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The Health Benefits of Swimming Laps Daily

fiberglass swimming pools

Swimming has always been considered as one of the best cardiovascular exercises. It is not only fun and enjoyable but also low impact, which means there’s no strain on the bones, joints and muscles.

Athletes, for instance, swim laps to stay in shape, boost lung capacity or even help themselves recover from injuries. Whether you’re a serious swimmer or one who’s just fond of staying in the water, one great thing to do is to have a lap pool installed on your property. This way, you’ll get to enjoy the following health benefits every day right in your own sanctuary.

Full body workout

Swimming laps is an efficient way to get a full body workout. Each kick, push and pull you do is like a resistance exercise for different parts of your body, including your shoulders, arms, hips, legs, core and back. Even just a few laps daily can help you build muscles and take you a step closer to your fitness goals.

Lap swimming is ideal for people of all ages, especially since you can customize your routine to fit your goals or to address just a particular muscle group. For example, if you’re healing from a rotator cuff injury, you can still swim and do kick board exercises. Meanwhile, if you have knee injuries, you can strap on a pull buoy and still do some laps.

Working at your own pace

Having your own pool to do your laps can help you assess your swimming workouts better. Unlike in a public pool where you have to compete for space with other guests, you can swim laps at your own pace, whenever you want, in your home pool. You can easily measure your progress, including the number of laps you can do in three minutes, your lap time intervals, number of strokes and distance per stroke, among others. This, in turn, will help you perform your sets better, thus achieve your goals faster.

Stress reliever

Instead of heading out for drinks at the end of a stressful day at work, you have the healthier option of swimming to release stress and tension. Swimming is known as a ‘feel good’ exercise for a reason—it not only loosens up your body and mind but it also helps you feel good about yourself.

Bodies of water are also known to have a calming effect. The good thing is you don’t need to live near the beach to enjoy that. You can have your own pool in your home, where you can plunge and melt your stresses away.

It’s also worth noting that having a pool at home makes it more welcoming and inviting to have friends over. You’ll obviously be spending more time with your loved ones at home when you have a place to relax, bond and share more fun memories together.

01 AM | 13 Dec

Here are 3 Perfect Reasons to Go for a Small Pool

Man and woman in a small pool

Small pools, like plunge pools, are popular for its practicality. As they are smaller than the regular sized ones, they are easy to clean and maintain. However, there are other things to love about this small pool other than that.

Let us take a look at why having a plunge pool is a good idea.

Relaxing Dips

This pool is meant for relaxation and a way to spend leisure time. It is when you need a little soak therapy to beat the heat or simply want to have some time to loosen up. You can outfit your pool with jet massagers for a full-on spa experience while being outdoors.

Therapeutic Purposes

Plunge pool designs are highly customisable. Other than jet massagers, you can also install a cooling and heating system to control the water temperature. Use it to warm the pool up for days when you just need to relax those tense muscles.

Go for some cold hydrotherapy after a long hot day and sleep better during the night.

Physical Fitness

Equipping your pool with resistance jets allows you to do swimming laps in place. Just like in a larger one. You can go for a few lap exercises anytime of the day and then switch on the massagers and control the water temperature for a relaxing after workout hydrotherapy.

You can also use the resistance jets when teaching little kids how to swim. It is easier to handle training as both of you are in a confined area.

Even the tiniest backyards can fit a plunge pool. Other than adding aesthetic value to your space, it can also increase the property value of your home. It also serves as a great spot for entertainment when you have guests over or for some instant family bonding time without the hassle of leaving your home.

09 PM | 22 May

Benefits of Heat Pumps on Pools

A Relaxed Woman in a Swimming Pool

A Relaxed Woman in a Swimming PoolHaving an in-ground pool in Australia is great. But having a heated swimming pool is even better. And you can do this by installing heat pumps on your pool.

Here are the benefits of having a heated pool installed, and why you should contact heat pumps suppliers in Perth such as Pool Heat Pumps Perth.

Added Comfort

When it is hot outside, there is nothing better than jumping into the cool waters of your pool. But during the cold months, having pool heat pumps is an excellent advantage, especially if you have an indoor, in-ground pool.

The fact that you can adjust the temperature levels makes heated swimming pools significant investments. It improves comfort levels at any time of the year, and it just makes for a more enjoyable experience for your entire family and friends.

Added Home Value

An in-ground pool adds value to your home. Having heat pumps installed on your pool adds more value to your property should you decide to sell it. If you are looking for ways to make home upgrades that are totally worthwhile, consider getting heat pumps for your pool.

