01 AM | 12 Apr

The Process Used in Professional Mold Remediation

Mold buildup on wallOne of the gravest things that can mar your building is mold. Mold proliferates and spreads fast in wet conditions and might lead to the legal condemning of your property.

DIY solutions, however, do more harm than good as it could aid in the spread of mold. To efficiently curb the spread of this deadly fungus, professional mold removal services by experts in Canada is vital. Here are some of the measures mold remediation companies will employ to salvage your property.

Exhaust Fans and Negative Pressure

Exhaust fans suck out mold spores and prevent a build-up of excess moisture. Professional mold remediation companies use these fans to reduce mold spores and moisture in addition to negative pressure.

The negative pressure forces the spores in a specific direction rather than spreading them throughout the air hence worsening the situation.

Anti-Microbial Solutions

Anti-microbial sealants and solutions sanitize mold-infested surfaces. Strong chemicals are especially useful for porous surfaces which absorb mold spores. Walls, countertops, and floors might not need potent compounds, but they are also cleaned using antimicrobial solutions to kill mold spores.

Air scrubbing

Air scrubbing involves the use of industrial-sized HEPA filters to remove mold spores from the air. The filters are left to run in the mold-infested area for 2–3 days continually. The machines are charged on a daily basis, and this is among the most significant influencers of your mold remediation cost.

Air scrubbing is a crucial step that ensures our air is free from lingering spores which are the leading cause of mold re-growth.

These remediation measures are very efficient but will be useless if the source of moisture is not addressed. Getting a water damage restoration expert to handle moisture issues is essential to a mold-free environment.

Instead of hiring two different companies, you can settle for one that offers both water damage and mold remediation.

02 PM | 21 Mar

When the Nights Get Colder, What’s Your Best Bet for Heating Things Up?

fireplace installation

Many options are available for homeowners who want to install a new fireplace. Particularly for places like Salt Lake City (where temperatures can drop radically), heating systems are an important feature. By choosing one that fits with your lifestyle, you’ll be able to make the best choice for your residence.

Keeping it Safe for the Environment

If eco-friendliness is your greatest concern, a natural gas fireplace is known to be a clean option for heating. Gas fireplaces do not produce ash or soot. It’s also more convenient since a simple flip of a switch can provide the entire home with your desired heat.

Keeping it Old School

Closely related to gas is the traditional wood fireplace. Wood can be an inexpensive option for heating, but remember that you will also need a place to store your firewood. That said, wood is an incredibly charming and rustic way to heat your home despite coming with, potentially, a lot of clean up to do.

Keeping it Safe for the Users

Electric heating can provide heat throughout the house via the floor, walls, or through stand-alone space heating units. This can be expensive, as the method of transmission also means you can lose a lot of heat as it is radiated out. It is, however, one of the safer methods of heating your home and is the least likely to cause accidents, especially for children.

Regardless of the heating system you choose, an important thing to consider is maintenance. Keeping your system clean is the first step you can take to keeping it efficient. Well-maintained systems will last longer, giving you the maximum bang for your buck. Service providers may differ based on what’s popular in your area. In some parts of the U.S., gas is preferred while others choose electric systems.

Check with your state, too. State regulations on heating systems can vary. Some states allow unvented gas fireplaces while others require vent systems. As with anything, working with the requirements of the state will always be in your best interest.

03 AM | 23 Aug

Keeping Your Retractable Awnings in Good Shape

Awning above back yard door

Now that you have decided to buy awnings for your outdoor space, it is essential you take good care of it, so it offers you an extended service life. The best and easiest way to take care of your awning is conducting regular cleaning and maintenance. If your Boston home has a retractable awning system, and you are unsure of how to take care of it, read on to find out more about proper awning care.

Sweeping Clean

Sweep away dirt on the awning to keep the fabric looking clean and bright. Remember to use a soft-bristled broom to prevent the fabric from wearing out. Also, ensure no shrubs are touching the awning fabric as plants can quickly discolor the fabric of the awning or poke holes into your fabric.

Washing Works, Too, But How?

You need not take down your awning to wash it. You can do so while it's on its frame to make the process easy. Washing can also entail spraying the awning with water to remove the stains that did not come off when sweeping.

But, whichever way you wash your retractable awning, ensure it dries completely before using it to avoid chances of mildew growth.

Soapy Cleaning

You can use a solution of water and mild soap and work the solution with a cloth to soak the solution in the awning before using a hose to rinse off the soap solution completely. Leaving soap residues creates rooms for discoloration, and you sure do not want this.

Since most awnings in Boston are for outdoor use, they are prone to staining from bird droppings, paint from an outdoor painting project, or even tree sap. Check out for such stains and clean them immediately before they become permanent stains. It is important you note here that not all cleaning supplies are safe for your awning, only use those that the company from which you bought your retractable awning recommends.

07 AM | 23 Mar

Protect Your Home From Termites

termite control worker spraying under a windowIsn’t it wonderful to see your home standing the test of time? The preferred and ideal residence is one that can remain in its original, or at least near-original, state even if calamities have battered it.

But what if the culprits are the pesky termites that destroy your home from within? This is where expert termite control services in Salt Lake City, Utah come in.

How to Save your Home from Termites

Termites target wooden houses, and have the capacity to destroy your home to a pulp in as quickly as two years. They could also cause structural damage in homes that have wooden fixtures or parts.

To prevent termites from destroying your home, first check your roof for signs or risks of termite damage. Repair any broken roof tiles as these attract termites. Dehumidification is important because termites like moisture a lot.

Check your AC unit as well. They accumulate moisture, too, and could be a breeding ground for termites. For your protection, the moisture release of the AC should be positioned away from furniture or foundations of your house.

Another usually neglected part of the house is the attic. If you’re not cleaning and checking it regularly for termites, don’t be surprised to find an infestation. Termites especially like to burrow in between wooden beams and boxes. Use plastic boxes instead for your stored items. For good measure, avoid using wooden furniture and consider switching to metal.

You could also place termite barriers, which can be in chemical or physical forms. These barriers are made of stainless steel mesh that blocks termites from your home. If these are not possible, then contact termite control experts. Let the termite control professionals conduct an evaluation to see how much damage the termites have done.

When it’s your safety and your home’s foundation at risk, don’t hesitate to call the right people.