08 PM | 31 May

How to Spend Less Money on Maintaining a Garage

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Australians love car ownership that it’s about to outnumber the entire population. In fact, at least 90% of them have access to a vehicle.

Car ownership begins early. It peaked during the 30s and peaked higher for about two decades after. In other words, there’s a lot of time to replace one or get another vehicle for themselves or their family. For this reason, garages are essential in an Australian home. Building one, however, can cost some money, which may prevent some to have it in the first place.

The Cost of Building and Operating a Garage

Many factors affect the costs of building and operating a garage. These include the size, location, and materials used. In Australia, the price range can be as low as $450 to as much as $5,000. These amounts, however, are only related to the doors.

You can buy shed or garage kits, too. These packages already contain everything you need to construct one. Usually, the kit itself will cost a whopping $28,000, but it may already accommodate more than a car. It can also be a complete workshop.

It’s best to note, however, that buying kits may mean building the garage by yourself. Unless you have a considerable experience in construction, you are prone to making installation mistakes. There are also indirect costs related to building a garage, such as the permits and the warranty insurance.

Bring the Costs Down

One of the solutions to lower cost is to keep the garage door openers in excellent condition. Garage door repair in Cairns can save you the financial burden of replacing the entire system. You can also work with professionals who can suggest the ideal door openers and remotes for you.

If you’re starting a business in your garage (which is not unusual at all), you can use it to lower your taxes. You can declare it as a deduction for maintenance and replacement expenses.

A garage helps protect one of your biggest investments, which is your vehicle, and can increase the value of your home. It may be costly to have one, but its benefits far outweigh the expenses.