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Due Diligence: Know the Risks of that House Purchase

Couple Receiving Keys to their New HomeOnce you have approved the real estate purchase contract, you have two weeks to cancel or push through with the sale. This period is not just for you to sit around and think about how you will live your life in the new house, should you continue with the purchase. It’s also a time for you to inspect the property for any hidden signs of damage that the seller needs to address or reimburse you for.

To make sure your new house will be ready and in the best condition, check the following:

Radon Levels

A simple test can be conducted to see if the house has safe levels of radon, a chemical that is responsible for most lung cancer cases involving those who do not smoke. You will only need to contact a radon testing company situated locally in Salt Lake City such as the Aerolite Group to get a report on how safe your house is from this chemical. You might also want to have the property checked for meth and other dangerous substances, especially if the neighborhood has presented with chemical-related problems in the past.

Crime Statistics

Though you cannot be responsible for cleaning up the community of crimes, the seller should be upfront about the kind of neighborhood in the area. If you have been made to believe it is the safest neighborhood, therefore enticing you to pay top dollar for the property, and you found out that is not the case, you may petition for a reimbursement or change in the purchase price of the property.

Presence of Mold

Some houses need to be vacated immediately because of the presence of mold. Now, imagine not knowing that and going the opposite direction–moving in. You are endangering your family’s lives, especially children and the elderly, who have weaker immune and respiratory systems. You may be wondering why they keep getting sick, now knowing that mold growth is your silent but potent enemy. In case you find mold in the house, you will need help in removing it, as well.

The house you buy should be livable. Do your part in double checking its safety and security; otherwise, you’re purposefully endangering your family.

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Guide to Buying a House in the Philippines

Real Estate Agent Showing the Property

Whether you’re buying your first house or not, the process can be complicated and tedious. While choosing a house in communities like Lancaster New City can be quite overwhelming, reading reviews about the property can help you with your decision-making.

Asking questions is also normal, especially when you’re buying a house for the first time. That’s why it’s important to understand that there’s no such thing as a dumb question.

There are several questions that most home buyers seem to ask often. Some questions are about the contract, how the offer is made, and all other factors that may play a role in the entire home buying process. Southpropertysale.ph outlines some of the most common ones.

Does the developer offer any discounts?

Some real estate developers offer discounts only if you know how to negotiate. Others even offer pre-selling promotions and other incentives, such as free furnishings, depending on various factors that may play a role in the actual date of completion of the property.

Does the developer have a license to sell?

You should also ask the seller or the agent/broker of the developer if the real estate project has a license to sell and is registered through the HLURB. You can always check the authenticity of the license on the HLURB website.

How will your house look once it’s ready for a turnover?

You should know the standard finishes included in the project. The model house may look different from the actual turnover of the unit. To keep yourself from getting disappointed, it’s always best to ask the finishes that will be included in the turnover.

These are just a few of the questions you may want to ask the real estate agent about the property. It’s always best to take things seriously, especially with such a huge purchase.

06 PM | 29 Nov

Buying a House? 4 Money Saving Tips You Should Know

The idea of owning a house can be both stressing and exciting. Even if you have done it again in the past, each experience is different and should get better with time. Financing your idea can be challenging, and that’s why you ought to know some of the hacks that can reduce your financial burden significantly. Read on and get to know some of these hacks.

1. Real estate market.

Depending on the location and the market conditions, real estate market keeps changing day in day out. It is therefore imperative that you engage a real estate company or a mortgage broker to try and understand the market before investing your money. Know if the property value is down or up, and when will be the right time to strike a deal.

2. Consider a short-term mortgage.

When you take a mortgage, consider paying it within a short period. A short period mortgage will come with a lower interest rate vis a vis an extended period type of mortgage. It also means that you will be paying more of the principal amount each month, cites Life Hacker.

3. Credit score.

If you are not paying for your house in cash, then you will most likely consider a mortgage. In this case, having a good credit history is paramount. Mortgage companies and other financial institutions are wary of customers who have a bad credit history. They are termed as high-risk clients. Hence, their interest rates are way higher than the rest, says HuffPost. A good credit history will go a long way in helping you get affordable housing in Lancaster New City or any other location.

