07 PM | 31 Jan

Concrete Repairs: Why You Should Never Delay Them

Concrete repairs

Concrete is a basic element that comprises the foundation of residential and commercial structures. This material, which consists of aggregate — a hard and sturdy particulate substance — undergoes a bonding process when mixed with cement and water.

It’s for this sturdiness, toughness, and durability that most construction projects utilize it as a primary structural material.

However, it’s not impervious to use, abuse, and time. As a property owner, you need to know when to call in professionals for concrete repairs. Van Matre Construction, LLC explains more about these services below.

1. Prompt repairs can make a huge difference in safety

In the commercial industry, a primary contributor to the heightened need for prompt concrete repairs is to prevent non-fatal and fatal accidents. Slips, trips, and falls are an example of such unfortunate incidents, which concrete damages can lead to.

These problems often result in the ground or flooring having raised or sagging parts (heaved or sunken slabs), which then increases the risks of such accidents.

The same goes true for residential property owners. You want to have these concrete-related issues resolved as soon as possible since you want to keep yourself and your loved ones from getting into unwanted, injury-causing accidents.

2. Delays in repairs will cost you much more

Say you’ve noticed symptoms of slab or foundation failure. These include cracked bricks, displaced moldings, broken or cracked foundation, door or window misalignment, and cracks in the floor.

It’s vital you address them promptly. The longer you wait, the more time these damages have to keep growing, which then ultimately leads to a sunken foundation.

A sunken foundation is the last thing you want to happen to your home. It can displace the base of the structure and leave you without a home or a commercial property. As such, before worse comes to worst, contact professional concrete contractors as soon as possible.