12 AM | 30 Sep

Anti-Graffiti Window Films: Important Features


GlassWe may not always notice window films. But they are everywhere. They work 24 hours to protect your glass window and keep them as good as new.

Window films bring benefits to the different industries and establishments, including hospitals, schools, terminals and homes. Safety and security, insulation, full sun protection and privacy are a few of these benefits. There are enhanced window films that offer better protection, the anti-graffiti window films.

Vandalism is a serious problem for property owners because it leaves non-removable marks. As it is intentional, the marks are more noticeable than casual scratches. The anti-graffiti window film offers excellent protection to the glass. It’s a more affordable solution than expensive glass replacement.

Here are some interesting facts about these window films.

  1. They are sophisticated glass protective films. They are very tough and highly resistant to scratching. Cleargardaustralia.com says the anti-graffiti film has a unique adhesive that covers up existing scratches when exposed to heat and sunlight.
  2. These are easier to apply and less costly than glass replacement. You can cut and shape them according to the glass surface. You can easily peel them off and they don’t need glazing labour.
  3. These films can have soft or hard coatings. They can be multi-layer too.
  4. The thicker and more rigid films are easier to handle; the longer the adhesive’s removability, the longer the films will last.
  5. Films that are not properly applied will look ugly. Think of adhesive marks, damaged film, irregular edges and trapped dirt and air.
  6. These films can also withstand acid graffiti. Their Polyester material makes them resistant to acid.
  7. These films are easier to apply than remove. But they are easier to replace than glass. It’s better to have the experts to do the job.

Window films have been used in architectural applications for its reliability. They can protect glass surfaces from scratching and vandalism.

01 AM | 29 Sep

Sustainable Living Methods: What You Can Do


homeThe world is very different from how it started billions of years ago. With the continuous usage of manmade materials that harm the environment, global warming is becoming an alarming problem. Many countries are experiencing its harsh effects and severe weather conditions.

It is not too late to do something, though. The movement to decrease people’s carbon footprint is ongoing. WWF-Australia says Australians consume more of just about everything than people in other countries do. This matter requires immediate action and not just a discussion in a panel.

If you want to make a change and contribute to the preservation of the environment, here are some simple things you can do:

Think about sustainable housing solutions

Anyone who wants to start living sustainably should start at the home. As GrandesignsWA.com.au explains, sustainable housing in Perth is possible even with simple activities. Prefabricated home building is one of the recommended options. You can also choose energy-efficient materials and appliances. The right selection of the items you include in your home can make a big difference on a sustainable lifestyle.

Shop smart

When you are out shopping, buy eco-friendly products. Patronising local products is even better. Through this, you are not only helping the environment, but also the local suppliers.

Another tip is to buy products that used less packaging. Better yet, bring your own bag when grocery shopping. This will prompt stores to use fewer plastic or paper bags, which make up most of the waste in rubbish sites.

Living sustainably is all about making the right choices. If you are up for this challenge, pass on the word to friends and family. This may even encourage them to participate, as well. One person can only do so much to help the environment, but a collective effort will go a long way.

12 AM | 29 Sep

Live Smart with 8-Star Homes


HomeReduced energy emission and higher savings – this is what a high star rated house means. Star ratings were introduced in 2003 by the Building Codes Board of Australia to compare different home designs. This rating aims to recognise energy efficient homes.

Cooling and Heating Efficient

Energy used for heating and cooling makes up 38 percent of the overall energy use in the average Australian home. Thus, star ratings give heavier weight on features and strategies that demonstrate temperature management and regulation efficiency. On a scale of one to ten, achieving a ten would mean a family meets only the most minimal heating and cooling energy expenses, but is it possible?

The challenge among home builders is to come up with home designs that exceed 6 stars, the current standard according to National House Energy Rating Scheme (NatHERS). Some argue that surpassing the 6 star rating is not possible in all parts of Australia. Some, however, can prove that even with the extreme climate shift, an 8-star rating is feasible.

