12 PM | 22 Feb

Meth House: Separating Facts from Myths

Smoking or making meth leaves a trail of chemicals, which saturates the floors, ceilings, walls, and carpets. These chemicals include lithium, iodine, mercury and other poisonous solvents. For every pound of meth manufactured, you produce at least six pounds of poisonous waste.

The slightest exposure to even the smallest amounts of this poison ruins the nervous system, blood production mechanisms, and liver functions. Furthermore, exposure further triggers congenital disabilities and growth and development problems for unborn as well as young children.

This is why meth testing here in Utah is critical. That said, what are the myths surrounding meth homes?

You can find meth by using hairspray or starch spray

It is true that if starch is sprayed on a contaminated surface, the surface will turn to be purple-red. This is because of iodine that is present in the manufacture of meth. Unfortunately, this method is not reliable nor is it sensitive.

That means, you can sprinkle starch, and the color purple does not appear, but the house still has meth. As such, professional meth testing should be undertaken.

If you cannot smell it, it is not there

In the yesteryears, meth manufacture produced a bad odor similar to a cat’s urine. This is because of the old methods used that are out of date now. However, with recent advanced methods minimal or no odor is left behind by production or use of meth.

This leaves your potential house without any odor or visual clue.

They only smoked in the house and never used it as a lab

A majority of people do not realize that smoking meth even once in a house makes it uninhabitable. Smoking burns up the toxins resulting in 100% contamination every time. That means smoking is more dangerous to a house compared to some methods of manufacturing.

It is always critical to test any property before purchasing or renting, particularly if there is any suspicion regarding meth abuse. While meth detection and elimination procedures are time-consuming and expensive, they are cheaper than the health effects brought about by meth.