01 AM | 25 May

Security Oversights That Make Your Company Vulnerable

Man check by security officer

You may feel that the world is not as safe as it was, so you want to make sure that your home and your place of business security is appropriately installed. Don’t let complacency creep into your security system when you do the following three things:

Choosing aesthetics over security

In a highly competitive economic world, to outdo the competition in appearances has never been fiercer. You want to attract your clients by creating the most beautiful compound and instead of investing in an industrial aluminum fence, you plant a beautiful hedge around your property. A burglar can make it through a hedge with relative ease, while a sturdy metal fence stops the most determined of trespassers.

Leaving entrances unmanned

If you have security manning your main doors throughout the door, but what about the other exits and entrances? If you don’t have anyone who watches it, then you are only exposing yourself to risk. A determined crook first studies your building before they strike, and knowing there’s an unmanned entrance way can give them the opportunity they need.

Allowing staff to skip security protocol

You should require everyone to go through the same security checks when entering or leaving the building. If not, then there is a massive security lapse. Such security measures ensure that everyone is responsible for safety and security.

Security lapses within your organization could create problems for you and your business, so you need to take measures to rectify them now. It’s a simple step that could go a long way in protecting what you have labored so hard to build.