06 AM | 22 Oct

3 Easy Ways to Make Your Garden Stand Out

amazing garden walkway

You should not forget your garden when you’re decorating your home. Treat this area as an extension of your interior where you can relax and spend time with your family and friends. Using the right decorations can enhance the visual appeal of your outdoor space.

Transform your garden using with these suggestions.

Use Big, Bold Vases

Vases are a common element in a garden. But Authentic Provence, a Barovier & Toso vase supplier, says that using designer glass vases can add a beautiful atmosphere to the area. You can choose from a variety of materials and designs to match your style.

Large plant containers can be an interesting focal point in your garden. But you should also consider the plants you’re using. Small plants may get lost with big vases; both should create contrast and balance.

The color is also an important consideration. Select a color that complements your site or something that creates drama and impact.

Add Color to Your Garden

One way to improve the aesthetic of your garden is by adding color to it. The right placement of greens and colorful flowers will create a visually pleasing garden. Consider using perennials because they require little maintenance.

You can also incorporate a set of outdoor furniture in different colors. For example, sitting areas and tables in eye-catching colors are excellent focal points of your outdoor space.

Outdoor rugs are another interesting option to give your garden a pop of color. Use rugs with pleasing designs that will match the mood of the area. You can put these rugs to your patio or deck.

Illuminate Your Garden

Outdoor lights have been popular for a long time. Adding them to your garden can improve its ambiance and give an intimate mood to the space. You can use them in different ways depending on your preference.

Try draping string lights across some plants or a wall for a subtle background during your gathering. If you want to be creative, use incandescent string lights to add a magical appeal to your garden. This type of lighting works well with dense, sturdy plants.

Your garden can uplift the overall style of your property, and act as an extension of your interior home where you can relax and enjoy a lovely setting. Use this outdoor space as an opportunity to be creative.

01 AM | 13 Feb

Bring More Life to Your Garden by Using Non-Living Elements

When your garden no longer holds much appeal for you, then it’s probably time to bring more life to it. Often, this means adding more living components like plants and flowers. Sometimes, however, incorporating non-living elements into your garden can already get the job done.


Not only plants and flowers need variation. The areas or objects holding them should also come in different sizes, shapes, colors, or heights to infuse more diversity into your garden. For example, clay or resin pots of varying colors can be mixed up with big and small outdoor planters made of copper.

For your plant beds, raised or not, you can have them in square, oval, kidney-shaped, etc. Just make sure the containers complement the architectural design of your house.


To break the monotony of grass, plants, flowers, and their containers, you can accent your garden with ornaments. The bigger decorative pieces include statues, fountains, and birdbaths, while the smaller ones can be wind chimes, plastic windmills, and figurines. Plan the placement of each piece when adding ornaments. Your fountain, for instance, should be easily accessible. Don’t overdo the ornaments because they can easily make your garden look messy.


Other than their practical use, furniture pieces can make your garden more appealing. As with your home furnishings, you should consider several factors first, including the design and purpose, before choosing your garden furniture. If your garden has a rustic feel and you simply need a place to unwind, you can get a wicker swing set. Mostly made from wood, metal, and plastic that have been treated to become more weather-resistant, garden furniture commonly consists of chairs, benches, and tables.

So, whenever you feel the desire to improve your garden, don’t just add more vegetation right away. You might find that all your garden needs are some well-placed and coordinated non-living elements to make it come alive again.

02 AM | 29 Nov

Home Gardening Guide: Six Beautiful Flowering Houseplants

Garden in SIngapore

Garden in SIngaporeFlowers and plants have this certain ability that makes homes look prettier and feel fresher. Thanks to houseplants, you can beautify your home with natural, living flowers and foliage, and bring a small piece of the outdoors in.

Most of the popular indoor plants have their green, rich foliage as their main feature. Most of them rarely bloom or they don’t produce flowers at all. However, you can find various houseplants that can give you beautiful blooms. Here are some good examples of flowering houseplants.

Peace Lilies

Peace lilies are tropical plants known for their shiny green leaves and folded white blooms. They thrive well in areas with filtered light, warmth and humidity.


Commonly used as outdoor plants, begonias also make excellent indoor plants. What is best about begonias is they are free flowering, giving you plenty of dainty petals. They come in a wide variety too.


