01 AM | 13 Dec

Here are 3 Perfect Reasons to Go for a Small Pool

Man and woman in a small pool

Small pools, like plunge pools, are popular for its practicality. As they are smaller than the regular sized ones, they are easy to clean and maintain. However, there are other things to love about this small pool other than that.

Let us take a look at why having a plunge pool is a good idea.

Relaxing Dips

This pool is meant for relaxation and a way to spend leisure time. It is when you need a little soak therapy to beat the heat or simply want to have some time to loosen up. You can outfit your pool with jet massagers for a full-on spa experience while being outdoors.

Therapeutic Purposes

Plunge pool designs are highly customisable. Other than jet massagers, you can also install a cooling and heating system to control the water temperature. Use it to warm the pool up for days when you just need to relax those tense muscles.

Go for some cold hydrotherapy after a long hot day and sleep better during the night.

Physical Fitness

Equipping your pool with resistance jets allows you to do swimming laps in place. Just like in a larger one. You can go for a few lap exercises anytime of the day and then switch on the massagers and control the water temperature for a relaxing after workout hydrotherapy.

You can also use the resistance jets when teaching little kids how to swim. It is easier to handle training as both of you are in a confined area.

Even the tiniest backyards can fit a plunge pool. Other than adding aesthetic value to your space, it can also increase the property value of your home. It also serves as a great spot for entertainment when you have guests over or for some instant family bonding time without the hassle of leaving your home.