03 AM | 15 May

Doing Away With Outdated Home Designs


The New Year comes with new design trends that will make your house look good, but there are also some designs that you should leave out to history.

HouseLess brass, more gold

One of the most common trends back in 2014 were brass hardware of all sorts, from simple things like utensils to bigger house fixtures. IlyceGlink, an award-winning and nationally syndicated columnist says that this is because ‘homeowners are always looking for inexpensive, easy ways to increase their property’s value.’

These trends, as she notes, ‘often translate to bigger bucks when it comes time to sell a home, while others can actually drag the value down. Brass is just one of them since even though it is visually appealing; it is still inexpensive and is sorely outdated. Fortunately, it only takes a screwdriver and the knowledge of what to replace brass with to do some much needed updating.

Many experts like Petrie of Mother Hubbard’s Custom Cabinetry also note that replacing brass hardware involves ‘choosing a size that will cover the footprint of whatever it is currently installed.’, and these should be replaced with brushed or satin nickel hardware. Gold is also a fast-becoming alternative to economical materials like brass, although the popularity of silver and steel is still strong even in the New Year.

Mirrored and metallic

Kelly of Kerrie Kelly Design Lab says that accents such as metallic and mirrored furniture are ‘overdone’ and should no longer be the staple or ‘red lipstick’ of interior design. Shiny fixtures and accents should be minimized and a house’s rooms should have a mix of wood and furniture made of other materials. She also notes that ‘pops of indigo blue or deep navy will become a staple in home design this year.’, citing that the natural hues are the perfect match when set together or against warmer colors and earth tones like Marsala, which is this year’s Pantone Color of the Year.

Bringing in the old modern

The new year is not just about getting rid of old trends, many are actually making a comeback as experts from Zillow Digs points out with modern design elements from the good old 50’s and 70’s. The old couch or wall fixture that you may have seen back in those old sitcoms are surprisingly trendy and fitting when matched with more modern design elements. They caution though that these designs ‘shouldn’t take over the house’.

Keeping up with the trends is important, and many of the ‘in’ designs of 2014 are no longer applicable today while some, like retro designs from the 50’s and 70’s are making a solid comeback.