08 PM | 10 Aug

3 Refrigerator Cleaning Tips You Should Know

Woman cleaning refrigerator

Most people usually overlook a refrigerator. As long as it’s performing at its optimum, cooling and protecting foodstuffs, it’s thought to be well, and that no maintenance is needed. However, treating it to some proper routine cleaning protects its components from faster wear and damage. This, in turn, keeps the system performing at its best for long, which cuts the time and money you need to spend on repairs. Follow the tips below:

1. Unplug and Empty the Fridge

For a fridge that looks pathetic and requires some serious cleaning, it may take long before you finish cleaning it. Consequently, you should unplug it to avoid wasting energy. After that, eliminate all foodstuffs and internal removable components such as shelves. Wash one at a time using a soft bristle brush and a mixture of warm water and mild detergent. Emptying all the contents from the refrigerator ensures you clean every nook and cranny.

2. Clean the Insides

You should start by applying multipurpose liquid soap on the walls, shelves, and the inner door surface and door seals to loosen the stains. Using a non-abrasive sponge or brush, wipe down the detergent gently. Be careful not to damage any component.

Be sure to remove all foodstuffs, stains, and spots stuck in the corners, joints, and crevices before you rinse with clean water. However, any fridge repair technician in Utah or elsewhere will advise you to avoid pouring water directly into it. Instead, use a clean cloth to dry the inside.

3. Plug in and Replace the Parts

Set the unit in its position, and plug it into the wall socket. Once the components you dismantled are dry, place them back properly. Return all the foodstuff ensuring jars, containers and bottles are properly wiped. Close the door and wash its exterior with a damp cloth soaked in soapy water. Rinse it after which you should dry it using a clean towel.

With the above tips, cleaning your fridge shouldn’t be an uphill climb. Instead, you should be able to do it even twice a month.

08 AM | 08 Aug

Top Factors Behind Freshly Laundered Clothes That Are Smelly

Woman holding her nose

Doing the laundry can be one of the unexciting house chores. But the moment the clothes are out of the washer or dryer, you get that positive feeling once you get a whiff of that fresh-smelling scent plus the fact that your clothes are back in their A-list state. This, however, is not always the case. There are moments when the clothes will smell stinky no matter how many times you have washed them.

There are some reasons your clothes smell this way. It is vital that you know what these reasons are so it will be easy for you to do the laundry the right way next time.

The Bacteria

Believe it or not, there are still bacteria in your clothes even after you washed them. These are the bacteria that interact with sweat, thus leaving some bad odors in your clothes, especially at the armpit areas. What you can do for this is to use detergents that have anti-bacterial property. Some laundromats are already using commercial laundry chemicals with such properties from providers like BC Industrial Services, LLC.

Smelly Washers

The washers and the dryers may be the last places you will suspect that will make your clothes smell. But truth be told, these machines can be favorable hosts to certain bacteria. As such, you need to have them cleaned regularly.

Not Drying Under the Sun

It is okay to relay on your dryers, but nothing beats the smell of clothes that are line-dried. If there is enough sunlight, you can hang your clothes outside and let the heat do its magic. Heat can kill bacteria, thus making your clothes smell fresh.

These are only some of the things to keep in mind if you want to keep your clothes from smelling bad. It will always boil down to cleanliness.

10 AM | 06 Aug

Classic Style Conservatories: Here Are Your Options

a classic style conservatory

Most indoor spaces today are not enough for homeowners. Conservatory Craftsmen knows this. You need not look for a different house in your quest for additional space but instead, add a conservatory to your current home.

Unlike a simple extension, a conservatory has not less than 50% of its walls glazed and at least 75% of the roof made of translucent materials such as polycarbonate sheets and glass. There are various style options conservatory contractors have, which you can select from.

Most homeowners, however, opt for traditional styles broken down into different architectural periods to give their home a classic look. Here are some of these traditional style options for conservatories.

