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Happier Homes Come in Small Packages

Home in Small Packages

Home in Small PackagesSurely, a big and elegant house can project a certain lifestyle that can really be ego-boosting. But, so is a small and adorable house, especially when small lot builders have this great knowledge in adding certain qualities that merit the attention of other people. While many individuals want a large house with plenty of rooms and a spacious backyard, it may not necessarily be what you really need.

Shelter is one of man’s basic needs. For many, having a strong roof, four sturdy walls, and a solid floor is quite enough. It cannot be more basic than that. Yet, even small yet quaint houses have their advantages over the larger ones.

Easy on the Pocket

Because a relatively smaller house will cost significantly less than a large property, it is a lot easier to purchase. And even if you are not going to buy it outright, your monthly amortization for your mortgage will be considerably less as well.

With lower mortgage, your risks are fewer as well. You will also have additional savings in terms of energy consumption and maintenance requirements. Lastly, because it is relatively affordable, when you do decide to sell it, it will be easy to sell as well.

Easy to Maintain

One of the very obvious advantages of a small house is that, because of its diminutive size, it is relatively very easy to maintain, says Brisbane small lot builders urbanhomes.com.au. From cleaning to repairs, everything that you can think of about maintaining your home will be cut in half in terms of your effort and time and energy spent on these activities. Heck, you can perhaps finish cleaning the entire house in a few hours, whereas it would take you the whole day to clean a large home, or maybe even more.

A Happier Home

A small home can definitely be instrumental in a happier family. With the small space, you and your family members will be seeing more of each other and every time. You will have family bonding together, something that might be missing in large, multi-room houses. This translates to a higher quality of life for individual members of your family.

Friendlier to the Environment

Because a small house uses only so much energy and give off less waste as well as utilise less resources, its impact on the environment is minimal compared to large houses.

Living in a small house is a choice, as much as you choose to wear a certain piece of clothing over another. It is definitely not for everyone, but for those who have made it their choice, it has paved the way for greater things in their lives.

12 PM | 20 Oct

Making Clear Decisions: Reasons Glass is a Smart Homeowner’s Choice

glass pool fence

glass pool fenceGlass is rapidly becoming a popular building material in commercial and industrial settings. Due to its excellent properties and versatility, it is also becoming a favourite design solution in homes. Glass is commonly used as pool fences, balustrades, and shower screens, along with other functional and modern design applications.

What exactly makes glass a favourite building and design material in homes? Here are some of the reasons:


It does not hinder views; this is one of the top advantages of glass over various building materials, such as wood and metal. Whether used as an interior feature or an outdoor solution, its clear and see-through property makes glass an excellent choice. Perth glass fencing professionals, for instance, recommend glass fences to customers who want to enclose their pools without sacrificing the area’s aesthetics.


As a clear material, glass easily blends in almost every part of your home. What’s more, it lends a sleek and stylish modern look. Panels are now a popular alternative to conventional balustrades and railings in balconies and decks. Properties that use ultra modern design can also benefit from customised glasses in staircases.

Strength and Durability

Glass panels, balustrades, and fences are made from high quality tempered glass. These products follow strict industry standards. They do not break easily, and can withstand outdoor weather elements. With proper use and care, you can expect your glass to stay in shape for a long time. If it happens to break, they do not make sharp pieces, saving you from cuts and potential injuries.

Low Maintenance

Glass is a low maintenance material. It is easy to clean, as dust does not easily stick to its smooth surfaces. In most cases, wiping clean cloth is enough to keep them spotless. Glass suppliers do not recommend using harsh chemical-based cleansers to save glass products from potential damage.

Glass fencing and similar structures go beyond the aesthetics. With their clear benefits, people would want to have them in their homes.

02 AM | 20 Oct

Palm Tree Pruning 101: What to Do and Not to Do

Palm Tree in Australia

Palm Tree in Australia While frequent and proper pruning is the key to health for most trees, this isn’t the case for palms. Palm trees obtain nutrients from their leaves or green fronds. When you remove too many of these, your tree will grow more slowly and will be more vulnerable to disease and pests. If you insist on pruning your palm tree by yourself, be careful and follow these expert guidelines. Otherwise, BeaverTree.com.au says you may need to call in the pros for palm removal and not just for professional pruning.

