09 PM | 24 Sep

3 Commonly Asked Questions When Running a Greenhouse

Prefabricated Greenhouse

Growing plants in a greenhouse can be rewarding for home garden enthusiasts. It lets them start their vegetable garden without worrying about the climate or the changing weather. That’s why a growing number of people are now considering getting a prefabricated greenhouse to start their gardening journey. To help you start off, here are a few commonly asked questions you might want to consider.

Do you still need proper ventilation?

Although it’s an enclosed space, you need to allow natural air to enter the greenhouse to get natural ventilation. You may do so by installing shutters to let the natural air flow through at controlled intervals. According to Home Guides, using indoor fans can help the fresh air circulate inside the foliage to provide the right level of carbon dioxide for your plants.

Can you set up the prefabricated greenhouse anywhere?

Yes. You have the option to set up your greenhouse anywhere you want. In fact, you’re more likely to visit it if it’s closer to your home or garden. Based on an article posted on Planet Natural, you may also want to choose an area where there’s much easier access to water and electricity.

Does the size of the greenhouse matter?

The size of the greenhouse depends on the plants that you’ll be growing. Compact greenhouses have a higher tendency to cool off and heat up faster compared to larger ones. Meanwhile, taller greenhouses provide plants with more air above it, which can be great for ventilation.

These are just a few of the most common questions that people have when it comes to greenhouses. It’s always best to keep it clean to help eliminate bugs or even a spread of diseases.