4. Hire the services of reputable professionals.

This may seem obvious, but its ignored by many home buyers in an attempt to save some cash. Dealing only with professionals will not only protect you from shady deals, but it will also save you from the agony of losing money. Get a professional house inspector to try and point out any faults that could cost you later when doing repairs. Also, deal with a reputable real estate agent whose past dealings are well known.

Knowing how to go about the system will be the right path towards owning a home of your dreams. The above tips will ensure you save a significant amount of money that can be channelled towards other meaningful projects.

09 AM | 24 Apr

Things You Need to Do Before You Buy a House

Real Estate Agent Handing Over House Key

Real Estate Agent Handing Over House KeyAt one point in time, you’re going to want to stop paying rent and buy a home. This time would be an exciting period for anyone, and every decision you make will affect your experience in your new environment. So if you’ve been thinking of making an investment in one of the newly built homes in Utah, here’s how to go about it.

Create a budget

If you’re going to apply for a mortgage, decide how much you can comfortably pay every month for the mortgage. A budget is critical because it helps you know how you spend your money. If you already follow a budget, you already have a good idea how much your expenses are and can make a wise decision as to the size of mortgage you’ll want to apply.

Know your credit score

Nothing is as disappointing as choosing the house of your dreams and making a price offer only to discover that you cannot afford it. Before you hunt for a house, you should visit a mortgage broker to find out if you qualify for a mortgage. If your credit score isn’t looking good, work on improving it first.

Work with a professional

Find a competent realtor to assist you. Your realtor should be able to point out any issues with a property and guide you to get the right property. They will also provide useful information about the area and tell you the estimated cost of repairing or upgrading a property.

Ensure you get a home inspection

Talk to a reliable home inspector to thoroughly check for any issues in a property before buying it. While the seller is expected to let you know of any problems in the property, you need to be sure before moving in. Should major problems come to light during the inspection, consider retracting your offer or renegotiating the price.

There’s a lot more to buying a new home than you may have imagined, especially if you’re doing it for the first time. By preparing yourself, you can make the experience satisfying and smooth.

01 AM | 27 Dec

A Lucrative and Rewarding Business: The Benefits of Management Rights

Management Rights in Sydney

Management Rights in SydneyIt can be easy for a society to concentrate on things that do not make sense in their daily lives, whether they intend to or not. They are so obsessed with focusing on the negativity that they forget to appreciate the good things. The same case applies to management rights – every business model involves their own weaknesses and risks. To better appreciate management rights in Sydney, keep the following advantages in mind.

  1. Management rights do not involve debtors. It is not similar to other business because you will get your payment from monies held in trust. You do not have to wait two to three months just to get your income or encounter any outstanding invoices.
  2. It has the support of lenders. They can lend you up to 70 per cent loan to value ratio. This is probably one of the highest lending ratios compared to other models. Although, you have to provide them confidence in the model, so they can serve as your risk analyst.
  3. It provides you with a stable income. You will receive the same amount each month and you will have to contract for up to 25 years.
  4. It offers you flexibility in your work hours. You can choose what time you want to work as long as you accomplish everything that you need to do. Not only that, you can even control the daily tasks assigned to you.
  5. It will give you variety. Every day will be interesting as your tasks for each day differs. You do not come in every single day doing the same menial task.
  6. It will give you the freedom to work with your competitors. This might seem unusual, but this will give you an active social life. Managers usually have to keep in touch with each other to refer each other’s businesses and to discuss matters. This will keep your mind out of other considerations.

Among all businesses, the above advantages prove how lucrative and rewarding management right is. Keep those in mind and all your sacrifices will be worth it in the end.

01 AM | 22 Oct

Making an Investment in a Real Estate Property: What to Know

Real Estate Property Investment

Real Estate Property InvestmentYou’ve probably heard a lot about how thriving real estate industry is. That is why it is not surprising why many people are turning into this venture for the reason that it is the safest type of long-term investment.

But, there’s more to it than that. In fact, to guarantee that you’re on the right track, certain considerations and rules must be followed before you give it a shot.

