01 AM | 12 Jul

What Should You Consider to Lower Your Water Bills?

Sink drainage working properly after fixing pipes

No matter where you live, it is crucial to conserve water to help reduce your bills. Besides, water is a precious resource that everyone needs to preserve. Cleaning drains, fixing leaks, checking pressure gauges, and repairing faucets are also some solutions that every homeowner should know in case they notice a problem.

To help with reducing your water bills, Alfa Plumbing Services and other renowned plumbing service providers advise you to consider the following:

Repair Leaking Pipes

It is necessary to seek services from a skilled plumber to help trace water and sewer leakages in your property. Leaving these unchecked can result to dampened walls and floors, aside from increasing your water bills. That can cause mold growth, which will pose a health hazard to you and your loved ones.

Replace the Shower Head

Faulty and old-model showerheads often account for a significant percentage of domestic water wastage. Therefore, it’s best to request for a professional inspection to determine whether your showerheads are the newest models and if you need to replace them accordingly. Also, ensure that the plumber follows proper installation techniques to guarantee the shower heads are working efficiently.

Use Efficient Toilets

Some toilets require more water for a single complete flush. If you can relate to this, consider requesting your plumber to change your flush toilets to water closets that use less water. Currently, dual-flush water closets are also available in the market. They come with features that allow you to use varying quantities of water when flushing.

It makes no sense to have an emotional attachment to plumbing facilities that incur extra cost to maintain them. Switch your old faucets, tubs, showers, and heaters to those that use the least amount of water. An excellent guide here is to ensure that the gadgets you are buying have EPA’s WaterSense label for efficiency.

12 AM | 20 Mar

Ice Dam Removal for Roof Protection and Safer Homes

Ice Dam in a House Roof

Ice Dam in a House RoofIt’s not enough to worry about keeping your family warm during the cold season in Minneapolis. The safety of your home is a major concern, especially because of the massive snowfall. When snow falls on your roof and piles up, the snow at the bottom edge of the roof refreezes and creates an ice dam. When your roof holds water for a while, the water finds its way under the shingles and causes damage to your home’s interior, such that you will need the services of an ice dam removal company.

Are well-insulated houses still susceptible to ice dams?

Many homeowners believe that you can prevent ice dams by having sufficient insulation and ventilation in your attic. The theory behind this belief is that ventilation allows cold air into the attic equalizing the attic temperature with the outside temperatures.

Insulation, on the other hand, keeps the rooms beneath warm, and the hot air will rise to melt the snow that is on the roof. It is advisable you ensure your home is well ventilated and insulated, but even so, your home is still susceptible to ice dams.

The Bitter Truth

It is almost impossible to equalize the attic temperature with the cold winter air, as there will always be warm air that will get into the attic from your house. Some modern homes have heating ducts running through the attic, which also contributes to the melting of snow. Unless you have windows in your attic, you will always experience melting of snow and create an ice dam.

It’s advisable you leave ice dams alone if they are not causing any leaks in your house. If you notice leaks, call in an experienced professional in Minneapolis to carry out ice dam removal procedures.

Two Possible Solutions – Heating Cables and Leak Barriers

Heating cables can melt channels through the ice dam and let the water out hence averting water leaks. Also known as ice and water shield, a leak barrier is an underlayment that prevents leaks from ice dams. While leak barriers can be costly, they will go a long way into protecting your house from damage.

Avoid removing the ice dams on your own to save yourself further damage from using DIY ice dam removal methods. Know when to call an expert.

03 AM | 21 Mar

Why Water Heaters Leak?

Water Heater in Salt Lake City

Water Heater in Salt Lake CityAlthough water heaters make life at home more comfortable and enjoyable, they develop leaking problems at times. Chilly water stream and poor pressure during morning showers are indications of a leaky water heater.

To ensure your heater operates properly throughout the year, it’s good to determine the source of leaking and apply preventive measures. Water heater technicians from Salt Lake City share the following reasons of water heater leaks.

