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Emotional Renovation: What You Want Your New Kitchen to Make You Feel

Kitchen Placement Design

Millennial homeowners are in it for renovations, as the houses they bought on the cheap require some upgrades in the near future. Even those with a decent property are also looking to renovate, to make their home something more enjoyable and worth coming back to at the end of the day.

It’s no secret that kitchens are one of the most renovated parts of the house, competing with bathrooms for the top spot. But what do you want to achieve in your kitchen? These emotions are what your upgrades should evoke:


For dinner, your diet calls for a simple but healthy salad. There’s not much to do but chop the ingredients, dress, and toss. It’s a simple task that can be quite boring, and if you’re not a fan of salads in the first place, it may be downright unappetizing. But not if you have a kitchen in Salt Lake City that inspires ideas and healthy eating. A kitchen remodel should incorporate elements that make you excited to prepare your food and to eat it. Those trendy countertops sure add excitement to the room as you want to share your food on Instagram.


There’s nothing more rewarding than digging into homemade lasagna or a homemade pie at the end of a stressful day. You want to go to bed in a good mood, so the kitchen should not have a tense vibe to it. This would, of course, partly depend on how well you keep the room in order. Appliances should be clean and well-maintained, which means part of your renovation budget should go into replacing old appliances with newer, more energy efficient ones.


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but if you’re entering a chaotic and run-down kitchen with barely any appliances working properly, you might prefer to just run on an empty stomach. It’s not a healthy alternative to get take-out this early either. A newly remodeled kitchen will greet you in the morning as you take out your box of cereals or prepare bacon and eggs. No matter the family’s breakfast preference, the smell of filling food in the morning sets you off to a good start.

There are emotions involved in the process of renovating and after it. To be satisfied with the changes, it should make you feel good about yourself.

08 AM | 26 Jun

Window Treatment Shopping: Which One is Right for You?

Woman Looking Outside the Window

Drapes or Shades?

Choosing the right window treatments can be tricky, confusing, and irritating all at the same time. Places like Jo-Vin offer a wide array of treatments to choose from but you need to narrow down your choices and get the most suitable one for your windows. Thankfully, such places are also usually keen on lending a helping hand in the selection process.

Always ask yourself which window treatments you need and want. Are you leaning towards drapes or are you more of a shades person? If that doesn’t narrow it down, think of the window treatment’s purpose. Are you after privacy or is it purely for aesthetic purposes?

Your budget also plays a part in your decision. Window treatments are always priced by size so be sure to get your measurements right to avoid spending needlessly.

Different Window Treatments


Blinds are usually the cheapest window treatments  available. They offer little to no style but are great for providing privacy and filtering sunlight. However, they’re also a magnet for dust, so you better be prepared to clean them often. Blinds are best for rooms that need the most privacy, such as bathrooms and first-floor bedrooms.


If you want the functionality of blinds but also want some style, you can opt for shades. Although shades don’t have slats that blinds have for filtering sunlight, they come in various levels of opacity. They also come in black-out and motorization options, for maximum privacy and optimal convenience respectively. Depending on the type, shades can also be an energy-efficient option.


The possibilities with drapes are endless. With so many options available, you may have difficulty pinpointing which one best suits to your needs. Living and dining areas may have aesthetically pleasing drapes which allow natural light in. On the other end of the scale are blackout drapes which are suitable for nurseries and bedrooms, as they serve as a barrier to light and help keep the space temperate.

These are just some of the basics when it comes to window treatments. Consult a designer or a window treatments specialist about your particular needs. They’ll help you choose the most practical type of treatment for your windows.

01 AM | 20 Jun

Types of Equipment Used By Professionals for Drain Cleaning

Sink drainage working properly after fixing pipes

Drain blockages are a leading cause of various residential problems. Water damage, foul odor, mold and mildew growth, and flare up of respiratory infections are some of the common ones. Most homeowners opt for cheap store-bought drain cleaners to remove the clog.

