01 AM | 18 May

Cool Temperatures: How They Benefit Your Sleep and Health

Woman sleeping comfortably

A cool bedroom does more than just improve the quality of your sleep; it can also improve how your body stores fat. Research suggests that it can help with the growth of brown fat, a special type of fat that can help you lose weight by burning calories. Brown fats are completely different from white fats, as they don’t bulge. They’re also extremely small and are found under the skin.

Activate Brown Fat

Brown fats are also known as good fats, as they can lower your white fat as well as your risk for chronic diseases like diabetes and heart disease. They can also do wonders for your heart by lowering your cholesterol and stabilizing your blood glucose level.

Studies suggest that exposing your body and skin to cool temperatures can help activate brown fat. According to an article from CBS News, this type of fat can work even with slightly lower temperatures, about 70F. You may also grow brown fat by exposing yourself to colder temperatures for a few weeks.

Lower Your Room Temperature

If you want to take advantage of the benefits of brown fat, you may want to lower your room temperature when sleeping. This is why AC installation experts in Salt Lake City suggest having a cooling unit that is efficient and of the proper size. While you can use a programmable temperature to boost comfort, you need to make sure that your AC is working properly.

Find the Best Temperature for You

It is also good to know that cool sleeping areas can be beneficial if you have insomnia. Cool rooms promote sleepiness by lowering your core temperature. Comfort varies from person to person so you may want to experiment with different temperatures to discover what works best for you. It also pays to invest in quality mattress and pillows.

If you’re having a problem in keeping your bedroom cool, there may be something wrong with your air filters or unit. If you tried changing the filters and still see no improvement, get in touch with an AC expert. Your unit might need repairs or a replacement.