01 AM | 27 Sep

4 Tips on Keeping Your Pets Safe and Healthy

a man and his dog

For a lot of people, pets are part of the family. This is why, like any family member, you want your dog, cat or any pet to always be protected. You also want them to have the best health. On that note, here are four things that can help you make sure that your pets will not have any health or safety issues:

1. Build a fence around your home.

Your pet tends to run around, and they could get lost at any time. To make sure this does not happen, you should have a fence around your home.

It would be best if it is made of aluminum so that it will require less maintenance and be more affordable. Contact a company that can provide an estimated cost for aluminum fence installation and ensure your pet’s safety.

2. Feed them the right pet food.

Pet food is where they will be getting their nutrients. Check the nutrition label so that you will know if they are getting enough of the right nutrients. Consult your local vet as well to know what dog food brands they recommend.

3. Put ID tags on them.

Just in case your pets get lost, you want to make sure they will be easy to find. For dogs and cats, put a name or ID tag on them with your contact details. Make sure instructions on the name tag are also very clear for those who will find the dog.

4. Regularly take them out on walks.

Of course, pets need exercise too. It keeps their weight and health in good levels and avoids diseases associated with obesity. Regular exercise will provide them with physical activity they need to stay healthy, and it will make them really happy as well.

As their owner and companion, you need to do everything you can to protect your pets. Not only will they be able to live longer, it will also give a deeper appreciation of them.

06 PM | 04 Jun

3 Simple Maintenance Tips for Outdoor Furniture

Living room in a garden

A garden complements your house and provides private space for gardening hobbies, to entertain the kids, for parties and to relax. At some stage, you’ll need to choose outdoor furniture to make the most of your outdoor area. Whether you find a great sale of outdoor garden benches, buy second hand or find some old deck chairs in the shed. You’ll need to maintain them, so they withstand the sun and rain. Here are some tips to keep your garden furniture in good shape:

1. Regular cleaning.

Outdoor home furniture is exposed to many destructive agents. General wear and tear is quicker due to exposure to harsh weather, bugs and garden birds and animals. For a home near the sea, metallic benches can easily become corroded by the salty moisture from the sea water. To prevent a build-up of dirt or moisture, regular cleaning is easy and doesn’t take time. For plastic outdoor seats, a wipe with a wet cloth and washing detergent is fine. Leaving the item in the open will dry it quickly.

2. Check for repairs.

If your furniture has been in storage, check for any potential repairs before putting them out for your next garden party. For metallic chairs and tables, ensure any signs of rust are brushed off and an anti-corrosion paint or wax paste is applied to protect it from future rusting. Furthermore, regular maintenance stops the damage before it becomes worse and more expensive to fix.

3. Buy custom furniture covers.

Also, consider buying protective accessories such as custom furniture covers. A good quality design will fit around the furniture snugly, so you don’t have to worry about them blowing away. Covering your furniture when not in use not only provides protection; covers come in a variety of colours and materials to blend with the surroundings of your home.

For home and real estate developers, a well-kept outdoor garden adds value to the property. It also makes living conditions more enjoyable.

04 PM | 01 Feb

Solving the Issue of an Adult Child Staying Long at Home

Australia has been suffering from a housing crisis that has kept Millennial children at home with their parents. Surveys in 2017 found that, due to expensive home prices, many Millennials have become greatly concerned about their housing. As a result, they have been staying longer in their parents’ homes.

Consider a Separate Dwelling

You may have an adult child yourself who still can’t leave home because of the high cost of living. You will likely be concerned about their independence and well-being. At the same time, you want your house to yourself now that your child is an adult. For the benefit of everyone, you can invest in a teenage retreat.

Benefits All around

“Teenage retreat” may be the wrong term because you will be making it for your adult child, but the idea applies. A separate granny flat, if you have the space at home, can make your child live somewhat independently, while you can enjoy your house for yourself. You can talk to your child about this and explain how it will benefit the both of you.

Plan for the Flat

When your child agrees, you can move on to the planning. The retreat needs to be functional to save on space as well as to accommodate your child and their guests. Simultaneously, you and your child can decorate it in a way it reflects your child’s personality and taste.

Establish Ground Rules

Of course, as the flat will still be on your property and your child will still be living with you on some level, you can establish ground rules. Ground rules can help to keep your child from asserting too much of their independence to the point that it becomes a disturbance. Your child also needs to take some level of responsibility as an adult now.

Your adult child may be staying with you for longer than you want, but a granny flat for them will definitely be a good measure for both of your comfort.

05 PM | 17 Jul

4 Tips When You Live Alone After College

Smiling girl enjoying living on her ownLiving alone can be a challenge, especially when you have become so used to having someone else take care of everything at home. Now, you have to mind everything, from the food you are eating to the bills you have to settle within a certain date.

The following are tips for people who have not yet experienced living solo before.

Park in a carport

A carport is beneficial for people living alone. Not only does it provide you with protection from the rain when you park, it also provides you shade during the scorching heat, especially if no one is at home to bring you an umbrella when you need it.

It can also ensure your safety, as it is usually either located close at home or attached to the building itself. This prevents those who mean you harm from getting close to you in dark places when you park. For more information, you can talk to carport builders here in Brisbane.

Make a weekly meal plan

Not only can meal planning ensure that you are getting a healthy diet in what you eat, it will also save you money by not overspending. You can use this money to offset some of the bills that you pay monthly. Plus, you will have less stress and will avoid wasting food.

Clean the house regularly

As you are in your house most of the time, it is important to keep it clean, or at least as neat as possible. Use closets and organisers for storage. Or if you do not have the time to do the cleaning yourself, contact a home cleaning service that can do it for an affordable amount.

Keep an emergency contact list

You must have a list of emergency contacts like the fire station, the plumber or electrician should a problem come up at home.

Living alone can be a great time to discover yourself. But there will come a time in your life when you will need to move in with someone, whether it is a roommate or your future partner. So, enjoy this time by yourself with the tips mentioned above.