These are unfortunately inefficient and often cause more problems. The ideal solution is to call a plumber near your Park City home to resolve the problem. All Hours Plumbing and HVAC outlines some of the tools and equipment the plumber will use to unclog your drain.

Power Rodders

These are motorized semi-rigid cables used to remove blockages from your drain. The rodder has a head with sharp teeth sized according to your pipe’s width. These teeth cut through items blocking your drain and dislodge them. After that, your pipes are flushed with high-pressure water to get rid of debris.

Hydro-Jet Equipment

This type of equipment is used for a drain cleaning technique known as hydro-jetting. Hydro-jetting involves the use of pressurized water of up to 60000 PSI to break down all materials that may be blocking your drains. After breaking them down, other water jets are used to flush the debris from your pipes to the sewers. Though effective at removing clogs, hydro-jetting is entirely safe for your water pipes and results in a long-lasting clean piping system.

Kinetic Water Rams

These tools work in the same way as hydro-jet equipment. While hydro-jetting relies on pressurized water to dislodge debris, a kinetic water ram uses compressed air.  Expert care is necessary to avoid costly pipe breaks from the compressed air. The equipment can be used for unblocking laundry, kitchen, lavatories, and bathtub drains.

Before using these pieces of equipment, your plumber will carry out a camera inspection to identify the exact cause of your drain clog. This allows him to choose the best solution for your problem.

01 PM | 19 Jun

Interior Design 101: 3 Styles That Make a Vintage Chair Stand Out

European-style Decorative Antiques

Choosing an interior style can be a very personal approach for each homeowner. Some have a favorite style in mind, while others tend to base it on the furniture they already have. If you happen to own vintage Jindrich Halabala pieces, here are a few styles that may suit your taste in furniture.

Art Deco

The Art Deco interior style might be popular for its hard angles, absurd shapes, and loud colors. This is something that is not very common in Jindrich Halabala chairs, but the symmetrical angles and even the loud shapes of the chairs and furniture blend well with this interior style.

You can see this in the side tables, murals, and chairs that exhibit not only incredible shapes but also careful design for a practical investment piece.


Exposed beams, unpolished finishes, and raw materials at their finest — these are some of the best traits that industrial design has. Modern sensibilities have become sought after, with homeowners preferring simpler styles that still have character.

Jindrich Halabala pieces are a great match for an industrial living space due in part to the creator’s penchant for using materials that are very characteristic of this style.

Famous Halabala creations comprise wooden and tubular steel pieces, which highlight the beauty of the materials with superb craftsmanship.


Not only is the style of Jindrich Halabala chairs of vintage quality, but the basics of this interior style are a great match. Vintage interiors give off a sense of old, pleasant charm, a quality that is simple yet elegant and romantic.

What makes vintage style very interesting and still popular among homeowners is it allows the use of old and new things and furniture for a mixed and matched ensemble.

If you have one of the popular Jindrich Halabala furniture pieces, these are just a few design styles that you can deck up your living space. Apart from neutral and elegant styles, these put your statement pieces right in the spotlight.

03 AM | 18 Jun

Get It Right the First Time When Installing a Commercial Lawn

Well-tended lawn

The success of your lawn growing efforts depends on getting several crucial factors right from the start. With the help of reputable commercial landscaping services in Tuscaloosa, you can keep the lawn lush and green all year round.

Starting it right increases your chances of success while reducing the amount of effort that goes into keeping your lawn beautiful. Here are some tips to help you out:

Choose the right grass variety

Typically, turf grasses fall into three broad categories: luxury mixes, mixtures containing microclover, and the hard wearing. The luxury blends deliver a bowling green quality lawn that can make your ground the talk of the town. However, they are quite high maintenance, delicate, and not suited for areas with heavy traffic.

If you’re looking to create a low-maintenance turf in an arid area, choose the hardwearing varieties. They will require less mowing and will tolerate harsh climate to achieve a green lush look. If looking for a grass the remains green all year round with minimal input from your end, choose the microclover varieties. They are less susceptible to diseases and weeds, and they hardly need any fertilizers. The clover’s roots decay to release nitrogen into the soil and this keeps the grass green all year round.

