04 PM | 17 Aug

Low Water Pressure? Here are 3 of the Most Probable Causes

Active sprinkler watering flowers

Your sprinkler is essential for your landscaping or irrigation needs, as it distributes water to the plants regularly and in the right amount. However, if you notice a decrease in the effectiveness of the system, it is time to do something.

There could be problems that would require sprinkler system repairs in Utah. Take a closer look at low water pressure as one of the main contributors to the sprinkler system malfunctioning. Utah Sprinkler explains that you might want to consider these three primary causes:

1. Leaks in the Main Water Line

Is there any recent project in your home that has required you to dig up your property? If so, then there are high chances that the diggers cut the mains water line. If that’s the case, it’s likely that it’s leaking water that should otherwise be going to your sprinkler. If you see any wet areas around your lawn or in the farm, these are clear indications of leaks in your underground plumbing.

2. Clogged Sprinkler Head

The presence of dirt or debris on sprinkler heads can affect the performance of your sprinkler. Take a close look at the head and clear any clogging material. Whenever vegetation grows around the sprinkler head, it can minimize the ability of the head to pop. Removing such an obstruction will help you restore the functionality of the sprinkler system.

3. The Water Valve is Not Fully Open

Valves exist between connections in the water supply. If the valves do not open fully, that could limit the amount of water that is flowing in your sprinkler systems. Check the shut-off valves in your water mains and ensure that they are fully open for maximum flow of water.

Low water pressure will minimize the effectiveness of your sprinkler systems. Therefore, whenever you notice a decrease in the water pressure, call an expert in sprinkler system repairs for the early diagnosis of the problem. That will also help you determine which repairs to undertake to restore your system’s function.