09 AM | 03 Aug

5 Reasons Why Wood Stairs are Great for Your Home

wooden stairs

A house becomes a home when intricate details are added to it give it life. An appropriate choice of accessories and intimate interiors will exude an aura of comfort and hominess.

One way of complementing a space built mostly with of concrete, stones and glass is by adding classic wooden elements. The folks at Ackworth House agree that wood treads add a natural decorative element and give your home a classic look. Here are a few other reasons why wood is an excellent choice for your interiors.


Using wood on your stairs gives your space a unique flair. There are different treads to choose from including maple, walnut, cherry, white oak, and hickory. A visit to a flooring specialist would help you understand which wood best suits your interior décor style.

 Prefinished Treads

Prefinished pieces eliminate the need for long hours of installation. They also minimise the amount of mess you have to deal with once installation is done. Furthermore, you don’t need to add polyurethane or top coating to prefinished treads since they already come with a shiny finish appearance.

Aesthetic Appeal

Different wood species possess different natural colouring. Some of these do not require additional colouring or coating, thus giving your staircase an authentic natural look. These add style to your home effortlessly.


When dealing with wood, the possibilities of customising your pieces for uniqueness are endless. For that classic look, your choice doesn’t necessarily have to be smooth hardwood. You could opt for a rustic or textured look since reclaimed, distressed, and hand scrapped wood pieces are gaining popularity.

Flexible Pricing

With hardwood options, there is something to fit your budget. You can choose from the economical beech, hickory, or red oak; mid-priced white oak, walnut, maple or cherry; and luxurious birch or mahogany.

If you’re worried about creaking whenever you use wooden stairs, proper installation and fitting will solve this. While this functionality should never be overlooked, paying attention to the details of your treads will go a long way in complementing your home’s other fixtures.

04 AM | 03 Aug

The Ideal Garage Door: Four Features to Look For

Garage Door

The garage door is just as important as the main one in the house. It’s the door that keeps your car secure from burglars who might attempt to steal it and protects the garage from outdoor elements like heat, rain and snow. Because of this purpose, homeowners are expected to take garage doors seriously. One way to do this is to invest in their quality, which can be done in the following ways.


As explained by Poplar Home Improvements, a garage door that provides insulation would mean one that helps you save energy since it keeps cold air out of your home. This further means your heater won’t have to overwork to maintain the temperature in your rooms. An insulated garage would also mean that it’s soundproof and won’t add any noise to the household.

Remote Control Features

Another quality feature you should look for is a garage door that can be remote-controlled. This makes it easier to open or close the garage door, especially if you’re rushing to go to work or do an errand. The remote control feature removes the need to get out of your car to open the garage during rainy or snowy weather.

Alarm System

An alarm system is a security measure to deter burglars from entering the garage. An alarm system can be made to sound off whenever it senses that someone is prying open the garage door. The alarms should be heard in the household to alert you whether it’s day or night.

Safety Sensors

Lastly, quality garage doors should automatically stop whenever it senses that the car or a person is still beneath it. This would prevent any fatal accidents or car damages from happening.

Homeowners are expected to invest in a quality garage door since this protects the car and the garage from intruders. You can spot the ideal garage door if it possesses an alarm system, remote control features, insulation, sensors, and such. Once you invest in ideal doors, your home would be more secure than before.