01 PM | 19 Jun

Interior Design 101: 3 Styles That Make a Vintage Chair Stand Out

European-style Decorative Antiques

Choosing an interior style can be a very personal approach for each homeowner. Some have a favorite style in mind, while others tend to base it on the furniture they already have. If you happen to own vintage Jindrich Halabala pieces, here are a few styles that may suit your taste in furniture.

Art Deco

The Art Deco interior style might be popular for its hard angles, absurd shapes, and loud colors. This is something that is not very common in Jindrich Halabala chairs, but the symmetrical angles and even the loud shapes of the chairs and furniture blend well with this interior style.

You can see this in the side tables, murals, and chairs that exhibit not only incredible shapes but also careful design for a practical investment piece.


Exposed beams, unpolished finishes, and raw materials at their finest — these are some of the best traits that industrial design has. Modern sensibilities have become sought after, with homeowners preferring simpler styles that still have character.

Jindrich Halabala pieces are a great match for an industrial living space due in part to the creator’s penchant for using materials that are very characteristic of this style.

Famous Halabala creations comprise wooden and tubular steel pieces, which highlight the beauty of the materials with superb craftsmanship.


Not only is the style of Jindrich Halabala chairs of vintage quality, but the basics of this interior style are a great match. Vintage interiors give off a sense of old, pleasant charm, a quality that is simple yet elegant and romantic.

What makes vintage style very interesting and still popular among homeowners is it allows the use of old and new things and furniture for a mixed and matched ensemble.

If you have one of the popular Jindrich Halabala furniture pieces, these are just a few design styles that you can deck up your living space. Apart from neutral and elegant styles, these put your statement pieces right in the spotlight.