Old age

Normally, water heaters function efficiently for many years. Nonetheless, corrosion and rusting take their toll as the life cycle of the appliance ends. As the corrosion problem worsens, water from the tank begins to leak out. This becomes a sign that you need to replace the water heater. If you don’t replace the leaking appliance in time, it may fail completely and lead to horrible flooding in your house.

Excess pressure

When the pressure inside the tank is too much, the water heater may start leaking. The excess pressure in the tank usually forces the water to reduce the pressure. Pressure accumulates in the tank when you set the heater’s temperature too high. This also builds up if the external source of water supply exerts excess pressure. If the temperature and pressure relief valve of your water heater is defective, too much pressure may build up.

Drain valve

A water heater with a loose drain valve can cause leaks. If the drain valve of your water heater is loose, tighten it up with a wrench. Do not over tighten the loose valve because it may cause further damage. Excess water leakage from the heater leads to high water bills.

Prevention is always better than cure. Always check your water heater for irregularities. Moreover, know the right time to service the tank and replace the water heater.

08 AM | 19 Jan

Boiler Installation: It’s All About Hiring the Right People

Boiler Installation in Salt Lake City

Boiler Installation in Salt Lake CityBoilers remain some of the most commonly used home heating systems in the country today. With a history dating back many decades ago, these heaters have undergone continuous improvements. Much thanks to these innovations, they now perform even better and more efficiently. Keep in mind though, that these devices can only function optimally with proper installation. Incorrectly-installed, and you can expect from them not only poor heating, but shorter lifespans too.

Common problems caused by bad boiler installation

Bad installation can cause numerous problems. Boiler leaks are some of the most common, taking place due to loose connections.

Another is inefficient water circulation, resulting in the heating system not operating properly and even consuming more energy than necessary. In most cases, improper pipework planning and implementation causes this. Aside from higher heating costs, this can also lead to the boiler receiving more stress, thus; leading to early break downs.

Of all the hazards associated with poor installation, gas leak is the most dangerous, even deadly. Highly flammable, natural gas or propane gas can leak and cause fires and explosions. Carbon monoxide leaks also put people at risk of poisoning.

Signs of poorly installed boilers

Fortunately, there are signs you can use to help you determine a poorly installed boiler. One is a banging sound whenever you use a hot water faucet. This typically indicates piping issues. Another is when the heating system produces odd noises whenever you turn it on. This signifies gas piping problems.

Error codes constantly appearing on the screen of the equipment also tell you something is wrong with the installation. Many improperly set up boilers – or their parts – fail within just two years from their date of installation.

Getting it installed right the first time

Boiler failure is the last thing you should worry about with bad installation: you should be more concerned about deadly gas leaks and exposure. The key to preventing such disasters is to hire reliable and highly experienced HVAC technicians in Salt Lake City for the boiler installation procedure.

02 AM | 01 Dec

Top Three Common Roofing Problems for Professional Repair Work


RoofingHow long has it been since a professional checked the status of your roof? More importantly, has anyone with expertise on roofing maintenance been up there since the house was built? The best thing about hiring experts to check on your roof is their vast experience. They have seen it all, and it makes sense to let experts deal with issues surrounding the most important component of the house.

Most of the roofing problems you may encounter seem easy to repair, but sometimes, hard work and a little elbow grease just doesn’t cut it.

Broken and Damaged Shingles

In Perth, the most common roofing repair work professionals usually handle are damaged shingles. They may be visually appealing, but they’re very vulnerable to damage and wearing down, especially when the weather isn’t exactly agreeable. Broken or damaged shingles should be replaced with new ones before the next storm hits, especially in older homes. Otherwise, you may have to deal with major water damage inside the house.

You can actually replace shingles yourself but it’s often easier said than done. The thing about roof shingles is that you’ll never know if the wood underneath them may need replacement, or if there are any existing leaks in the roof itself. Instead of risking turning a DIY job into a roofing disaster, hiring professional help is the smarter choice.

