01 PM | 16 Mar

How to Protect Your Rain Gutters During the Winter Season

Guy cleaning gutter

Winter has finally arrived in Utah, which means that we have to take preventive measures to keep all of our equipment in mint condition. The snow and ice can easily damage your rain gutters, which is why you should call rain gutter contractors in Utah such as dtiutah.com as soon as possible.

Have them fix any type of damage on it and follow these tips.

Clean Your Rain Gutters

If you have not cleaned your rain gutters before winter, then now is a good time to do so. Choose a time when the snow is not falling, and the rain is not pouring. This is a dangerous task though, so make sure to call a professional contractor to do the work for you.

They would know how to deal with pests and damage that might be present on your gutters.

Install Gutter Guards

Have a professional install a gutter guard as these can prevent snow from blocking your rain gutters. These things can also prevent damage caused by heavy snow or rainfall.

Remember, if you are having a hard time installing your gutter guards, make sure to call your local contractors and have them handle it.

Inspect your Home

When your rain gutter has damage on them, it can sometimes become evident in certain parts of your home. Check your home’s siding, foundation, and fascia for any signs of water damage.

If there are any leakages or holes present on them, then it might be time to call a professional in and have them repair the damages.

Make Use of your Ice and Water Barriers

Ice and water barriers can help prevent extra moisture on your rain gutters. Moisture can easily damage your gutters, which is why installing an ice and water membrane can help extend its lifespan.

Most homes already have an ice and water membrane installed underneath their roof’s shingle, but if your house or roof is an old one, then go ahead and have it replaced immediately.

Preventing snow and rain from damaging your gutters early will help you save immensely. Follow these tips and call your contractor today!