05 PM | 05 Dec

Carpet Spot Removal: Things You Should Know

Carpet Cleaning in Redmond

Carpet Cleaning in RedmondThere is nothing more frustrating than seeing stains on a light-colored carpet. Regardless of what you may have spilled, it can instantly ruin the look of your rug. Ignored or improperly treated spots can destroy the carpet, and even push the dirt and stain deep down the fibers. It is best not to let the fluid or stain sit even for a few minutes, as removal at a later time is much more difficult.

Apart from attending to the stains immediately, carpet cleaners in Redmond share a few more tips on spot removal.

Know About the Fibers

Be aware of the fibers in your carpet. Many manufacturers use nylon, while others use olefin, or combine them both. Carpet cleaning experts from Anderson Carpet Cleaning note that some nylon rugs have chemicals that block stain. This can help simplify the removal of some stubborn stains, provided that you care for and maintain the carpet properly.

Recognize the Stains

Identify and know the spots in your space. In homes, for instance, it is common to see coffee, tea, and other food spills. In offices, however, copier toner and beverage spots are likely. Blood spots are common in hospitals while urine stains are usually seen in nursing homes. It is advisable to have a spotting kit (with general and specialty spotters) to treat the stains.

Remove the Right Way

When removing stains, be sure not to scrub the area to avoid pile distortion. Blot and absorb as much of the spot using a clean towel or white paper towels (with no prints). For spills that are semi-solid, use a rounded spoon for gentle scraping. It is advisable to work from outside the edge to the center of the spot to prevent it from spreading.

Use Cleaners with Care

When using a removal product or agent, you may want to test it in an inconspicuous area. This is to make sure that the solution will not damage the carpet dye or fibers. For a cleaning agent, be sure to apply a small amount. When using more than one cleaner, you have to remove the first one before applying another. Note that some cleaners will cause rapid soiling if not removed completely.

Some serious stains are hard to remove. If your home or office carpet has a long-standing stain, it is best to call professional cleaners. This is to remove spills, stains, and spots, and restore the appearance of your carpet.