Faulty Roof Components

Over time, faulty tile ridge capping starts to crack and eventually, water gets inside the roofing structure. In most cases, this is relatively harmless. However, if the water pools behind the bedding, there might be an overflow. If the water does not find its way to the drainage path, you will be dealing with a leak. Leaks themselves already prove troublesome, and in the worst case scenario, the pool of water may eventually weaken the entire structure of the roof. When this happens, the risk of the roof caving in becomes even more real.

Faulty ridge capping is one roofing problem you should always trust with a professional as there is no telling if the roof already has already sustainable considerable damage.

Splitting and blistering is another problem your roof may face. Most modern roofs have the necessary protections against these but older homes are susceptible to these structural damages, especially when the temperature starts soaring or if there’s a sudden shift between hot and cold.

This doesn’t mean that you should always call your roofing expert whenever there’s a slight cracking or leak. It is, however, important to know the limits of your own expertise and whether the roofing problem is actually doable. After all, it’s better to be safe than sorry, especially if the roof is the one we are talking about.

07 AM | 30 Nov

Winter Remedy: No Escape for Heat at Home

Water Heating

Water HeatingWinters can be ruthless, especially when you are not ready. This is why a few weeks before the season starts, you have to prepare not just yourself but your home for the transition. All you have to do is keep watch of weather forecasts and notice the changes around you. Fighting off the cold can be limiting to your lifestyle, so you have to go through preparations to save you from the hassle. Here are some ways you can protect your home from the cold.

Watch out for air leaks

Air can easily flow in and out of your home. What you want to do is keep the warmth in and the cold air out. All you have to do is listen to your windows during strong winds. A whistling noise would indicate that there are crevices requiring a cover up. Seal off the sides of your windows and doors to eliminate noise and insulate your home. Another good insulation technique is to put up curtains with thicker fabric. Replace your current sheer curtains and go for large draperies that can really cover windows.

Conduct checks and repairs

It is better to conduct routine checks on your roof and ceiling to see if there are any leaks. If you have an air ventilation system, it is time to have them cleaned out. Chimneys must also undergo cleaning from experts so they do not cause accidents when you use them. The same goes for your heating systems and air conditioning units. Call for a reliable heater repair in Salt Lake City to make sure all your equipment is in their best condition before winter.

Always remember, winters will not be a huge problem as long as you are ready for it. Open the windows in the morning to let the sunshine in and make the most out of the warmth of the day this season.

03 PM | 09 Sep

Sneaky Leaks: Common Sprinkler System Issues


sprinklerLeaks can happen to sprinkler systems when seals get damaged over time. Usually, damage occurs due to reckless lawn maintenance, mowing, or vehicles accidentally driving over your sprinkler heads. Unless you participated in the attempt to break the Guinness World Record for the largest ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, you don’t want to be soaked because of faulty systems.

Fixing Sprinkler Leaks

Leaks in your Hastings irrigation system may lead to considerable pressure loss that will result in high water costs and your landscape having dry and overly saturated areas. This in turn will cause plant diseases. When attempting to fix a leak, its location will determine the best course of action.

While some rotor types allow seal replacement, when the entire sprinkler body, including the rotors and the sprays, exhibit large leaks, replace the whole thing. Make sure the replacement sprinkler features the same pressure, arc, and throw diameter as your old one.

For sprinklers with bodies located underground, dig them out and check them thoroughly. Clean the portion where you will connect the replacement to avoid soil from getting into your irrigation system. For replacements with the help of professionals, Skip’s Sprinklers suggests finding a company that doesn’t take shortcuts. Sloppy replacement may mean costly repairs in the near future.

Subfreezing temperatures and damaged pipe connections located at the sprinkler’s base can cause leaks. Use flexible connection kits to protect the pipes against breakage.

When digging out your sprinkler, use a hand shovel to avoid accidental damage to the irrigation line. In addition, watch out for the irrigation control cable. Your shovel may damage this, which may lead to more problems.

Irrigation Valve Leaks

Leaks can occur in your irrigation valves due to daily wear and tear or increased water pressure. Protect wire connections of electric valves located underground using waterproof connectors to  prevent signal loss between the valve and the timer.

Issues that cause valve leaks depend on the valve type. Generally, however, if your valve shows damage from an external crack, replace it.