02 PM | 08 Oct

Aesthetic Agony: What to Do with Awkward Windows

Woman looking out the window

Windows are rarely noticed as part of interior design, until they’re situated at an awkward corner or sporting an irregular shape. However neat and sophisticated your furnishings are, the entire aesthetic of the space is thrown out of the window when you have bad windows.

The good thing about this is every design nightmare is a creative project opportunity. Here are the most common types of bad and awkward windows and how you can deal with them:

Short Windows

They’re awkward because it feels as if the walls are uneven, with the bottom space left empty. As the windows are at the top portion of the wall, people in the room don’t have an eye-level view of the outside, making the space look a bit cramped. The trick here is to use ceiling-to-floor drapes, as these would define the vertical space of the wall. This gives the illusion of tallness and an expanded space. It also drives the viewer’s attention away from the blank bottom space.

Bay Windows

These are beautiful, but often they’re placed in awkward corners at home. Without the right window treatments, the space looks unfinished and disconnected from the entire living space.

Use plantation shutters, for instance. Fort Worth interior design experts highly recommend this, as you’re able to control natural light better with such treatments. Turn this awkward corner into a reading nook. Install some bench seats. Throw in some throw pillows that complement the nearby room’s color palette, and voila, you have a finished nook that’s tied to your interiors.

Arched Windows

Sometimes, they remind you of the medieval period or the ancient times, but this shouldn’t necessarily have to be an outdated interior design feature at your home. The trick is to have simpler window treatments, as its architecture already has a statement. Don’t bother looking for arched curtain rods. The simple, straight ones will do. Place a sheer curtain and let simplicity improve the visual appeal of the space.

Do you have awkward windows at home? Channel your creative juices in dressing them up. Do it like a pro.

01 AM | 08 Oct

3 Reasons Why Your Garage Door is Failing

White garage door of a detached house

Have you been experiencing troubles with your garage door? Does it feel like closing and opening it has become quite a task for you? Then this could only mean one thing — something is wrong with your door.

Garage door problems can be caused by a number of things. To help you understand better, here are some of the most common reasons your garage door is letting you down.

Misaligned Track

The metal frame guiding your garage door movement must be aligned for it to close and open smoothly. The only way to ensure that it’s still in place is to perform a visual check on the track itself. If it isn’t, then it can become a serious issue, which may lead to malfunction. For this, it’s best to hire a technician who can provide professional garage door repairs in Cairns.

Broken Springs or Cables

Broken cables or springs are the most common reason you’re having troubles with your garage door. This problem could completely cut off the operation of your system. In case you experience this trouble, the most ideal thing to do is to call a pro to handle it. Don’t try to fix it on your own because it will never work.

Blocked Sensors

Another possible reason your door isn’t working is due to the sensor. Check if there’s anything blocking the way. If there isn’t, then try checking if the remote is programmed properly. While you’re at it, you may also check if the batteries are still working or needs to be replaced. These steps would often fix the problem, but if it isn’t it’s best to call the pro.

Use this list to guide you accordingly in figuring out the cause of the problem on your garage door. Other than these, it’s important that you perform a regular inspection on this part of your home to prevent future troubles.