Be sure about your soil type

As the source of nutrition for your turf grass, the type of soil on your ground influences the outcome. Typically, soils fall into three broad categories — clay, silt, and sand — each of which delivers different results. Sandy soils are quite infertile, which makes it tricky to establish a lush lawn. Tolerant varieties such as fine fescues do well in the northern climates, while Bermuda grasses and zoysia do well in the southern areas.

Tall fescue is an excellent cool climate grass for clay soils, while buffalo grass and Bermuda grass make the best choice in the warmer areas. Loam soils are the most fertile of the bunch and support a wide range of grasses, especially the less tolerant ones.

Creating and maintaining a beautiful lawn on your property is a delicate process that calls for a considerable amount of skill and effort. With the help of a lawn care expert, you can do things right and get the best results.

02 PM | 12 Jun

Pointers for Making Your Granny Flats Go Green

Granny Flats Go Green

If you have a personal advocacy to make the world a better place, you are not alone. A paradigm shift regarding a healthier and more sustainable world has inspired many people to join the cause. And if you are really serious about it, you need to start at home.

The best way to do that is by making your home greener. A greener home is good for you, your family, and the environment. Many think that it is challenging, but a few simple tricks can do the trick.

Here are some of the things you can do if you live in a granny flat in Sydney.


Just throwing your garbage can add a great amount of waste to landfills. What you should do is cut down such waste by turning some of your biodegradable wastes into compost. For example, food refuses, fruits and vegetable peelings can be used as components for your compost. Just make sure your compost items can easily decay.

Optimise your HVAC system

You may need to have an HVAC system to keep your room comfortable. But remember that some systems release harmful chemicals. On top of that, continuous usage of air conditioners can mean increased energy bills. Avoid such problems by optimising your HVAC system. Schedule the usage or if it is okay for you, just use it in fan mode.

Consume some greens

Some plants can make your home interior fresher and comfortable by filtering excess carbon dioxide. Just make sure your plants do not easily attract insects. If you have more time to maintain plants, why not start a small vegetable garden?

A green granny flat is not only comfortable; it is likewise attractive (especially with plants around). Encourage your family and friends to do the same for a much better world.

06 AM | 12 Jun

A Quick Guide to Designing a Physical Clothing Store

Mannequin in Front of Apparel Store

Putting up a clothing store is a fun but tricky process. Since it involves the challenge of maximizing space and putting it to best use, it can become overwhelming and time-consuming. But there’s no need to fret anymore. Below is a guide on how to build your physical apparel store easily and efficiently.

Seek help from the pros.

The best solution to make the building process easier and more efficient is by hiring a design and build firm in San Francisco that does the work for you. These pros are highly experienced in planning and designing store spaces.

They can help you conceptualize and transform your ideas into reality without you having to do everything. By seeking help from the pros, you can take some of the work off of your plate and focus on more important things related to the business.

The right lighting goes a long way.

A store’s lighting matters — not only to highlight the products inside but also to make it stand out from the outside. Lights also have the power to control the ambiance a space holds. Thus, picking the right lighting for your clothing store is crucial to creating an inviting environment.

Use softer lighting that is gentle on the eyes and makes browsing a breeze for your customers. Also, if you have shiny floors, don’t position the lights directly toward it to avoid floor glare. You can adopt an indirect lighting system to provide ambient light to the space minus the glare.

Make sufficient walking aisles for customers.

Aisles allow your customers to feel free to walk around your store and browse through your products. Aisles are also a way for you to strategize your space to invite your customers to purchase. Thus, ensure that you have sufficient walking aisles within your store, and put eye-catching displays at each end cap.

Building a clothing store doesn’t have to be stressful. By keeping this guide in mind, you can make the process easier and more efficient without losing the fun and fulfillment it brings.

07 AM | 07 Jun

Guide to Buying a House in the Philippines

Real Estate Agent Showing the Property

Whether you’re buying your first house or not, the process can be complicated and tedious. While choosing a house in communities like Lancaster New City can be quite overwhelming, reading reviews about the property can help you with your decision-making.

