09 AM | 11 Sep

The Different Kinds of Materials in Plumbing Systems

Pipes that go through the ceiling of a room

Over time, there have been drastic improvements in the range of products available for piping and plumbing systems. Bacon Plumbing presents the different types of materials to consider for various plumbing systems in your building.

Potable Plumbing Systems

The potable system is the water supply system. The main pipe conveys water from the municipal’s water main into your property. There are various materials used for the pipes. Copper is corrosive resistant and comes in heavy and light gauge for high and low pressure respectively. Galvanized iron pipes are economical but corrode quickly. They are an ideal option for places with hard water. Plastic pipes are excellent for supplying cold water because they are cheap, lightweight, corrosion resistant and easy to install. PEX (cross linked polyethene) is a durable and flexible material that can withstand temperatures of 32 to 200 degrees Fahrenheit and is ideal for cold and hot water piping.

Sanitary Drainage System

This plumbing system removes wastewater from your building. It is divided into grey water, for wastewater from showers and the kitchen, and black water from urinals and toilets. Asbestos pipes are a cheap option, but they break easily. Galvanized iron pipes are a good option for grey water transport. Cast iron pipes are heavier and can be used for the main drainage pipe. Other materials include concrete, plastic, chromed brass and stoneware.

Storm Water Drainage System

Storm water systems are mostly found in modern buildings and convey rainwater to the community’s storm sewers. Cast iron is one of the most popular materials used because of its ability to withstand high pressure. Asbestos cement and stoneware are also a good option.

A professional plumber in Rockwell, Texas will offer invaluable advice on the best material for your piping system. They will also have the knowledge of existing local codes for different plumbing systems. Get a plumber with the right expertise to do an exceptional job.