08 PM | 14 Nov

Carpet Kills: Pets are Not Totally Safe Inside the House

CarpetCarpets at home are subject to a lot of use and abuse, which compels homeowners to take them out for a regular cleaning. Maintenance is essential because accumulated dirt and other contaminants can put the health of everyone, even the house pets, at risk of diseases, both trivial and severe.

But, it is not easy to remove dirt in carpets. As extraneous cleaning is necessary, it often involves different chemicals. That, among other things, does not inevitably ensure the safety of animals in spite of cleaning the carpet. Certain chemicals that homeowners use may be more harmful for their pets.

Why Products are Hazardous

Surprisingly, the house contains gases, chemicals and natural toxins that may be more dangerous than what the pets may come across outside. What is worse is that many homeowners are not aware of this risk, thinking that plainly cleaning the carpet automatically saves their pets from infection and diseases.

Some particular carpet cleaning products contain chemical solvents that dissolve dirt in the absence of water or soap. This is not essentially hazardous, but the strong odour it sets off has chemicals that are not safe for human consumption, more so for animals that have smaller bodies and are closer to the floor.

DIY and Professional Cleaning

Carpet cleaning does not necessarily need chemical products. Households can avoid using such products by frequently vacuuming the carpets, especially during the summer season when pets shed more. The DIY method of using a mix of water and vinegar is not as bad as well because it is natural and safe.

While a DIY technique is relatively practical, the most logical method is to hire professional help. Calling in carpet cleaning agents is ideal because they have the knowledge and experience to ensure the safety of both humans and pets. They apply only the most rational cleaning methods and products.

People often think that the house is the safest place for their pets. This is technically true, but taking into consideration the presence of carpet and its cleanliness can make the difference.