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Are You Thinking of Building? Understand the Different Bricks

Wall made of bricks

Brick is the most recognised construction material worldwide. This is a hard kiln-baked block that comes in various shapes and sizes. Bricks are conventionally red, but nowadays there are different colours available to suit different landscapes.

Depending on the manufacturing process, there are various types of bricks for sale in NSW that you will come across. Each suits a specific area of construction, and you might end up using all of them in the same project. Here are some types of bricks you will use.

Common Bricks

Used in basic constructions, this porous brick is the cheapest type in the market but might not be as durable or attractive as other options. Builders typically use common bricks in supports and interior filling.

If the bricks are in places exposed to weather elements, you might need an exterior sealer to protect your building from water leaching.

Face Bricks

These have a similar density and weight to the common brick but will absorb less water and are less prone to cracking in extreme weather than the latter

Face bricks have a neat cut and finish and hence feature an attractive face for use in building exteriors. Compared with ordinary bricks, face bricks will cost a little more.


These look like common bricks, but they are baked at far higher temperatures than other bricks. The high temperature results in very dense bricks that withstand harsh weather conditions exceptionally well.

Pavers are typically larger compared with other bricks and are hence used on flat surfaces, such as driveways and patios. To minimise frost heave issues, pavers are set in sand instead of mortar.

Bricks are the oldest construction materials for a reason. They are incredibly durable and, compared with other materials, less expensive. From the categories mentioned above, you are sure to find the best type to suit virtually all parts of your construction.

05 AM | 14 Jul

Experts to Hire for Your New Home Construction Project

Homebuilder in Salt Lake City

Homebuilder in Salt Lake CityEven though it’s easier to buy a fully furnished home, some people still prefer to build their dream home from the ground up so they could have full control over how it would look like. If this is your preference, then you need to be ready for all the challenges ahead and the tedious process of completing a thorough construction project. Here are some of the professionals you need to hire to make the new home construction project a success.


The most important expert you must find is the homebuilder in Salt Lake City. The homebuilder, according to Hard Rock Homes, manages all aspects of the construction project and works closely with you to assure that everything is going the way you want it to. The homebuilder will coordinate with every other professional involved in the construction project and will be in charge in supervising everything.


Subcontractors are experts on different fields in home construction. The subcontractors you must hire depends on the needs of your construction project. Typically, this includes the plumber, electrician, painter, drywaller, landscaper, flooring specialist, roofer, and more. Usually, your homebuilder can recommend credible and experienced subcontractors to help you save time.

Home Designer

A home designer is essential to help you make your home as appealing as possible and to maximize every square inch. They use advanced technologies to render your vision on screen and give suggestions if some design elements are not working. Of course, it’s wise to listen to their advice because they are experts, but you will always have the final say. From where to build which rooms to where to put certain appliances, they can help you design your home wonderfully.

These professionals will be of great help to you when you decide to start your new home construction project. Make sure to assess their credentials well so you can hire the best ones on their specific fields. This way, you can have peace of mind about the final outcome of your dream home.

02 AM | 19 Apr

Healthier Living in an Eco-friendly House

Eco-Friendly House in Perth

Eco-Friendly Homes in PerthAustralians are becoming more aware of the environment as they continue the fight to stop climate change. They convert to environment-friendly houses since there are companies who can provide the same price as the standard house. Various eco-friendly houses are now built especially in Western Australia. So, homeowners have proven they have made the right choices and pointed out the lasting benefits living in an eco-house.

Eco-houses are built with non-toxic materials

A good example for this is the use of mudbrick. Since it is made from a mixture of water and soil, the content is definitely non-hazardous, recyclable, and healthy for the house. In addition, the paints used are not dangerous to breathe, which means the chemicals used even for modern homes are safe.

Eco-houses have good insulation

There’s no need to turn the thermostat high as permanent insulations on the walls to protect the house for long. Construction companies increase the insulations on the walls and make them thicker. A lot of recycled timbers are made from glass bottles and tires that are great insulators. You will definitely save money.