A Good Understanding on Budget

Property investment in Australia is a booming industry because it has a number of benefits you can never find in any other industry. Before taking a plunge, it is necessary to have a good understanding of the cash flow. You need to know the total amount of loan you can borrow from the bank. This is the first thing you should think about before you begin the search.

Find a Property in a Good Location

Choose a property that is located in residential areas. It is a plus if it is nearby commercial establishments and other places, which are necessary for comfort living, like public transport, schools, market, parks, and etc.

Set Realistic Goals

Whether you’re looking for fast capital gain or long-term hold for a property, you need to be more specific about your future goals. Learn how to read the market, because a good and steady market means you can easily sell it at good price. On the other hand, during down or slower economic period, it is harder to achieve the profit you want. Be objective and try to evaluate the whole picture.

Look for Function, “NOT” Fashion

Remember that you’re making a property investment, which means you need to get something out of it. If you’re choosing it just because it catches your eyes and it looks stunning, you better reconsider it. It must be something that will benefit you in the end, not because you like it personally. Think and act like a business person.

Investing in a real estate property can be a lucrative move. But, you must remember that it doesn’t come by so easily. You also need to work hard for it. If you want to gain profit out of it, be sure you fully understand the terms about this matter.

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Know How to Buy a New House with These Four Steps

Buying a New House in FairbanksChoosing a house to buy is a happy yet challenging event in anyone’s life. For many, this is the culmination of a life-long dream — then they are taken aback by the sheer difficulty of choosing which house to buy.

To make your search a little easier, here are some important reminders.

1. Choose the location first.

You’re probably thinking, “Shouldn’t I think about the budget first?” Of course, but your budget and the location you want go together. Besides, wouldn’t it be a waste if you assumed the houses in an area you liked are probably out of your reach, then found out later that they were not, after you’d settled for your third or fifth choice? If there is a particular location you prefer, go and scout the houses for sale there, then take out your calculator before coming back to make an offer. Know what you want from an area, then go there and check if it can give those to you.

2. Get an agent.

Your realtor in Fairbanks knows about the houses here better than anyone else. You probably think you can save money by going through this process by yourself, but the reality is a real estate agent can save you from a lot of legwork and other costs you might not find out until after you’ve bought the house and started moving in.

3. Be cautious.

You can’t be paranoid when you’re buying a house, but it does make sense to be cautious. Just because you fell in love with the kitchen doesn’t mean the rest of the house is perfect too. Remember, buying a house is more of an emotional decision than anything else. Don’t get too carried away that you fail to see the obvious red lights.

4. Picture yourself living there.

When a house agrees with your taste and budget, you start to mentally put your furniture in there, assign rooms to yourself and to members of your family, and think of ways to make use of that extra room. If you don’t feel that, that house is not the one.

Finding a house to buy should be fun. Be ready for it, but always remember that this is a time that’s worth celebrating, not despairing over.

01 AM | 12 May

From Virtual Houses to Prime Real Estate: Advantages of Being an Online Realtor

Real EstateReal estate is an ironic form of industry. It’s both a fast-paced business with a very slow process of doing things. But, since people are now using the Internet all the time, selling or buying a property has now become much easier.

According to Vegas Dream House, if you have a Green Valley ranch home for sale, you’d typically have to apply for local listings first. Before you even get to the part where the property becomes available for viewing, you’ll have to go through tons of complicated processes, most of which are things you’d rather just skip.

Thanks to the popularity of Internet marketing, regular realtors are now able to do things faster in the fast-paced industry of real estate. Below are the benefits of being an online realtor:

Ease of Access

You don’t have to be a tech wizard to post a property online. Whether you’re selling or buying a property, there are virtually thousands of websites that offer free postings. You only need access to an Internet connection, and you’re ready to go. No hassle, no trouble –just plain, direct business.

Wider Audience Reach and Visits

Apart from having the ability to post properties, you’re also able to gain a lot of traffic. With a couple of clicks or two, interested homebuyers can now view the picture of the property you posted. They don’t have to physically visit the house anymore. So, when buyers insist on visiting the property, it only means they are extremely interested.

