01 PM | 14 Aug

Is Your Home Purchase Worth it Without Checking These?

Couple looking at their new house

What could go wrong in a newly purchased house? You think everything looks good and shiny, but that might just be on the surface, especially if you bought a refurbished house. Some problems may be hidden, and if you don’t care for due diligence, you might be paying for a house that needs immediate repairs.

These three things should be thoroughly checked before you finalize the home purchase:


The household will use water daily and with a failing plumbing system, you might have problems that inconvenience the whole family. A backed up toilet and a leaking faucet may seem like small things at first, but when they happen often, consider checking the plumbing companies like Expert Plumbing, Heating, Air and Electrical that service your area in Orem. If the plumbing system is old, you might need to have them replaced entirely.

Gutter System

When the weather turns, and you’re facing heavy rain or snow, the gutter system makes sure that these are directed downward and do not damage the foundation of the house. A bent or deformed gutter is not just an aesthetic problem. Water or snow might accumulate in vulnerable areas, and you might not even notice the problem until things get worse.


You might think it’s no big deal to replace the light fixtures yourself, but it says a lot about the state of the house if the seller cannot even be bothered to replace them. If you’re buying it for a low price, then, by all means, have the electric grid checked and did the light bulb changing yourself. If it’s on the other side of the price spectrum, however, you’d want to have at least good quality fixtures to go with the purchase.

What’s frustrating with a home purchase is when you’ve already signed the contract and realize there are some hidden damages. Don’t wait for the point of no return before checking the property for issues.