Victorian Conservatories

This is one of the most popular style options currently. Victorian conservatories are characterized by 3–5 facets, pitched roofs, broad bay facades and a curved appearance which maximizes its space.

They are the perfect choice for property owners looking for an elegant conservatory style, although they are generally more expensive compared to other styles.

Georgian or Edwardian Conservatories

The style for these conservatories was popular around the 1720s–1840s. Georgian-style conservatories feature rectangular floor plans which maximize their interior spaces. They also have four-sided pitched roofs and bright open areas ideal for homeowners looking for open spaces with plenty of natural light.


These conservatories feature both traditional and contemporary elements. Orangeries have rectangular floor plans which maximize their internal space.

These plans also exude a traditional elegance stemming from the periods when they were used by the aristocracy for the growth of exotic fruits. Large glazed window rather than the brick walls used in the past give them a contemporary look.

These classic styles for your conservatory serve a function as well as an aesthetic purpose. Some states require building permits if you intend to add a conservatory to your property. Most cases, you might need to change some aspects of your home’s exterior to match the conservatory’s style.

09 AM | 03 Aug

5 Reasons Why Wood Stairs are Great for Your Home

wooden stairs

A house becomes a home when intricate details are added to it give it life. An appropriate choice of accessories and intimate interiors will exude an aura of comfort and hominess.

One way of complementing a space built mostly with of concrete, stones and glass is by adding classic wooden elements. The folks at Ackworth House agree that wood treads add a natural decorative element and give your home a classic look. Here are a few other reasons why wood is an excellent choice for your interiors.


Using wood on your stairs gives your space a unique flair. There are different treads to choose from including maple, walnut, cherry, white oak, and hickory. A visit to a flooring specialist would help you understand which wood best suits your interior décor style.

 Prefinished Treads

Prefinished pieces eliminate the need for long hours of installation. They also minimise the amount of mess you have to deal with once installation is done. Furthermore, you don’t need to add polyurethane or top coating to prefinished treads since they already come with a shiny finish appearance.

Aesthetic Appeal

Different wood species possess different natural colouring. Some of these do not require additional colouring or coating, thus giving your staircase an authentic natural look. These add style to your home effortlessly.


When dealing with wood, the possibilities of customising your pieces for uniqueness are endless. For that classic look, your choice doesn’t necessarily have to be smooth hardwood. You could opt for a rustic or textured look since reclaimed, distressed, and hand scrapped wood pieces are gaining popularity.

Flexible Pricing

With hardwood options, there is something to fit your budget. You can choose from the economical beech, hickory, or red oak; mid-priced white oak, walnut, maple or cherry; and luxurious birch or mahogany.

If you’re worried about creaking whenever you use wooden stairs, proper installation and fitting will solve this. While this functionality should never be overlooked, paying attention to the details of your treads will go a long way in complementing your home’s other fixtures.

04 AM | 03 Aug

The Ideal Garage Door: Four Features to Look For

Garage Door

The garage door is just as important as the main one in the house. It’s the door that keeps your car secure from burglars who might attempt to steal it and protects the garage from outdoor elements like heat, rain and snow. Because of this purpose, homeowners are expected to take garage doors seriously. One way to do this is to invest in their quality, which can be done in the following ways.


As explained by Poplar Home Improvements, a garage door that provides insulation would mean one that helps you save energy since it keeps cold air out of your home. This further means your heater won’t have to overwork to maintain the temperature in your rooms. An insulated garage would also mean that it’s soundproof and won’t add any noise to the household.

Remote Control Features

Another quality feature you should look for is a garage door that can be remote-controlled. This makes it easier to open or close the garage door, especially if you’re rushing to go to work or do an errand. The remote control feature removes the need to get out of your car to open the garage during rainy or snowy weather.

Alarm System

An alarm system is a security measure to deter burglars from entering the garage. An alarm system can be made to sound off whenever it senses that someone is prying open the garage door. The alarms should be heard in the household to alert you whether it’s day or night.

