04 PM | 06 Feb

Four Ways to Instill Self-Worth in Your Children

Child carried by her father

Others may deny it, but everyone wants to feel accepted in some way. For many, a simple gesture could mean a sign of acceptance.

When it comes to neighborly acceptance, a review of Lancaster New City agreed that it’s important for a family to live in a community where they’ll have a sense of belonging. Raising your children in a neighborhood that encourages a sense of community and belonging is essential for them to grow up with self-confidence and high self-esteem.

Here are four ways you can instil a sense of self-worth in your children that they can bring with them to adulthood.

Show Your Appreciation

Acknowledge their efforts to help you. When they take the garbage out or wash the dishes, show some appreciation. You can tell them that their actions mean a lot to you and that their simple gestures help you significantly.

Don’t Compare

No two children are alike. A brother may be more stubborn than his sister, but that doesn’t mean he should be treated any different. Each child has his way of doing things. Find out how your children process emotions, encouragement, and even information, and you would know how to handle them individually.

Watch Your Words

As parents, your words can make or break your children’s self-esteem. Never tell them things like “It’s your fault!” or “You’re bad!” or “You haven’t been behaving lately”. There’s always a nicer way to say things.

Recognize Their Skills

If your children have a particular talent or skill, do your best to make sure that this interest is improved through classes and practice. Letting them know you’ve got their back no matter what gives them confidence.

Remember that they are the future. They should be encouraged and empowered to be who they want to be. In the end, it’s not really a sense of belonging, but a sense of recognising their worth in the world.