Eco-houses come in various styles

Living in these houses draws us closer to nature. It is such a relief living in a modern house and be surrounded by the gift of the Earth. To get a glimpse of this, go around residences in Perth and you can find the various best eco-house designs to choose from. You won’t run out of choices since there are design and construction companies that can give you long-term rewards, Customgreen.com.au notes.

Eco-houses help you save money, energy and water

Solar panels add warmth and light to eco-houses. These houses usually have rain water harvesting system to flush your toilets without using high gallons of water. Surely, you can save energy, water, and money living in such a comfortable house.

These benefits are enough to prove that living with nature is the right choice you can make for your future. There’s no more reason to hesitate as it can offer you the life full of satisfaction.

03 PM | 05 Mar

Pre-Installing: Preventive Measures for Engineered Floors

Engineered FloorsReplacing wood flooring can sometimes be a dread for installers. This is especially so during times when it could have been prevented.

How homeowners prevent premature replacement of timber floors depend on several factors, Planet Timbers reveals. Among the most common include the following.

Type of Flooring

Wood shares certain characteristics that make them ideal for construction. Their different species make them yield unique qualities. Knowing recommended preventive steps for the type of flooring you want to have is a great part of making it last.

Engineered Floors

If you prefer engineered floors, you might want to consider using joint sealers to protect moisture from seeping through. Engineered floor planks are securely held together by a locking mechanism. Adding a seal on the surfaces sides can add the same tightness between installed planks. For the top surface, the floor finish will protect it from moisture.

Where it will be installed also pose certain conditions. Having these floor types in basements requires checking the moisture content of a concrete subfloor. Keeping a 4% moisture content or lower throughout the year would be good.

An underlayment can likewise provide protection against moisture from the subfloor. This is a part of a floating application which is highly recommended for concrete subfloors. These days underlayment come with a moisture barrier giving an extra protection layer before installing the engineered floor. This needs careful consideration for it to serve its purpose well.

A liquid moisture barrier can be applied on the concrete floor just the same. Once it is dry, the wood planks can be installed on the concrete floor.

Insulated subfloors is also an option. It allows better air circulation between subfloors and flooring. It also comes in panels consisting of raised drainage, air circulation channel, insulation foam and OSB sheathing. Additionally, it helps keep the floor warm.

These products and applications are used on a case-by-case basis. When they are necessary, installers insist on using them. It would be a painful sight for them if they see their work damaged too soon. For sure, that would be your reaction, too!

12 AM | 01 Mar

Home Essentials: Things That People Overlook

Modular Home Design

Modular Home DesignYou might have a vision for your home and want to bring it to reality. In the process, you might find that you forget some crucial things that might seem small but make a great difference. This brings the questions, “Are you setting the right priorities for your dream home?”

Here are some things that people often overlook when it comes to their modular home building:


You will need plenty of light in the different rooms of the house. There are some areas that can be forgotten due to the fact they are less frequented by the household, such as in the case of the attic. Without enough light, the attic becomes a place for critters. Apart from this area, long hallways require adequate lighting. Do not forget to install cabinet lights, as well. Place a master switch; if possible, have a switch at each exit point. It can also be a good idea to add outdoor lighting with timers.


Storage space is important in any home. If there is no or limited space, there will be too much clutter in the house. This makes your home look untidy and unorganised. Do not just add closets; make sure they are the right size. It would prudent to use storage with added features. For example, you can use an ottoman that serves as storage for magazines and books.


They are often forgotten during the design and construction phase. If you have or plan to have pets in the future, make sure your home can be a safe place for them, as well. You should have a space where they can eat or sleep. Make sure you use durable materials for the floors, walls, and doors.

Even the small things count when it comes to home construction. These will bring your home together and make it feel comfortable to live in.

01 AM | 07 Jan

Smooth Operator: A Top-Notch Rollerdoor for Your Garage

Rollerdoor for Your Garage

Rollerdoor for Your GarageThe garage door has come a long way since its conception: it now serves more than just the function of being the opening/closing mechanism for the garage. Today, these movable components of residential and commercial properties play many other important roles, including protection from environmental elements, dirt and debris, pests and insects, as well as burglars and thieves.

