02 PM | 03 Jul

How to Earn from Your Home’s Extra Room

Room Available Sign

Having spare rooms available in your house can mean additional business for you. Of course, it would mean preparing yourself for a few changes and upgrades here and there, but it will be worth the time and money. Consider the following options and what you should invest on if you do plan to earn from your extra space.

Short-Term Rentals

This can mean vacationers, backpackers, and even overnight visitors. You can offer your extra room to online rental services or even post your own public ads. Make sure the room is clean, has fresh sheets and towels ready, and all minor repairs are completed. Ready a lease agreement and make sure you have at least spoken with your guests over the phone before their arrival. Also, as Desert Star Heating and Air recommends, keep the numbers of emergency AC services and other maintenance companies for fast fixes.

Small Business Space

Having a profitable hobby such as baking, crafts, or even painting require its own space when you work. The same can be said for a small home office. Fix up your room to accommodate shelves, tables, and other requirements. Make sure you have enough electrical sockets for your equipment and machinery. Also, make sure that the lighting fixtures are sufficient for you to work comfortably.

Storage Space

The people in your neighborhood can be your first clients for this venture. You can ask around your community for those who need storage rooms that are clean and safe enough to house their extra stuff. You can rate your services according to square footage and length of stay instead of weight just so you can maximize your area’s profitability. Also, be sure to provide proper documents with complete information for your clients to sign.

Owning your own home can be considered a luxury by many but it can become a lucrative business given the right circumstance. You can start by making sure your whole house is clean, tidy and well-maintained. This allows you to still consider your house a home despite you using it for business.