01 AM | 27 Apr

Luxurious Bedding without the Hefty Price Tag? It Does Exist

bamboo bedding and sheet

The drive to live an ecologically friendly lifestyle has grown stronger in the past years. This increased awareness has driven both manufacturers and consumers to find the best in sustainable and renewable materials, with bamboo being a popular choice.

The use of bamboo is highly sustainable, as it’s easy to grow and grows quickly in most conditions. Items made out of bamboo are quite sturdy as well, making this material a crowd favorite, especially when it comes to fabric. If you’re looking for breathable and comfortable bedding, here are some pointers for finding the best bamboo sheets for you

Check for shrinkage.

Although fabrics are generally pre-shrunk before sewing, some shrinkage can be expected depending on the type of weave and combination of materials. In general, as long as you wash your bamboo sheets in cold water and choose to line dry or lightly tumble dry them, the chance of fabric shrinking is minimal.

Choose your blend.

Most 100% pure bamboo sheets are softer than those that have cotton blends. It has better antibacterial properties, too. However, sheets with a cotton blend are tougher than those without. Do consider that the lifespan of the material, as it can be managed with proper care anyway.

Mind the weave.

An alternative to getting a bamboo-cotton blend is to check how your sheets are woven. Sateen weaves are silky-soft, but are the most delicate type of bamboo sheet. These will require a bit more care so they last longer. Twill is not as soft, but it’s sturdier than sateen. It’s important to check that sheets in twill weave are pre-shrunk.

More than just being an eco-friendly option, bamboo sheets are comfortable. Bamboo as a material is equally high-quality as silk, but at a lower price point. It’s also much easier to clean and maintain. If you want something smooth as silk but not as fussy to maintain, why not give bamboo a try?