Safety Sensors

Lastly, quality garage doors should automatically stop whenever it senses that the car or a person is still beneath it. This would prevent any fatal accidents or car damages from happening.

Homeowners are expected to invest in a quality garage door since this protects the car and the garage from intruders. You can spot the ideal garage door if it possesses an alarm system, remote control features, insulation, sensors, and such. Once you invest in ideal doors, your home would be more secure than before.

01 AM | 30 Jul

Getting Rid of Junk Before the Big Move

Shredded Papers Junk

Moving to a new house or apartment can be stressing, especially if you have to organize, pack, and unpack a lot of stuff. Since you are under pressure to carry less, moving time is one of the best times to declutter and get rid of things you don’t need in your life.

You first have to know what you want to throw away before calling a junk pick up agency. Here are some simple tips to help you identify garbage and put it where it belongs: in a dumpster.

Identify Real Junk

Sometimes, real junk gets lost in the potentially useful trash. Rummage through your house or garage and identify things that you will never use: a pair of old boots, an old lawn mower, and so on. If you don’t see yourself using something at first glance, toss it in a junk pile before you are tempted to hoard.

What Do You Want among All that Junk?

Asking yourself why you are holding onto something is a great way to separate real junk from useful stuff. If you are holding onto that damaged valve radio hoping to reuse the tubes one day, why not just pluck out the containers and throw away the rest of the junk?

Identify the pieces you need and extract them from the junk. This will considerably reduce your current pile of clutter, leaving you with a systematic collection of parts that you can use.

Once you get rid of the stuff that you don’t need, ensure that you clean and organize what remains. If you can clean up that old stereo set, reassemble the lawn mower you took apart, or arrange old flower vases in a box, you will have converted your valuable relics from junk into a collector’s paradise.

01 AM | 29 Jul

When Do You Need Junk Removal Services?

Junk Removal Service

When do you need to do a massive cleanup and how can you get the entire house back in shape in a matter of days? Here are three times you need professional cleaning and why it’s the best solution out there.

Before You Bring the Baby Home

Welcoming a new baby into your home means doing a full house cleaning you’ve never done before. Are you eager to clear out the spare room for items that you no longer need? You can get your home back in order with the help of Denver junk removal experts and turn that space into a beautiful baby room.

When Your House Is Turning into a Museum

Do you still have all those old, semi-working, occasionally used appliances taking up precious storage space? How about devices that broke down a few years back and have been sitting in the basement since? Is your garage filled with a mix of unused and broken down equipment? If you have any or all of these taking up space in your home, it’s time to call the junk haulers to get all the jumble out of there. Keep your home from becoming a museum of outdated, non-functioning items and make it a clutter-free, cozy home once again. In addition, you can turn that basement into an impressive family room.

Before and After a Remodeling Project

A remodeling project is a perfect opportunity to do a massive clear out. Whether it’s a big or small remodeling job, get the cleanup experts to help you sort the place. Get rid of anything you no longer need in the newly renovated space to make room for newer and better things. The same team can also do the post construction clean up and manage the disposal of the materials, too. It just makes things easier from start to finish. It’s convenient and efficient.

Once all the junk is out of the way, you’ll get to enjoy a brand new space that serves a better purpose and gives you that pleasant feeling of having an organized and clean home.

01 AM | 28 Jul

Three Things You Should Leave Behind When You Move

Moving Boxes House

Moving to a new home means another fresh start. Take pleasure in that golden phase where you get to enjoy a clutter-free home. Here are three things that you should leave behind when you move into your new house.

Broken and Damaged Items

Now is the perfect time to retire broken or damaged items in your possession. This goes for every furniture, appliance, and equipment you’ve been holding on to in the hopes that one day, you can have it fixed and use it again. Get these out by contacting a dumpster rental company that offers junk disposal services. This makes packing a whole lot easier and the shipping cheaper, too, as you’re not shipping junk with you.