But with so many garage door types to choose from, how can you choose the best one for your home? To ensure you spend your money on a handsome and fully functional yet easy-to-operate and maintain door, you should consider getting a garage roller door, and reflect on the following:

Roller dimension

Rollers typically have standard diameter sizes: one-, two-, or three-inch rollers. You can easily get this measurement by using a ruler. You should also know the stem’s full length.

You need these numbers because these doors have varying roller sizes. To guarantee you have the right measurements, especially when you are unsure, you can always seek the help of a professional garage door installation company. Do this before you purchase your new garage door.


Materials used in garage doors vary, and this is true even for the roller and the stem. Keep in mind that each of them boasts of their own advantages, but they also have certain drawbacks. Take the time to assess and determine both, and think about your priorities, needs, preferences and expectations. This will help you pick the most appropriate material and finish.

Strength and durability

The strength and durability of your garage door depend on many things, but the most influential are material and construction, according to the experts from Gryphon Garage Doors. For roller doors, aluminium and steel are most common and favoured by many homeowners. They last long, provide optimal protection against external elements (especially environmental factors), come in various styles and finishes, and are easy to maintain.

As long as do your part in maintaining your roller door, you can rest assured it will serve you well for a very long time.

12 AM | 20 Oct

Perth Home Extensions: Planning for an Additional Room

Interior Design

Interior DesignWhen you have an upcoming addition to the family, you may have to either move to a larger home or add a room to your house. Whether you’re welcoming in an elderly parent, a cousin or best friend that needs a temporary place to stay because of a job transfer, or a younger sibling who need to go to the nearby university, you need to get an extra room ready.

The Loft

Converting the loft is one of the easiest ways. For houses with attics, convert part of it to a room that can cater to one additional member. Set aside a small area for storage. Relocate one of the more mature and energetic members of the household here if the new member happens to be very young or very old.

The Basement

You will see most of the plumbing, the heating system and items hidden away for storage in the basement. To convert the basement, divide the space and plan for the windows (no matter how small they are) for your new room.

Also, try to keep the room away from any of the noisy equipment (such as furnaces and incinerators). There’s the other option of digging a new space beside the basement. However, you need equipment and machinery used by construction firms. For this kind of room addition, it’s best to call professional home builders.

The ‘Sidelines’

The most common home extensions in Perth make use of the yard space. These spaces are either in the back yard or sides of the property. Build a standalone extension with its own bathroom, kitchen and even a receiving area.

These additions may require building permits and other documents. For the layout, you may need to get help from online designing tools or sites like Grannyflatswa.com. Even if it seems the most obvious way to extend your house, it can still be expensive if you choose the wrong contractor or have the wrong design.

After knowing your options, the next step is to plan. Check designs and offers from contractors. This is your home — you want the best for it.

04 AM | 19 Sep

A Practical Guide to Building an Amazing Pool Fence

pool fence

pool fenceWhen designing and planning the construction of a new pool fence, smart placement of the barrier is critical to maximise the available space. It should also complement the rest of your outdoor space, particularly the pool, its decorative elements and the landscaping.

To help you make an informed decision, here’s a brief guide from Clear-Az-Glass Fencing:

Safety and style should go hand in hand

The Australian Government requires all swimming pools, whether they be in residential or commercial areas, to have a safety barrier for the prevention of accidents that may lead to drowning and deaths.

So, while designing a fencing system with maximum safety in mind, take advantage of this time to incorporate stylish components, too. Considering aesthetics at the very last part will just make it difficult for you to come up with a pretty concept.

Maximise the available space

Consider the available space where you want to set up the fence, and whether it needs to completely surround the entire swimming pool or just a portion of it. By doing this, you can avoid purchasing bulky materials that may end up consuming a lot of space, making the area look cramped and tight.

Make tight areas look bigger with glass

A glass fence will come in handy if your existing backyard and pool space is quite limited. It can make the area appear bigger, while also making it brighter and more visible. A well-illuminated pool area is a safety-must, so consult with a trusted pool glass fencing contractor about the most suitable options, such as a semi-frameless or frameless system.

Choose water- and weather-resistant fencing components

While a wooden fence gives a home a classic, quaint appearance, it is best left on the front part of your home. Wood is prone to rotting, so it should not be used for creating a pool fence. What you need is a water- and weather-resistant material, such as glass.