An 8 Star Home is Within Reach

Building a home that qualifies for higher star ratings calls for a building company that is knowledgeable in NatHERS standards. It is important they can apply the following 8 star criteria for a property, that is a home that uses 50 percent less heating and cooling energy than a 6-star home and 80 percent than the average 2.75-star homes.

To achieve an 8-star home, builders and homeowners should contemplate on the orientation where the house will face, including the window placement and type. There should be ample insulated walls, ceilings and floors, and sealed building envelopes to effectively control the indoor temperature from seeping off, and the materials must have high thermal quality. These are the basics. Other ways of upgrading a home includes the use of passive heating and cooling, double glazing with low emissivity coats in windows, and using louver vents, to mention a few.

In a perfect setting, families should live in a home that is sustainable and energy efficient. With more and more innovations in home building, Australian families can look forward to higher star rating in the near future.

05 AM | 28 Sep

Clean as You Go: Different Methods to Clean Your Carpets


CarpetHomeowners can use different methods when it comes to cleaning their carpets. Nonetheless, these methods may only be effective if the person doing the cleaning knows the proper procedure. Once you know the basics, it will be easy to do your own carpet cleaning at home.

Before that, here are a few words of wisdom from the Croydon carpet cleaning team of CarpetBright.uk.com:

  • Carpet Shampooing

Carpet shampooing is the easiest cleaning method that professional cleaners and homeowners use. This is the ideal solution for seriously soiled, small-pile rugs. This process utilises a foamy chemical element that cleaners distribute on the mat. Cleaners often use a motorised round brush to remove the small particles from the rug and distribute the solution. It is important to vacuum the mat thoroughly to remove any soil or residue.

  • Steam cleaning

Steam cleaning is the most common technique of cleaning carpets when it comes to eliminating odour and killing dust mites or bacteria. This method uses hot water infused into the carpet under pressure. This process allows the hot water to loosen soil and dirt effectively, as the steam-cleaning machine draws the dirt and moisture away. Remember to use a detergent for heavily soiled floor cover.

  • Carpet Dry Cleaning

Carpet dry cleaning method uses a small amount of absorbent compound. This is the best option for easily damaged floor coverings. In this method, cleaners will apply the absorbent compound over the carpet. Most cleaners use an automatic brush to clean the rug, dissolving the soil and dirt. This method dries carpet faster than the other cleaning techniques.

A properly maintained carpet can last twice its normal lifespan. The cleaning method you need to use should depend on the nature of the damage and the type of the fabric, as improper cleaning may only damage your floor covering.

12 AM | 26 Sep

Low Maintenance: Building an Easy-to-Clean Kitchen


KitchenIn any type of renovation, planning is essential. Kitchen redesigns and renovations can be exciting, as they allow you to remake one of the most used parts of the house. Renovating is the best opportunity to change a few things, expand spaces and, if you still have enough budget, toss old appliances and go for newer options.

Know the things you should consider when it comes to redesigning your kitchen.

Design Your Kitchen with This in Mind: Low Maintenance

You want a kitchen that’s not only easy to use, but also easy to maintain. According to The Kitchn, you can dig deep and clean the kitchen thoroughly once or twice a year. With this in mind, sway away from textured and organic wood surfaces. Choose these only when you’re sure you can commit to cleaning them every day and replacing them every couple of years.

You want surfaces with buffed and smooth finishes if you want a low maintenance kitchen. These surfaces are easier to maintain and only require a quick polish. That’s the reason glass kitchen splashbacks are popular in Perth.

Not only are they beautiful, they are also practical. Perth City Glass mentions your options including basic glass and coloured surfaces. Play with colours without worrying that the sauces and stains will ruin your pristine walls and surfaces.

Go for Chic and Elegant: The Minimalist Perspective

The current trend, and one that may stay for a while, is going for a minimalist style. Keep the area simple and tidy with muted colours. This doesn’t mean you can’t make the kitchen stand out. Accentuate and feature certain items and areas for that trendy look.

Plan accordingly and jot everything down so you don’t forget important details. Stay on budget by comparing prices, and consult a professional only after you’re sure of your choices.

