01 AM | 06 Jul

New Home? Top 5 Things to Do Before Settling In

Family New House

Now that you’ve handled the legalities, paperwork, or anything that has to do with buying a new home, what happens next? You’ve packed up from your old house and are now ready to unpack. Settling into your new house is the final leg of your home buying journey, but there’s still a lot of work to do. These include cleaning your carpets, checking for pests, or hiring air duct cleaning services in Indiana.

Let these things help you get started on the last list you’ll have to make for this journey:

Connect What Needs to Be Connected

This includes your Internet and your energy sources. Some companies may take weeks to reconnect your Internet when you move. Energy companies would require the same, so make sure you have this covered before the actual date of your move.

Update Your Address

All entities that have your home address must be informed of your address change. This includes banks, insurance companies, and all subscriptions you have in your mailing address. You won’t want autopayments coming back with a penalty charge simply because you didn’t inform them of an address change.

Change the Locks

This is the first safety precaution you should take care off right away. You’ll never know who has the keys to the current locks you have. Change all the locks from your front door down to the tool shed at the back.

Plan for Kids and Pets

If you have pets and children, making sure they’re out of the way when you start moving in your things. This way, you can make your move faster and easier. Have a friend or family member watch them over during your move to get things organized around your new home.


Construction, inspections, and all the other activities that took place in your house while it was being built can bring in all sorts of germs. You can disinfect your cabinets and walls DIY-style or just hire and supervise professional cleaners.

This should only be the first five items on your list. There’s still a lot of other things you’ll have to do like check for plumbing leaks or wiring options for your appliances. It may take time for you to get everything in order, but keep in mind that you’re at the home stretch now. You can soon sit back, put your feet up, and smile at yourself for a job well done.