02 AM | 30 Jun

Healthy Lifestyle: Don’t Let Your Teenagers Overdo It

Healthy Lifestyle

Healthy LifestyleThe popularity of health trends among young people provides a remedy to the hazards of the digital age. The number of conflicting facts and healthy tips, however, may lead to a lifestyle that harms them rather than benefits them.

It falls into your hands as a parent to look after the choices they make.

Balanced Diet and Supplements

Herbal-Powers.com says supplements with the nutritional factor of citrus bergamot and similar fruits serve to make up for nutrients missing in a person’s diet. For teenagers who make the effort to eat right, though, taking supplements improperly puts them at risks of vitamin overdose.

The excessive intake of nutrients may be toxic to the body, so everyone needs to be very careful. Unless prescribed by a healthcare professional to help deal with illnesses, you should guide your teenager when it comes to taking supplements.

Unnecessary Medical Tests

Medical tests, when done frequently and for superfluous reasons, harm a person. Too much exposure to radiation in tests like CT scans and X-rays may lead increased risks of cancer. If your teen worries about an underlying disease behind any discomfort they feel, consult the doctor first and let them decide whether they need to undergo tests. Some symptoms subside after a month and may only be an effect of an activity or other things unrelated to serious illnesses.

The Fear of Germs

The fear of acquiring germs and contagious diseases taught people to wash their hands and sanitize frequently. The false security in these actions, however, could prevent the body from benefitting from germ exposure.

The ‘hygiene hypothesis’ theory claims that people —especially children — need a certain exposure to germs for the immune system to fight inflammatory disorders such as asthma and allergies. Tell your teens to stop fearing every dirty surface. Apart from the mental relief it brings, it may also strengthen their responses against diseases.

You want your teens to live healthy lives; hence, the importance of teaching them the right way to do it. Being healthy, after all, does not usually involve as much stress as taking too many supplements, scheduling medical exams, and clinging to sanitizers.