12 AM | 25 Sep

Up Your Living Room’s Appeal with these Cheap Furnishings

Living Room in Australia

Living Room in Australia The living room is one of the most frequented areas in your home, seeing as this is where you gather with the rest of your household, entertain guests, and spend a lot of time lounging and relaxing in.

So when things have become boring and regular, it may already be time for you to make a few changes, which is easy just by adding the right furnishings. You do not have to worry: these updates do not require thousands of dollars; in fact, many of them are quite affordable, yet very effective in turning your living room into a more awesome space.

Accessorise, but do not overdo it.

Accessories for your living room are best chosen depending on your personality, and the existing motif of your home. Glass and metallic accents are great for a modern-themed home, while wood adds a touch of class to a traditionally-themed home.

The key here is to accessorise without overdoing it. Limit your accessories to a few decorative and functional pieces, such as a coffee table, a side table, throw pillows, rugs, or carpeting. Avoid using too much colour, in many areas, as they may already clash with each other.

Light up – the natural way.

All living rooms feature windows, with many of them comprised of glass. Adequate lighting is crucial to keep the inviting, welcoming, and cosy vibe of your living room, so take advantage of the natural light that passes through them, especially if you have large, picturesque windows.

However, this does not necessarily mean you should already just leave them as is. While it is important to get enough sunlight in, too much of it can make your living room too warm. The sun’s UV rays can also damage your other furnishings, so you should layer your window with the right protective elements, such as blinds. Perth has a selection of quality blinds suppliers, such as theblindsgallery.com.au, that carry top-tier window furnishings, so contact them and see what they have in stock.

Improving your home, both in function and aesthetics, should not be a great burden on your finances. With the right plan, you can make your home more comfortable, visually appealing, and valuable.

06 AM | 24 Sep

Your Budget Down the Drain: Home Problems That Are Costing You Money

Home Problems

Plumbing services in PerthRegular maintenance is the best way to prevent costly repairs and replacements. Careful planning of your maintenance schedules plays an important role in home keeping. If you neglect this, you are only draining your bank account with expensive repairs.

Here are some home problems that are costing you money:


Rodents can damage the home’s structure, chew on electrical cables and leave a mess once they get inside your house. The costs of electrical wiring replacement and installation, as well as the damages to your walls and attic, will make you regret not keeping these rodents away. Be mindful of small openings at home, as squirrels can easily fit even in 2-inch holes.


Repairing the foundation of your house is like building a new home altogether. There are many reasons you need to repair the foundation of your home, one of which is water damage. Water can effectively seep through the layers of your foundation. This may eventually weaken the structural integrity of your home. Expect to spend ten to forty grand for your foundation repairs.

Water Leaks

Watch out for signs of leaks around the house. Leaks do not just show on plumbing fixtures, but also on the walls and floor. If you suspect there are leaks at home, PerinaPlumbing.com.au recommends immediate plumbing services in Perth. Quick resolutions can help you prevent extensive water damage.


The roof is your house’s main protection against the elements. The roof may be long lasting, but it may still incur damage without proper maintenance. Tiles and shingles might become loose. Metal parts may corrode due to weather damage. If you do not take care of your roof, you may need to replace it with a new one, which will only cost you more.

Your home needs some TLC every once in a while to remain in good condition. As they say, prevention is always better than cure.

02 AM | 24 Sep

Reasons to Invest in Modern Roller Shutters

Roller Shutters

Roller ShuttersRoller shutter is a type of door and window shutter with many horizontal slats. Some manufacturers utilise bars, while others use web systems. You open the shutter by raising it and close by lowering it. Aluminium and steel are the most commonly used materials for shutters. Modern shutters have motorised system. These are convenient to use. The motor is powered by electricity or connected to a solar panel set-up.

Shutters Offer Protection

Roller shutter windows can protect your home and keep you safe, which makes them a good investment. Garage, house, kitchen and school use modern roller shutters. Warehouses and in prisons used the shutters because of their strength and durability. They offer windows protection from hailstones, wind and other elements. They also provide privacy.

