03 AM | 15 May

Linglestown Celebrates 250 Years with a Home and Garden Tour


Linglestown, the Lower Paxton Township in Dauphin County, Pennsylvania is celebrating its 250th anniversary this year with a home and garden tour of over twelve properties this coming June. Aside from the scenic self-guided tours, visitors will also be able to sample drinks from the locality’s wineries.

Thomas Lingle founded Linglestown back in 1765, laying out eighty plots of land he owned that is now part of the Lower Paxton area. The home and garden tour is just part of the historic celebration, but is arguably the highlight of the entire event.

Enchanting themed gardens

GardenThe celebration’s highlight is the guided tours of twelve of Linglestown’s featured properties, some of which feature a certain theme to their garden and decorations. Sheri North, owner of The North garden features not only a stylish garden replete with fancy plants, containers, and even a gazebo; it also features a rather enchanting Wizard of Oz inspired garden complete with ruby red slippers, and a whimsical yellow-brick road leading to the emerald city. Others homes and gardens, like the ones who own the Male garden and greenhouse have a reoccurring theme to their garden’s look, Orchids in this case, being the centerpiece of a botanical garden thirty-eight years in the making.

Some other interesting highlights of the tour include The Minsker Fire Garage, which features historic firehouse memorabilia, and the historic Serhan garden, a property dating back from 1979 that features over 2,200 bricks from Harrisburg. Visitors should also make sure to visit The Hummel garden, which is home to a range of uncommon plants, as well as a smartly designed garden that features an outdoor kitchen and lounge.

The Livelsberger home and garden is also a property to not miss out on. This 4,000-square foot home is located on four landscaped acres and features interesting accents and highlights, such as a home theater and art studio and a wine room. The garden boasts a huge collection of pretty flowers, such as hydrangeas and shade perennials. Courtesy of the Susquehanna Hosta Society, the first two-hundred visitors will also receive free hostas, shade-tolerant plants that are not only versatile garden plants, but are also very hardy.

The Linglestown home and garden tour is just part of the community’s greater celebration of its 250th anniversary. Locals and visitors who are looking for ideas on how to decorate their homes and gardens can pick up a few things from the tour.