Prevents Freezing

While Perth has hot and dry summers, it also has mild winters. Pool owners always fear damaged pipes, tiles, and filters during the cold months, not to mention frozen waters. If you have a slightly warmer pool because of heat pumps, you do not need to worry about these incidents.

This will help you maintain your pool and protect it from the changing seasons.

Swimming pools are great investments for your home. If you already have one, you might as well add some upgrades. Consider adding heat pumps to your pool this year and enjoy the perks mentioned above.

It is a great investment can help you prevent damages to your pool and increase the value of your home at the same time.

01 AM | 29 Mar

The Basics of Pool Maintenance for Homeowners

Man cleaning the poolHaving a pool at home increases the value of your property and provides a pleasurable activity for friends and relatives alike. Owning one, however, requires effort and maintenance. Homeowners should always keep it clean as to prevent illnesses such as rashes or diarrhea. Here are the basics of pool maintenance.

Invest in a Pool Cover

Once you become a pool owner, a pool cover is necessary as to prevent dirt from coming into the water. This will also protect the pool, especially when not in use for a long time. A pool cover requires great effort when setting up, but it is a basic tool for pool maintenance.

Regularly Remove Debris

Another tool to invest on is a skimmer or a pool rake used to remove objects from the water. To use, skim out floating debris such as leaves and dead insects at least thrice a week. Doing this prevents bacteria build up, which can be hazardous to the health.

Pump Circulation

The pool pump provides a filtration system that circulates water to and from the filter, expelling dirt, debris, and dust during the process. It is an automatic system that comes with the installation of your swimming pool. According to Dolphin Pools & Spas, a pool builder from Salt Lake City, it is essential to run the pool pump for about an hour for every 10 degrees of temperature. The frequency, however, depends on the pool size and the average number of swimmers per day.

Filter the Water

There are different kinds of pool filters, including sand and gravel, anthracite, and diatomaceous earth. Each kind differs by cartridge or the material that filters water from dirt. A pool filtration system works by filtering dirt through small sieves, gradually removing them from the water.

Adjust the Chemicals

Dust and dirt aside, it is also important to balance the pH of the pool to keep it safe and clean. Start by adjusting the pH with muriatic acid, especially if it’s over 7.6. Alkaline levels should not be below ninety ppm or else you need to shock the water. Follow manufacturer instructions when doing so.

Set a pool maintenance schedule to ensure its safety and cleanliness. Hiring a professional pool cleaner is advisable as well.

08 AM | 10 Feb

4 Reasons Why In-ground Pools are Good Investments

Swimming Pool in AustraliaDepending on your location and the amount of time and money you’re willing to spend on pool maintenance, an in-ground pool can become a really good investment for you and your family. Here’s 5 good reasons why a swimming pool is great investment for your home.

It can increase your home’s reselling price

Palm City Pools notes that in-ground pool prices can cost between $35,000 and to over $100,000 here in Australia. Depending on where your property is located, a swimming pool can increase your home’s reselling value between 15 and 25 percent. The ROI also depends on the size and quality of the pool when you decide to sell your property.

It can make your property more attractive to buyers

A well-maintained pool is always a good add-on for properties on sale in areas where it can get really hot during the summer. If you live in an area where most of the houses have pools, having one makes your property all the more attractive to buyers. However, there can also be areas where buyers don’t want a pool.

It can maximize the space of your backyard

There are 3 good scenarios that can help you decide if a pool is a good investment. First, if you live in a tropical area. Second, if nearly all your neighbors have their own pools. Third, if your yard is big enough to accommodate it. Having your own in-ground pool is a great for kids and great for entertaining guests.

It helps you get fit

Swimming is a great cardio workout. Having your own pool at home can be a good investment for your health as well. No need to go to the gym. Ready to Dive In? A swimming pool is a major purchase, but the ROI can be great. The returns can also extend to your future home buyers should you decide to sell. If you’re thinking of getting your own in-ground pool, consider these tips so you can make an informed decision.

05 AM | 16 Nov

Fighting the Summer Heat with Pool Water

Swimming Pool in BrisbaneOne of the best ways to deal with the summer heat is to submerge yourself in cool water. You can easily do this on the many beaches of Brisbane. When you or your family prefer to stay home, however, you can still enjoy cool water by having a swimming pool. A swimming pool may be a great investment if you have a yard at home.

