between £10 and £30 per sq m. It lasts long so maintenance cost is not an immediate concern.

Easy to install and maintain

Real grass requires regular sowing, mowing and watering to thrive. In addition, it takes a while to see the results of gardening efforts. Thus, it is not an ideal addition for those who do not have the time or the means to hire a gardener.

On the other hand, artificial grass is a better alternative since it only takes a one-time installation and requires minimal maintenance thereafter. People may replace it easily should they want variety. This reduces the hassle and cost of maintenance.


Real grass may harm kids and athletes if it is not thick enough to cushion their fall. Artificial lawn is less likely to wear and tear so it may prevent accidents by serving as a buffer. This, to a certain extent, reduces medical bills you would otherwise incur with falls and scrapes on real grass.

With all these features, no wonder more people prefer artificial turf over the real deal.