05 AM | 17 Aug

Pool Heating 101: A Closer Look at Pool Heating Technologies

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It must have been exciting to see your pool construction come to completion. Probably, it was your spouse or kids that compelled you to build the pool for them. You agreed since nothing has been more fulfilling than to see them having fun and be happy.

You now want to extend that fun to the nights and cold seasons — this means you need to heat the pool water. Every home-owner in Perth would agree that installing heat pumps in their pools has since enhanced the usability of their swimming pools.

However, Pool Heat Pumps Perth notes that it is imperative you get specific issues right before you call in your pool products supplier and installer.

How does solar heating compare to heat pumps?
Solar heating has long since been a conventional means to warm pool water as it only requires solar panels to harness solar energy, with pipes through which the pool water circulates.

Heat pumps, on the other hand, have fans that suck in warm air from the immediate surroundings and pass the air to a refrigerant produces heat, which circulates through the pump.

How much does it cost to install the heat pumps?

Heat pumps can cost up to $6,000, with the installation costing you between 10–15% of the price of the equipment.

Can you claim rebates by using heat pumps?

Yes. Since heat pumps are environmentally friendly, and they generate more energy than the one you used to run them, you qualify for a Renewable Energy Certificate. That means that you also can claim up to $500 worth of rebates.

It does pay to know the various elements that come with your pool heating equipment. Also, working with a reputable, licensed pool heating service provider will assure you of quality products and safety as they will follow set pool building standards.

As a home-owner in Perth, you also file for tax deductions from using heat pumps. All these make it clear that installing the right pool heating solution is a win-win for you.