Super Affordable Advertising and Marketing

At best, using your home’s Wi-Fi connection would be enough to get the business rolling. With a good laptop, desktop, or even a tablet (whichever you prefer), you can gain access to websites that offer free ads. They’re totally free with an optional premium, which you can decide to pay for or not.

Becoming an online realtor is a modern-age necessity. While traditional forms of real estate buys and sell work, adding an online version of it can’t hurt.

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3 Justifications You Shouldn’t Be a Guarantor on Your Child’s Home Loan

Home Loan in Grovedale

Home Loan in GrovedaleComing up with the necessary deposit for a home loan today has been more difficult than ever. Unlike baby boomers and the Generation X, the millennials sometimes can’t save genuine funds even with two salaries.

No thanks to skyrocketing house prices and a high cost of living, properties near major cities in Victoria, like Newtown or Grovedale homes for sale, it’s almost impossible for the Generation Y to get a mortgage without any help.

Fortunately, the most generous lending facility is always open for service — the bank of mum and dad. Of course, you’d want to do everything you can to help your child enter the real estate market, but being a guarantor is the riskiest way to extend a hand to your son or daughter.

Here’s why:

You Get No Reward

From a financial point of view, being a guarantor wouldn’t do you any good. You wouldn’t earn the right to own, even a portion, of the purchased property. Timely repayments by your child wouldn’t improve your credit rating.

The only real reward you could get is feeling good about being instrumental in your child’s bid for home ownership. Beyond that, nothing.

You Risk Your Credit

On the contrary, all you’d get is exposure to all kinds of risk — particularly when it comes to your borrowing capacity. Once you agree to act as a guarantor, your child’s repayment would become a part of your credit file, thus affecting your ability to acquire loans in the future. Any default or non-payment on your credit report could make it hard for you to borrow money yourself in the coming years.

You Could Face Legal Problems

In the case of default, you could have to take over the payments. You’d be liable to pay for the amount stated in the guarantee. If you can’t shoulder the financial responsibility, the lender has every right to take legal actions against you. This, by itself, is another serious headache you’d otherwise not have if you didn’t act as a guarantor.

Being a guarantor could be a risky endeavour, but no risk would do you harm if it’s well-calculated. Put a lot of thought on it before you decide to get involved in this tricky situation.

05 AM | 17 Mar

5 Things That Can Affect Property Valuations

Property Valuations

Property ValuationsEvery homeowner looks forward to making certain renovations as a way to improve how their homes look like. While there is a lot of information on how you can renovate your house, a few people have no idea that some of these renovations can make it difficult for their homes to sell and may even end up decreasing their property’s value. You may add costs, but no value when making some of these changes. That’s why it’s important to consult an expert in property valuations Brisbane.

HVPC.com.au shares some things that can affect your property valuations in Brisbane.

Illegal Home Improvements

If you fail to adhere to the set building regulations and seek planning permissions, you may end up devaluing your house as new buyers may have to factor this cost when considering your house. Unfortunately, a lot of people do not pay attention to regulations when renovating their homes. Before renovating, research on the planning permission rules that apply to your specific home improvements. This information can be found in government sites.

Poor House Maintenance

Your house must be able to have an appealing first impression when potential buyers visit. If your buyers are astonished by your house’s exterior, chances are that they may not want to even look inside. This may affect your selling price. Ensure that your lawn and yard are perfectly maintained before inviting buyers. Keep your pets off the yards due to the smell and dirt they spread.

Crime Levels

No one wants to buy a house in a crime-prone area. Higher than average crime rates affect house values. The only way to counteract this phenomenon is to have increased security measures.

Unexpected Developments

If you live in an area that suddenly introduced developments like a mobile telephone mast or an electricity pylon, this may decrease the value of your home.

Unruly Neighbours

Having neighbours who are rude, loud or intimidating can scare away a potential buyer. Additionally, it’s estimated that anti-social neighbours can devalue your home by up to $30,000.

While some factors like past history and poor performing schools may not be easy to change, some things like property maintenance and pets can be changed. By making the necessary changes, you’ll be able to sell your home accordingly.