10 AM | 20 Apr

4 Effective Ways to Clean Your Pool

Service and maintenance of the pool

Cleaning your pool isn’t science. In fact, the Kansas City-based concrete contractor who designed your custom pool probably installed filters to keep it clean. Keeping it clean for longer, however, requires more than just having filters. You also need to do your part. Here are a few tips to clean your pool like a pro.

Check the water chemistry

You should first check the pH level of the water. A pool that has a high pH level tends to look cloudy until all of it filters out. There are several affordable test strips that you can use to check the pH level of the water.

Keep the pool deck clean

Keeping the pool clean requires more than just cleaning the water. You need to ensure that the surrounding area is clean as well. So, try to clean the pool deck and ensure that you remove all the dead leaves and other debris that may clog the pool’s filters.

Regularly brush the pool

Try to brush the walls and all the corners of the pool. You need to ensure that you clean all the sides to prevent algae formation. Doing so will make it much easier for the cleaning agent or other sanitizers to exterminate it.

Vacuum your pool every other day

Vacuuming your pool is a great help, especially after the storm where your pool is filled with debris. You may want to clean the pool’s floor every other day or so to ensure that there aren’t any little debris pieces of rock in your pool.

Getting your pool cleaned regularly can help keep its pristine condition. You may want to consider hiring an expert who can do it for you to ensure that everything will be thoroughly cleaned.