  • Pruning must be performed either during spring or summer, so you can easily see which leaves or branches are healthy and which ones show indications of dying.
  • Be mindful of the trunk, since any damage to it or the root ball will prevent your tree from absorbing required nutrients and energy.
  • Only remove discoloured — brown or yellow — fronds, and if you can’t easily remove it, then leave it so as not to further damage the palm.
  • Fruit stalks and flowers weaken your palm tree since these also absorb nutrients and energy. Remove them once you see growths.
  • Never prune green fronds since they provide food for fresh fronds.
  • If really required, you can prune some new growth or clumps, but only when your palm is starting to get too large for its allotted space.
  • Never over trim or prune your tree. If you remove three mature fronds, make sure your palm has grown three new fronds at the least.
  • Palm trees fan out in a specific way to protect themselves from strong winds. If you remove too many mature fronds prior to the newer ones having a chance to fully grow, strong winds can potentially rip them out, consequently damaging the entire tree and negatively affecting its overall health. Think of the mature fronds as the mommies.

Finally, it is also crucial to note that fronds mature between three and five years. Look at this year’s new fronds and notice the mature ones below them. The more mature fronds to protect the new ones, the better. But, if this isn’t an option, at least leave two mature fronds for protection.

12 AM | 20 Oct

Perth Home Extensions: Planning for an Additional Room

Interior Design

Interior DesignWhen you have an upcoming addition to the family, you may have to either move to a larger home or add a room to your house. Whether you’re welcoming in an elderly parent, a cousin or best friend that needs a temporary place to stay because of a job transfer, or a younger sibling who need to go to the nearby university, you need to get an extra room ready.

The Loft

Converting the loft is one of the easiest ways. For houses with attics, convert part of it to a room that can cater to one additional member. Set aside a small area for storage. Relocate one of the more mature and energetic members of the household here if the new member happens to be very young or very old.

The Basement

You will see most of the plumbing, the heating system and items hidden away for storage in the basement. To convert the basement, divide the space and plan for the windows (no matter how small they are) for your new room.

Also, try to keep the room away from any of the noisy equipment (such as furnaces and incinerators). There’s the other option of digging a new space beside the basement. However, you need equipment and machinery used by construction firms. For this kind of room addition, it’s best to call professional home builders.

The ‘Sidelines’

The most common home extensions in Perth make use of the yard space. These spaces are either in the back yard or sides of the property. Build a standalone extension with its own bathroom, kitchen and even a receiving area.

These additions may require building permits and other documents. For the layout, you may need to get help from online designing tools or sites like Grannyflatswa.com. Even if it seems the most obvious way to extend your house, it can still be expensive if you choose the wrong contractor or have the wrong design.

After knowing your options, the next step is to plan. Check designs and offers from contractors. This is your home — you want the best for it.

05 AM | 19 Oct

Laying Out the Blueprint for Your Boundary Fence


FenceLandholders in Australia are required by local government authorities to fence the boundaries of their property. Usually, fences follow the contour of the land. But you also have the option to erect a structure so that it forms a specific shape.

While planning for a rural fencing project seems uncomplicated, there are many different aspects to consider.

Factors to Consider

An important consideration is the source of water. While it is imperative that stock have easy access to streams and creeks, environmental issues must be factored in. When the animals have unrestricted access to rivers they are at risk of polluting the bodies of water. In time, the water source may also become shallow due to deposition of silt from disturbed soil brought about by the movement of livestock. You must discuss these matters with local authorities.

The point of access is crucial in the overall efficiency of operations, especially if you have equipment and livestock contained within the property. For the machinery, consider future requirements when deciding on the gate positioning and width. In terms of livestock, the location of the gate should allow the stock handlers to guide the animals effectively. When you have finalised the fence layout, remember that your choice of gate positioning is crucial.

Fencing Proper

A fence has three components, namely the strainer assembly, the intermediate posts and the droppers and wire between the strainers at either end. When establishing the blueprint, pay close attention to the strainers because they perform the important task of transferring the tension in the wires that are stretched between them to the ground. The droppers and intermediate posts play supporting roles to the strainer assemblies. They are placed at predetermined intervals to guide the wires as well. Choose wisely from the available types of materials.

Building a fence to mark the boundaries of your property is not that complicated. Nevertheless, you have to plan it very carefully for best results.