If you are after big, prominent flowers, go for a hibiscus. It comes in different varieties, with different colours of flowers that can grow up to eight inches in diameter. This shrubby upright plant can also grow into a tree, so make sure you have a big planter.


Kalanchoes are succulents that are easy to grow and propagate. These plants produce upright-clustered flowers. You can easily find different varieties in plant nurseries in Singapore.


Anthurium is another indoor plant known for its striking flowers. The most common variety is the one with the red heart-shaped spathe and white or yellow spike.


Oxalis is well loved for its interesting foliage – triangular clover-like leaves that are deep purple in colour. However, its flowers that range from pale pink to white are equally lovable. Expect a constant display of their little petals.

These are only some of the indoor plants that can give you pretty blooms inside your house. On your next trip to a plant dealer or nursery, take home a pot or two of these beautiful plants.

02 AM | 20 Sep

Things You can Do with Your Scrap Metal


ScrapFor creative and resourceful individuals, there’s no such thing as scrap because everything can be turned into something valuable. In today’s rapid industrialization, there are hundreds upon thousands of tons of scrap metal being discarded in city dumps and recycling centres all over the world. For most of us, this is garbage; for some, it is a fortune.

So, how do you turn scrap metal into a fortune (well, not really a fortune but something of worth)?

  1. Be creative and breathe new life into the scrap

Looking at the individual metal scraps will somehow give you a mental image of another object, which can have other uses. You can convert a broken bathtub or a washing machine to a fire pit. And you can turn a broken showerhead into a study lamp neck. The possibilities are endless; the only limit is your imagination.

  1. Be enterprising and seek others who may have a far greater creative talent than you

If you fail to see the utility potential of scrap metal, give it to friends who have artistic tendencies. They can patch several pieces of scrap metal together and create abstract pieces of statues or even 3-dimensional representations of things.

  1. Use it in your own home

Look around your home; you may have something that needs a little fixing. With your scrap metal, you can make patchworks for the little problems  in your home. Maybe you have something that can replace a certain metal fixture in the house or perhaps even provide a sturdy support for your garden plants.

  1. When you need quick cash, you can just sell it

Visit scrap metal merchants and local junk shops and ask for quotes. You can separate scrap that can be sold online and those that can be sold in your neighbourhood junkshop. The bottom line is, you are able to gain something from your scrap.

According to Raw Metal Corp, scrap metal is a major component of litter, comprising about 17.5% of litter collected across Australia. So, bringing your scrap metal to shops or recycling it is protecting the environment.

There are numerous ways you can turn scrap metal into something useful. You can also get cash by simply selling it.

12 AM | 12 Aug

3 Reasons To Take Care of That Growing Garden Rubbish Now

garbage paper

garbage paperWhen planning a major gardening or landscaping project, make sure you deal with the rubbish it produces right after.

Failure to do so can put you and your property at risk of the following:

  1. Fire Hazards

Once grass, leaves, twigs, branches, and other similar garden rubbish become dry, they are more susceptible to catching fire. Even if you or anyone else in the household does not smoke, someone else can accidentally set fire to them if you leave them out in the open.

It is also worth noting that, in Perth, including majority of Jandakot, burning of garden waste is prohibited. Not only is it illegal; household rubbish incineration also causes air pollution, kwikskips.com.au adds, which can have serious health effects.

  1. Potential for Ending Up in the Sewage System

When you do not take care of your growing pile of garden rubbish as soon as you can, your sewers are at risk of becoming clogged. Wind can blow them into the gaps in your drainage and sewage system, causing blockages in them, which further leads to even more problems.

Wastewater and other liquid wastes can back up since they cannot pass through the pipes, causing not only disgusting nuisance, but also potential exposure to disease-causing bacteria and viruses.

  1. Health Issues

Accumulated garden rubbish may also cause some health concerns, particularly if you or someone in the family is sensitive to pollen and cut grass. They may trigger allergies and lead to difficulty in breathing and other respiratory concerns. The longer you and your family are exposed to garden waste, the longer and more serious the symptoms may become.

So rather than wait for the city’s regular waste collection service, you should just invest in skip bin hire and rubbish removal services instead. This way, you can prevent the dangers associated with accumulated garden waste.