Unused Items

Unused items accumulate faster than you can keep track of. For that reason, most of these items end up in a box somewhere in storage. Put it to good use by donating them. If you have the time, sell them online to make some money and use it towards something more useful.

Paper Clutter

If you still have a collection of old documents, manuals, and receipts, now is the best time to get rid of it. Scan and save any document that can be stored on the cloud, like e-signed paperwork and those that you need access to anytime, anywhere. This exercise will leave enough room for the physical storage of wet-signed and traditional paper documents. Product user guides are online now, so you can toss those old booklets away and go to the manufacturer’s website if you need any information about a product. This goes for food recipes, too. Online banking and money apps offer the convenience of tracking your money 24/7 in a much easier and faster way. Online payment processing also ensures a quicker transaction and minimizes the accumulation of paper receipts in your purse or drawer. Getting rid of paper clutter is the best thing that you can ever do for your home.

Use the opportunity of moving to a new home to reduce your belongings. Take the chance to cut back on clutter and enjoy a clean and organized house.

03 PM | 27 Jul

What to Do with Old Electronics

Old Electronics Waste

Decluttering your home takes time and patience. Many homeowners don’t have a lot of time to go through the garage and every corner of the house.

To save time and do more, it’s a good idea to plan how you want to clean your home. Draft a timeline to be more organized. You can start by disposing of things you don’t need or use, just to get them out of your way. Classify them. Can they be sold? Can they be donated?

There are, however, stuff you need to dispose of carefully. These are electronic devices. Electronics contain toxic substances such as lead and mercury, which are hazardous to health. Find ways to dispose of your electronics responsibly.

Hire a Professional

It is illegal in many states in the US to throw an electronic device in the trash bin. Professional recyclers know this. They are trained to handle different kinds of garbage correctly. Some of them even partner up with recycling firms.

If you want to deal with your electronic waste (e-waste) properly, consider hiring technicians for junk removal. Denver has firms specializing in garbage disposal and waste management. Not only do professionals take the hassle out of your hand, but they also save you from worrying about the law.

Help Out or Earn Extra

If your old electronics work fine, consider donating. Your big, old TV is more useful in shelter homes than in your attic. Some programs let you donate your old devices to charity. Your old phones can go to soldiers overseas or the underprivileged.

Old electronics can also generate extra income. Some companies offer to buy your old devices, like laptops and cell phones, for recycling or reselling. But before doing so, remove your personal data.

Clearing your home of unwanted electronics can be tricky. You don’t simply toss them around for garbage collectors to collect. Doing so increases e-waste, which is potentially harmful to both humans and the environment. Responsible waste disposal is not transferring your garbage outside. Responsible waste disposal includes both your home and the environment.

05 AM | 25 Jul

A Comprehensive Guide to Downspouts

white downspout

When water surrounds the foundation of a building, the soil becomes saturated, hence increasing in weight. Eventually, this creates pressure around the walls of the structure, resulting in cracking or bowing.

Rain gutter repair in your Utah home ensures that you have functional gutters and healthy downspouts to help in collecting water and channeling it away from the house. To ensure that this is done with accuracy, you must have the right size and material of downspouts.


Aluminum is relatively affordable and thus a preferred material to make home downspouts. Additionally, it is straightforward to maintain, and it does not rust like other metals. However, due to its lightweight nature, aluminum is suitable for use in areas that are not prone to heavy rainfall or wind.


This ranks among the sturdiest metals, making it a popular option. Copper has strength, is highly durable, and does not rust. That means you can use it even in adverse weather conditions without painting it. However, copper is relatively more expensive. This is due to its initial purchasing cost as well as installation costs.


If aesthetics were a major concern of your downspouts installation, then plastic would be an excellent option for you since it is available in many colors and designs. Moreover, plastics do not rust nor require any special maintenance. They are also durable, so they do not snap easily.

Homes in various locations require differently sized downspouts based on two factors: the maximum rain millimeters that the rain gutters are made to drain within a given period and the watershed area of your roof. That means if your location has much rainfall, the downspouts should be substantial.