04 AM | 19 Oct

Vinyl Plank Flooring and Laminate Flooring: Similarities and Dissimilarities


FlooringConfused between vinyl plank flooring and laminate flooring? Don’t worry, most people are. If you’re considering one of the two for your home, here are some fast facts to guide you.

Differences between Vinyl Plank Flooring and Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring consists of layers including the core, its main layer, which is made up of high-density fibreboard. This provides laminate flooring its durability and rigidity. Vinyl plank flooring, on the other hand, while also made up of layers, uses PVC vinyl as its main component. This provides vinyl planks their flexibility and stability.


Laminate flooring is a floating-floor system, so you should not glue or nail it to the subfloor. Vinyl plank flooring is typically stuck to the subfloor by using a strong adhesive or by utilising peel and stick planks. However, some newer vinyl plank floor systems can now also be installed using the floating-floor system.


Vinyl planks and laminate flooring feel different from each other. As vinyl plank flooring is made from vinyl, its texture is similar to plastic, while laminate flooring feels somewhat like wood because of its fibreboard component.

Flame and Stain Resistance: Laminates are made to be extremely resistant to stains and will not be easily damaged by short exposure to small, weak flames, such as an ember popping out from the fireplace. While some vinyl plank floors are vulnerable to stains and short exposure to small flames, some newer systems offer better fire and stain resistance.

Similarities Between Laminate Flooring and Vinyl Plank Flooring

Both options offer durability and cost advantages over other flooring options like stone, ceramic, or hardwood. They can likewise imitate the look of natural flooring choices like stone or timber.

Vinyl planks and laminates also have simpler and easier maintenance requirements than tile or timber flooring. For instance, engineered timber or hardwood will require routine refinishing, and other tile flooring options will require re-grouting and resealing. Both also come with protective layers. Laminates have a protective layer that is highly resistant to fading from UV exposure and scratches. Planettimbers.com.au says durability is one of the strongest selling points of laminate flooring. Vinyl plank flooring has a clear coating of urethane and vinyl.

Experts do the installation of both flooring options because they have the skills and experience. In addition, you can repair both flooring by simply replacing a damaged tile or plank.

04 AM | 16 Oct

Making the Home Ready Against Tornadoes with these Safety Tips


tornadoPerhaps you have seen the effects of weather on our society. Mother nature can be really devastating when she’s in a bad mood. There have probably been times that you thought: what if a hurricane landed on where I live? Would my house survive such an event?

This is why when you’re building a house, and you know that strong winds and hurricanes pass through your neighborhood, you must make it weather-proof. Gates Estates lists a few easy steps to help you prepare your home from a hurricane.

  • Keep your immediate vicinity free from loose objects.

Hurricanes always bring with them intense winds. These winds can pick up and blow objects to your house. Avoid putting a lot of furniture in your patio or backyard. Or at least, get furniture that would be easy to bring indoors in case of a hurricane. Also, keep trees and bushes trimmed and minimize pots.

  • Install sturdy windows and doors.

Windows and doors are where winds would try to enter the house. Install high quality windows and doors that can withstand strong winds. Also, you can consider installing window shutters that can help protect you from flying debris.

  • Design your house to prevent uplift.

Strong winds will try to pick up anything in its way. Roofs are especially prone to getting blown off. Therefore, consider getting an architect to design a roof that will prevent this from occurring.

  • Make sure to have home insurance.

Even the most hurricane-proof house can be destroyed, so prepare for the worst case scenario with a good home insurance premium.

Simply blame it on climatology, geography, and topography as to why the US has many more tornado visits than other countries. However, this should not stop you from checking out homes for sale when there are many ways to make the home hurricane-proof.

Being prepared for such an event is the best way to have peace of mind. It is better to start preparing now than to fix the damages after. You don’t only prevent unnecessary expenditures, but can avoid loss of lives as well.

12 AM | 16 Oct

Understanding the Workings of Rotary Drum Vacuum Filters

Drum Vacuum Filter

Drum Vacuum FilterThere are many ways to separate the liquid and solid components of a solution. Rotary drum vacuum filters offer a very flexible solution. They come in a range of sizes, and are designed for continuous operation. This type of equipment is so versatile, they work well with single and more complex multi-stage operations. The chemical process industry depends on this for a variety of applications.

