01 AM | 08 Mar

Types of Decorative Window Films

Residential building with filmed glass exterior

Window films are the latest trend in dressing up windows. Not only do they improve your building’s appearance, but they also protect your upholstery and interiors from harmful UV rays. Tinting your windows will also boost your energy savings by decreasing your building’s cooling costs.

There are various decorative window films now available on the market that offer all the benefits of window tinting without making your building look drab. As such, you need not worry that installing a window film in Dallas, TX, will dampen the look of your building.

Here are a few of the common types of decorative window films.

Textured Films

Rice paper is almost transparent with an embossed pattern designed to let light in but still maintain privacy. It is the ideal choice if you need a lot of natural light while still maintaining privacy.

Frosted films look opaque and have a professional and classy look. You can opt for textured films for offices, conference rooms, and cubicles or your home windows and shower enclosures.

Patterned Films

Tigerstripe, wood grain, and polka dots are some of the available patterns for decorative films. There are endless pattern options now with digital print window films.

The patterns of your decorative film can be shifted to allow light into your room in different ways and to add character to windows. The tint creates a gorgeous pattern in the room when reflected in your rooms.

Customized Films

It is now possible to customize your window film with your company name, logo and adverts for commercial establishments. It is currently one of the most affordable advertising methods.

For residential areas, you could customize the films with your family name.

Professionally installed window films are the best option. These look beautiful and last for a longer time compared with DIY installations. Decorative window films are also quite inexpensive in spite of all the benefits they offer property owners.