Shutters Help Control Temperature

Homeowners use shutters for shading and heat insulation. Roller shutters block sunlight by 100% and reduce noise from the outside by 60%. With high quality shutters, you remain comfortable and safe inside your home or establishment no matter what the season is.

Shutters Can Be Decorative

There are roller shutters that are sleek and elegant. These improve the façade of an establishment, on top of offering protection and insulation. Halfpriceshutterswa.com.au, modern roller shutters provider in Perth, suggests you use the extruded roller types if your priority is aesthetics. These roller shutters can be either spring loaded or electric in operation.

Roller shutters provide optimum protection for your windows and doors. Some are elegant enough to improve the appearance of your home or establishment. People have different reasons for installing window shutters. Whether you want them to boost your home’s security or improve insulation, you’ll have plenty of durable shutters to choose from.

04 AM | 23 Sep

As Good as the Inside: Enhancing the Appeal of Your Exteriors

Swimming Pool

Swimming PoolNo matter how clean and beautiful your interiors are, it will not matter that much if the exterior areas of your home are not as impressive and well kept. The exteriors are the first thing people will notice, so you need to keep it clean and well maintained. This is not only to please the eyes, but also to provide satisfaction for you as the owner.

Here are ways you can make your exteriors look better:

Hire Professional Cleaners

Something as affordable as a cleaning service can save you from a lot of shame and trouble. Is your lawn trimmed? Are your sidings free of dirt and debris? Hiring a part-time gardener or a professional cleaner can make your exteriors look clean and fresh. This is the simplest way to achieve a stunning exterior area, but homeowners often overlook it.

Build a Swimming Pool

If you have some extra cash, reward yourself with a new pool. This will not only increase the exterior appeal of your home, but also its value. As reports show, Utah homeowners with new swimming pools are more likely to attract potential buyers. Your guests will definitely be impressed if you have your own backyard pool.

Don’t Waste Your Patio

If you have a patio, maximize the space by turning it into a lovely and serene sanctuary. This can be a mini dining area for barbecues, a quiet reading nook, or a lounge to entertain guests. Whatever style you choose, make sure it fits your needs, personality, budget, and overall home aesthetics.

Creativity and smart planning can go a long way when it comes to exterior improvements. Work with experienced contractors to implement the right designs and highlight the best in your home.

05 AM | 21 Sep

Low Maintenance Indoor Plants for Your Home

Indoor Plants

Indoor PlantsMany households today are growing plants indoors to help improve the quality of air inside their home. There are times, however, when they get too busy that they forget to water them. Fortunately, there’s a range of low maintenance houseplants available. All you need is to choose which looks best with your interiors.

Here are some recommendations by Far East Flora Garden Centre and Better Homes and Gardens:

Guzmania minor ‘Rondo’

This perennial flowering plant is somewhat related to pineapples, as it opens the same way with its flower located in the middle. More commonly known as Scarlet Star, this grows best in flower planters and containers. This blooms every year and its flower usually lasts for months. It prefers a shady bright light and needs fertiliser at least once a month.

Monstera Obliqua

Also known as Swiss Cheese Vine, this houseplant got its common name because of its appearance — leaves with big holes similar to Swiss cheese. This can grow in a pot, hanging basket or pole. It prefers shady bright to partial sunlight and watering is necessary only when the soil feels dry when touched. As for its nutrients, you can use liquid fertilisers or slow release pellets once a month.

Pachira Aquatica (Podocarpus)

This mini tree-like plant has a distinct look because its stem looks like hair braids. In some countries, many treat it as an ideal plant for feng shui and call it as Buddhist Pine, Fern Pine or Yew Pine. It needs a water-soluble fertiliser at least three to four times a year. As for watering, once to twice a week is enough depending on the humidity of your home. Never let it stand on water.

Low maintenance houseplants are beneficial for homeowners who often forget about tasks like watering because of their busy lifestyle. There are many more options available, so do not hesitate to research to find the ideal greenery for your home.