01 PM | 16 Mar

Advantages of Solar Pool Heating Systems

a pool

For dedicated swimmers, there is the comfort and convenience of swimming in your own heated pool. Of course, a heated pool will have the additional cost of heating. However, even this issue can be overcome. Solar heating is an ideal option for heating home pools. Low operating cost, low maintenance and durability are just a few advantages of a solar pool heating system.

The following are the advantages of a solar heated pool:

Low operation costs

Since it converts the heat from the sun, there is no fuel to burn. The water heats itself.

Long lifespan

The lifespan of a solar water heating system is upwards of ten years. There is only the initial investment ‒ the solar heater pays for itself within two to three years due to the savings on energy costs.

Low maintenance

The system has few moving parts. It basically allows a flow of water through the heater and back to the pool. With almost no maintenance, no support personnel need be called out on a regular basis. The solar heating panels are durable, and since there is no moving part, these only need to be inspected yearly for leaks or signs of rust. Damage from severe weather is the worst that can happen to the heating elements, so it is wise to give some protection if a storm is forecast.

Save the environment

With no fuel to burn and no grid power used, solar panels have a minimal environmental impact. Put simply, the sun’s rays hit the solar panel’s collector which converts the light into heat. The heat is then transferred to the swimming pool water.

A heated pool allows the owner to swim for more days in the year, extending the swim season from early spring and up to late autumn. Additionally, the heated water is kinder to joints and limbs, and the users can enjoy their swim for longer stretches of time.