Here is a short guide to help you in your pool designs.

DIY or Professionally Made

You first have to consider the design of your swimming pool. You can choose to design it yourself, or you can hire a professional to do it for you. Professional services are highly recommended if you have a smaller space because there will be no room for error.

Fibreglass or Concrete

You will next choose the type of pool you want to have: will it be a fibreglass pool or a concrete pool? Fibreglass pools are prefabricated shells that you simply need to transport and install in the ground. You can choose this for better savings. On the other hand, you can have more design flexibility and easier installation of surrounding structural features with a concrete pool, although costs will be high.

Safety or Disaster

Now, you will have to ensure the safety of your pool environment. Safety laws require you to have your pool inspected and certified. You are also required to install pool fencing around the pool area to keep out unwary children.

Maintenance or Dirty Water

Of course, once your pool is done, you will have to maintain it. You will have to clean baskets and skimmers. You can inspect if the pump is working correctly. Water balance is also important; you can regularly check if the pH levels and chlorine are just right. Just because the water looks clean that you can assume the water is safe, but actually the water may still have microbes and bacteria that you can’t see.

A pool is great not just for cooling off from the summer heat, but also for a number of different functions. Are you thinking of having a pool?

02 AM | 02 Mar

Four Unique Features That’ll Make Your Pool Interesting and Classy

Swimming Pool Design

Swimming Pool DesignSo you’re finally planning to turn your spacious backyard into a pool area. Perhaps at this point, you’re already looking for swimming pool contractors. Before you do it though, it pays to first have a clear idea of how your pool should look rather than just approve a generic style and design the contractor would present you, Brisbane Pools & Landscapes advised.

You need to be part of the design and planning process to ensure that the area suits your home’s overall look and feel, your family’s need, and your own unique style preferences. Start by checking out the following features and elements to make an interesting, classy, and highly personalised pool your family would surely love.

Baja shelf

A Baja shelf is a small, shallow part on the side of the pool where you can place a lounge chair. It is a perfect idea if you want to enjoy the sun, read a book, or drink some juice while enjoying the cool water right at your feet. It can also be a safe place for little children to enjoy the water.

Beach entrance

A beach entrance is a sloped entrance into a swimming pool. Commonly found in large pool resorts, these entrances are typically designed to mimic the texture and colour of sand. Other than being perfect for natural-looking pools, beach entrances are great for children and those who find it hard to use stairs.

Infinity edge

An infinity edge is an edge with the same level as the pool’s water. The water that spills over this side goes straight to a catch basin below and will be pumped back into the pool. This is a great idea if you want a stunning pool to match a breathtaking view of your outdoors, suggest pool and landscape design in Brisbane.


A grotto is a structure that mimics a cave. It is usually made with rockery and constructed to serve as a shaded and reclusive area of a pool. To make it more interesting, you can add lights and other water features such as falls and jets.

Check out the other wonderful pool designs and elements so you can effectively communicate to your contractor your vision of your dream pool.

04 AM | 23 Sep

As Good as the Inside: Enhancing the Appeal of Your Exteriors

Swimming Pool

Swimming PoolNo matter how clean and beautiful your interiors are, it will not matter that much if the exterior areas of your home are not as impressive and well kept. The exteriors are the first thing people will notice, so you need to keep it clean and well maintained. This is not only to please the eyes, but also to provide satisfaction for you as the owner.

Here are ways you can make your exteriors look better:

Hire Professional Cleaners

Something as affordable as a cleaning service can save you from a lot of shame and trouble. Is your lawn trimmed? Are your sidings free of dirt and debris? Hiring a part-time gardener or a professional cleaner can make your exteriors look clean and fresh. This is the simplest way to achieve a stunning exterior area, but homeowners often overlook it.

Build a Swimming Pool

If you have some extra cash, reward yourself with a new pool. This will not only increase the exterior appeal of your home, but also its value. As reports show, Utah homeowners with new swimming pools are more likely to attract potential buyers. Your guests will definitely be impressed if you have your own backyard pool.

Don’t Waste Your Patio

If you have a patio, maximize the space by turning it into a lovely and serene sanctuary. This can be a mini dining area for barbecues, a quiet reading nook, or a lounge to entertain guests. Whatever style you choose, make sure it fits your needs, personality, budget, and overall home aesthetics.

Creativity and smart planning can go a long way when it comes to exterior improvements. Work with experienced contractors to implement the right designs and highlight the best in your home.