08 AM | 11 Apr

Can Air Conditioning Units Make a Person Sick?

a child with fever

People call Florida the Sunshine State for a reason. It has a humid subtropical climate, which makes its beaches popular for most times of the year. But HVAC expert Gulfstream Cooling states it also means air-conditioning units are a necessity.

While air conditioning help keeps the body – and the head – cool, many are wondering if they can also make a person ill. We explore the subject in this article.

The Anatomy of Getting Sick

To know whether ACs can make a person sick, one needs to understand how an illness develops. The body comes with its own defense system. The hairs on the nose, for example, can help trap dirt and dust. These particulates can irritate the nose and cause allergic reactions.

There’s also the immune system, which fights off more severe threats. These include bacteria, fungi, and viruses. A disease usually happens when the immune system is either weak or compromised. It can potentially lead to chronic inflammation, for example.

It also makes the pathogens more capable of penetrating the cells. Another potential reason is the evolution of these microorganisms. Viruses, for one, can become more virulent.

Bad ACs May Increase the Risk

Can air-conditioning units cause an illness? Studies have shown they do not. But that doesn’t mean they cannot contribute to it. Consider a poorly maintained AC. An AC with dirty filters has a negative impact on the quality of indoor air. It not only traps dirt, but it circulates it around the room.

It then increases the risk of respiratory conditions. It may even be dangerous to those who already have asthma. A good AC also influences a person’s thermal comfort. Simply put, it can contribute to the higher level of satisfaction for the residents. The happier they are in their home, the less stressful they feel.

How the body reacts to the threats is something one cannot completely control. The good news is people can deal with the risks such as getting the ACs cleaned and maintained.