12 AM | 27 Aug

The Fast Rise of Redundant Fencing


FencingWho doesn’t love a good fence? They keep bad things out, good things in, and don’t let anyone pry into what you’re doing in your own yard. In fact, some homeowners love fences so much that employ a technique known as redundant fencing to double the benefits they enjoy from their fences.

Always Have a Back-up

Redundant fencing is when residents erect a second internal set of fences within the property, creating a fence within a fence. The idea is to have an extra layer of defence against whatever is on the other side of the first fence. People unfamiliar with the technique might think such a setup looks silly. But anyone who’s ever had to live with a troublesome neighbour, a commercial building or difficult pets recognises the need for such defences.

A redundant fence is an effective control measure for people having trouble controlling their dogs. If the animal is aggressive, a second fence minimises the incidents of fence fighting, escapes, or sticking their noses in places they don’t belong. A redundant fence doubles all the benefits of a single set, offering greater protection, privacy and style.

Double the Fence, Double the Flair

In fact, style is one of the biggest factors driving the popularity of redundant fences among homeowners. It all began when designers started looking at a second set of fences the same way they did to a set of curtains or shutters. They took the opportunity to create a look that complemented and enhanced the environment that already exists around the fence.

For example, if the existing fence is a metal vertical slat fence, why not build horizontal slat aluminium fence to create a visual cross pattern. It’s a creative choice that best displays all the benefits of redundant fencing, in addition to creating an imaginative aesthetic design. This gives the property a significant boost in curb appeal that very few other homes can replicate.

There are very few fencing options that can help improve both the practicality and aesthetics of a property. Redundant fencing is an effective design technique that more people should adopt for their own good – even if they don’t live next to a noisy neighbour.

12 AM | 27 Aug

Want to Add Value to Your Property? Fence It!


fenceIn the early years of the American government, claiming a land was as easy as fencing it. While claiming-by-fencing could result in lawsuit complications today, it still pays to add a fence. Perimeter fencing is one of the important things to consider when building a home or buying a property.

Advantages of Adding a Fence

Fencing gives you privacy and security. It protects your family, employees, or properties from uninvited guests or stray animals. It also increases the value and marketability of your home and other properties, especially if you install an attractive fence.

Types of Fences

There are many types of fences — wood, wrought iron, vinyl, close board, wire, chain-link, concrete, and aluminum, to name a few. Because of its strength, metal fences – like steel and aluminum – are top choices in residential, commercial, and industrial properties.

One of the most attractive types is aluminum fence. You can easily paint an aluminum fence to complement the design of your home or property.

Materials to Use

Choose a premium quality material for your fence—those that resists corrosion and withstands damaging effects caused by extreme weather conditions. Premium fencing materials can also help you save money in the long run because you don’t have to replace it often.

Greatfence.com, a provider of metal fencing panels, suggests using low-density materials because these are lightweight yet durable. Doing this will also make it easy for property owners to install the fence without the help of a professional.

Fencing secures your property and makes it more appealing, improving its value in the process.  Choose the fencing type with your property’s design in mind.

06 PM | 26 Aug

Plan Your Vacation to Have an Enjoyable Trip

beach hut

beach hutMany people love the idea of taking a vacation or going on a trip without even planning. Most think that it will be a great adventure and make the trip more exciting. In reality, however, an unplanned vacation rarely turns out well. You will enjoy your trip a lot more if you take some time to plan ahead.

If you want to make sure that your trip will turn out the way it should, make sure to organise it. Here are the things you need to do when planning a vacation:

Determine Your Budget

Finalise where you want to go to determine your holiday budget. Vacations abroad can be expensive, so make sure to write things you want to include in your vacation such as the places you want to visit, the activities you like, weather-appropriate clothing, preferred way to travel, and anything else that will make the trip special.

Travel Insurance

While your goal in travelling is to enjoy, it is important to stay safe. Don’t forget to get a travel insurance health plan to make sure that you’re protected financially should you fall ill once you’re there. It is best to have a comprehensive coverage wherever you are going. Your travel insurance plan can provide information about the levels of plan protection and coverage you can get.

Time Left for Planning

Find out how much time you have left before your vacation. Even a low-budget trip requires some planning months before the vacation. If you plan to stay at your choice destination for week or months, be sure to plan several months before to get the requirements and to save up.

Look for Travel Deals

Research online to find travel deals that fit your desired itinerary and budget. If possible, find at least three potential itineraries. Look into three tour companies that offer what you like. If you want a sailing vacation, for instance, an all-inclusive cruise may suit your budget and preferences.

Make Reservations

Book your vacation and check to make sure that your hotel reservations and transportation tickets are arranged. Create a packing list based on the weather and preferred activities at your destination.

Make your vacation fun and memorable by planning ahead. Consider important things to increase your chances of having a safe and enjoyable trip.

12 PM | 25 Aug

Home Sweet Home, not Home Wet Home with Gutters


GutterProtecting your lovely home is like protecting your investments and dreams. The state of your house reflects you as a person. It is your duty to keep your house in good condition and shape.

Sometimes, the smallest thing can cause the greater worry. Rain, for example, may seem so insignificant but little do people know that it can slowly destroy your house and leave you nothing but distress and sorrow.

Enter gutters. Gutters prevent these dilemmas from happening. You think that it is not that important? Well, here are few reasons that will convince you to get those gutters going and to enlist guttering services to install and maintain them.

Keeps the Wood Sturdy

You may not seem to notice it but when the wood gets wet over and over again it will start to rot. The outside may seem good but inspect the inside and you’ll see the hidden problem. Gutters prevent rot and lengthen the life of your walls.