How it works

The rotary drum filter is composed of a large drum, half of which is lowered into the slurry, with the other half exposed to the air. The rotation of the drum brings the slurry in contact with the filter cloth. Essentially, the filter sucks in the slurry. The exposed section facilitates the drying of the cake separated from the liquid part of the mixture. The rotating drum eventually discharges the dried mash.

One of the advantages of this piece of equipment is that you can leave it alone because it requires minimal attention. The design is simple yet effective. High quality units have a long life with low maintenance requirements.

What is the function of the filter cloth?

The drum filter cloth is one of the most important components of the rotary drum assembly. The ability of the cloth to filter out the slurry depends on the type of material. Some of the most highly in-demand cloth types are those that can withstand high pressure scraping, which is sometimes necessary to remove the dried cake completely. Ashtuck.com, a company offering water treatment equipment, says custom filter cloths are also available from trusted sources.

What are some of the most common applications?

Aside from chemical processing, the rotary drum vacuum filter is useful in processing wastewater. It’s one of the important acquisitions of wastewater treatment facilities, both private and municipal. The machine can handle any procedure that requires clarification, washing, and dewatering. Manufacturers also offer customization works for specific projects.

Slurries have a high solid content with a liquid component. There is none better than a rotary drum vacuum filter to separate the solid from the liquid.

06 AM | 15 Oct

Bed Bugs: Hitchhiking Their Way into Your Home

Bed Bug

Bed BugYou just had a great weekend away from home. The first thing you do upon return is to jump on your bed because you miss the comfort. Unfortunately, it is not just you enjoying your warm and cozy bed. From now on, you will be sharing your bed with critters you cannot easily see. Bed bugs now live in your home without your consent. How did they get there?

Your Clothes are the Culprit

You are not the carrier, but your clothes are. Bed bugs do not act like lice by latching themselves on people to travel. They may find safety in your clothes or other items made of fabric, such as bags or purses.

Once you reach your bedroom, they would transfer to your mattress where they can multiply. Before you know it, they have already spread to different parts of your home. You may only start to realize the infestation when you start itching at night and develop red marks in the morning. You need to control these bed bugs before they start causing more damage and inconvenience.

No use finding the source

It does not matter if you find out where you got these bed bugs. You could have gotten them from sleeping at a poorly maintained hotel room or from sitting inside old theaters. All you can do is start separating the clothes that might have brought them home. Put them in plastic bags, so they do not transfer to your other laundry. Change the sheets and take out your mattress to lay it under the sun.

It can be difficult to stop the bed bug infestation on your own. You need the help of experts to exterminate them completely. After all, simple home remedies can only do so much. These little critters may be hiding deep in your mattresses. Only work with experts specializing in environment-friendly pest exterminators to keep your home bed bug-free.

02 AM | 13 Oct

Your Buying Guide: Key Considerations for Your Exterior Cladding

Home Cladding

Home CladdingIt is uncommon to find a modern building without an ‘envelope’ that adds to its overall style. Cladding products serve as a means to improve the visual and tactile aspects of building design, or to achieve a certain aesthetic or theme.

From simple to complex

As construction techniques evolve, manufacturers develop new and better cladding products. Wall cladding products come in different thicknesses, finishes and colours. When you want flat cladding, for instance, you have to decide whether to go for a product made from aluminium, copper or zinc panels.

While others go for simple systems that take very little time to install, there are property owners who aspire to be unique, and go for geometrically complicated presentations. You may even get a staggered or brick type cladding that comes in unconventional shapes. These pre-formed tiles have concealed fixing mechanisms. After the installation, they offer you a modern flat façade that is sure to catch the eye.

Essential requirements

Cladding systems should not only excel in style and appearance. They must meet certain requirements. After all, while these are non-structural components, they also serve other functions. They are not just a ‘shell’ that makes the building stand out from the rest.

For instance, a primary environmental requirement is thermal performance. While providing for the comfort of the building’s occupants, the cladding system must have low environmental impact.

In addition, the boards or panels should be weather tight enough to withstand natural forces and maintain the security of property and people within the premises. To fulfil these requirements, cladding systems undergo rigorous performance testing, especially for customised installation.

A great cladding system not only beautifies. It also protects. Choose an exterior finishing system for your home or place of work carefully and systematically.