Asking questions is also normal, especially when you’re buying a house for the first time. That’s why it’s important to understand that there’s no such thing as a dumb question.

There are several questions that most home buyers seem to ask often. Some questions are about the contract, how the offer is made, and all other factors that may play a role in the entire home buying process. Southpropertysale.ph outlines some of the most common ones.

Does the developer offer any discounts?

Some real estate developers offer discounts only if you know how to negotiate. Others even offer pre-selling promotions and other incentives, such as free furnishings, depending on various factors that may play a role in the actual date of completion of the property.

Does the developer have a license to sell?

You should also ask the seller or the agent/broker of the developer if the real estate project has a license to sell and is registered through the HLURB. You can always check the authenticity of the license on the HLURB website.

How will your house look once it’s ready for a turnover?

You should know the standard finishes included in the project. The model house may look different from the actual turnover of the unit. To keep yourself from getting disappointed, it’s always best to ask the finishes that will be included in the turnover.

These are just a few of the questions you may want to ask the real estate agent about the property. It’s always best to take things seriously, especially with such a huge purchase.

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Why a Broken Window Can Reflect the Condition of a Home’s Foundation

House Builder Contractor

Households in the U.S. pay an average of $500 for a single-window replacement, but it may cost you at least $300 or up to $700.
In some cases, you may need house crack repair when you see the first signs of damaged wood or pest infestation underneath the broken window frame. Van Matre Construction, LLC warns that this would require a bigger budget and a greater urgency since the foundation of your home could be at risk of structural defects.

Cost of Replacement

Note that the price range between $300 and $700 only applies when the window would be installed in an existing frame. Those who need to replace old windows with energy-efficient types should prepare to spend more. For instance, it would require at least $3,000 to install 10 new windows in a typical single-floor house with three bedrooms.

If you need a window frame at the same time, the cost may increase between $5,000 and $40,000. A contractor may also charge you for a tight deadline on the project, the distance of your home (e.g. remote areas), and weather conditions.

Repair or Replace?

Homeowners can attempt to repair windows to save money, but only on certain conditions. In case of a water leakage, repairs would be doable if the water doesn’t pass through window seals. A do-it-yourself approach is also possible for single-pane window repairs due to a cracked or broken glass.

However, you would need to replace your window if you notice mold growth or pest-damaged wood. These pose risks to your health and the foundation of your house, so it would be better for a contractor to do it on your behalf.

If you’re still unsure whether to replace or repair your windows, it’s best to consult a professional who can offer expert advice on home construction and remodeling.

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Are You Thinking of Building? Understand the Different Bricks

Wall made of bricks

Brick is the most recognised construction material worldwide. This is a hard kiln-baked block that comes in various shapes and sizes. Bricks are conventionally red, but nowadays there are different colours available to suit different landscapes.

Depending on the manufacturing process, there are various types of bricks for sale in NSW that you will come across. Each suits a specific area of construction, and you might end up using all of them in the same project. Here are some types of bricks you will use.

Common Bricks

Used in basic constructions, this porous brick is the cheapest type in the market but might not be as durable or attractive as other options. Builders typically use common bricks in supports and interior filling.

If the bricks are in places exposed to weather elements, you might need an exterior sealer to protect your building from water leaching.

Face Bricks

These have a similar density and weight to the common brick but will absorb less water and are less prone to cracking in extreme weather than the latter

Face bricks have a neat cut and finish and hence feature an attractive face for use in building exteriors. Compared with ordinary bricks, face bricks will cost a little more.


These look like common bricks, but they are baked at far higher temperatures than other bricks. The high temperature results in very dense bricks that withstand harsh weather conditions exceptionally well.

Pavers are typically larger compared with other bricks and are hence used on flat surfaces, such as driveways and patios. To minimise frost heave issues, pavers are set in sand instead of mortar.

Bricks are the oldest construction materials for a reason. They are incredibly durable and, compared with other materials, less expensive. From the categories mentioned above, you are sure to find the best type to suit virtually all parts of your construction.