07 AM | 02 Oct

3 Sleep Issues Silk Beddings Surprisingly Solves

white silk

Silk — that tightly woven natural fiber that has a lot more to offer than we thought. Mostly known for its reputation as a luxurious material, this fabric can actually benefit your health when you sleep in it. Cozy Earth tells us more.

For Sensitive Skin

One of the major causes of sleep interruption is skin irritation, and the most natural way of solving this is by using a silk comforter, especially during the colder months when the skin is prone to lose more moisture. The smooth texture of silk and its antimicrobial properties prevent any bacterial growth that can cause itchiness or irritation.

For Dry Skin

Sleeping on a silk pillowcase has a surprising benefit: the tightly woven fabric structure of silk keeps skin moisture more than any other fabric does. This is like unlocking the secret to a real-life, truly effective beauty sleep that makes your skin look radiant and gives you that overall well-rested look.

For Allergies

As already mentioned, silk fabric has antimicrobial properties that prevent bacterial growth and other allergens, such as mold and fungus, and can even ward off dust mites. This makes a cleaner, healthier bed that translates to better sleep.

If you suffer from allergies or allergy attacks, changing your usual bedding set to one that’s made of silk will give you surprising results. Not only will your allergies lessen or come to a halt, but your bed will also feel and smell fresher longer.

While silk is more popularly used as clothing material, it’s also a wonderful bedding material that offers you many health benefits. On top of that, it gives your bed a luxurious look and feel — it’s a small piece of luxury that doubles as a natural remedy for comfort issues that rob you of a good night’s sleep.