Stronger Foundations

When the rain reaches the ground, it doesn’t stay there. The water seeps into the soil, making it soft and muddy. The same thing happens in your house. The rain seeps into the foundations of your house and gets weaker. Gutters prevent these from happening by directing the water to a much appropriate receptacle or channel.

Variety of Choices

You think that it won’t be appropriate in your roof? No need to be sad. Gutters have so much variety in shapes, colours, and prices, with every combination thereof. Guttering services are generally not expensive so you can protect your home without compromising your budget.

No matter how grand or beautiful your house is, if you don’t protect it, it will be all for nothing. Gutters don’t just protect your house, it keeps it the way you will always remember – and your grandchildren, too.

09 AM | 25 Aug

Granny Flats: Moving Out Yet Still Close to Home

flats australia

flats australiaMoving out of your parents’ house is the first big step towards independence. It’s probably an exciting thought for you, especially since you’ll be free to explore and do whatever you want in the world. Sadly, the thought of moving out isn’t always as idyllic, and there may be things that’ll limit how much you enjoy your brand new adventure.

Money, without a doubt, is the biggest hurdle and you probably don’t have enough funds yet to buy your own property. Instead of renting an apartment, consider ‘moving out’ of your parents’ home and into a granny flat.

Close to Home

ClassicGrannyFlatsWa.com.au notes that granny flats or secondary suites are becoming popular housing options within the country for teenagers and young adults moving out. Traditionally, these small houses were simply extensions of the main home designed for elderly family members who don’t want to move into nursing homes.

Nowadays, moving into a granny flat has become one of the most appealing alternatives to renting out or purchasing property for the younger generations considering how expensive housing is in Australia these days. These dwellings have just enough space and are more affordable, whether you’re renting one out or purchasing it.

The biggest draw to these secondary suites is that they can be built within your parents’ property, provided that the lot has enough space for a detached house extension. You’ll enjoy the benefits and responsibilities of independent living while still close to home.

Great Investment

If you’re still trying to convince your parents to build or purchase a granny flat, let them know that one of the things they can get from these smaller properties is steady rent. You’re not the only teenager or young adult looking for affordable accommodations after all.

These secondary suites are great investments as they provide a rather steady income from rent and have nearly every necessity and amenity a person may ever need. A two-bedroom granny flat can even attain a weekly rent similar to a larger two-bedroom apartment, at half the price.

If you’re ready to venture out into the world, but want to live close to home, consider moving to a granny flat. It’s fast becoming the more practical housing option in a country where property prices are increasing.

12 AM | 24 Aug

What You Need to Know about Cladding Systems


claddingCladding is a non-load bearing skin or layer attached to the outside of a home to shed water and protect the building from the effects of weather. It is a key element in the aesthetic appeal of the home and directly affects both building costs and property value.

The choice you make for your cladding will have a significant effect on the environmental performance of your home. Professionals from Peter & Lesley Bracey Home Improvements balance the maintenance and durability of the cladding against environmental impacts that affect its life span. These impacts include embodied energy, resource, depletion and recyclability.

Cladding Basics

The basic role of cladding is to control the infiltration of the elements and the outlet of water vapour while providing a durable, visually pleasing appearance. Its other roles also include fire resistance, sound and thermal insulation, and the capability for cleaning in polluted, dusty or vandalised environments.

Your choice of cladding systems should be based on careful assessments and prioritisation of each of these roles. By choosing cladding materials specific to an elevation exposure, you can often achieve the best in physical performance and aesthetics.

Cladding systems commonly include sheet materials or smaller overlapping panels like shingles and tiles, as well as horizontal or vertical boards on occassion. Each system uses different methods to prevent wind and rain entering through the joints. The effectiveness of each system varies depending on wind direction, speed and the degree of exposure to rain.

Cladding Opportunities

Cladding selection is a chance to reduce the overall environmental impact of a home by choosing environmentally preferred material and systems.

The use of high mass cladding in lightweight framing systems like brick veneer can actually decrease thermal performance. Thermal lag can contain higher temperature differentials across insulation layers well beyond normal diurnal cycles.

Where the internal load bearing element is high mass, transparent cladding materials such as glass with high solar heat gain coefficients can contribute to passive solar heating. In this case, the whole wall must be passively shaded.

Do you know the secret to achieving that shiny exterior of your house? It lies with how good your fibre cement cladding is. Always go for the best quality because it looks absolutely stunning and saves you money in the long run.

12 AM | 22 Aug

Making Your Home Appliances Last for a Very Long Time


ApplianceHome appliances make life a lot easier, but most homeowners tend to neglect proper care for these items. As long as they’re still working, most would not pay that much attention to their maintenance. However, poor appliance maintenance can pose significant risks.

Improper care can render warranties null and you may end up having to spend a lot just to get them repaired. Although there are several appliance centers in Fayetteville, like NinosTrading.com, it’s still important to follow a regular maintenance regimen to keep them running and to avoid buying a new one over and over.

Kitchen Appliance

These items are probably the ones that will make the most difference in your home because you use them regularly. Though many of these kitchen appliances may require a professional once they start showing signs of damage, it’s still the owner’s responsibility to make sure they are clean and used properly.

If a gas appliance suddenly stops working, see if the pilot light has gone out. Check the manual for guidance or consult with a seasoned repairman. As for your dishwasher, remember to wait until you already have a full load of dishes. This helps you save money and keeps your unit working longer.

Laundry Appliance

To keep your laundry machines in good working condition, check if any parts need replacement. If the hoses are already old, replace them with new ones; experts would even suggest replacing them with a new hose made of metal.

If the machine rattles while you are using it, it may need leveling. For most clothing items, try lowering the water temperature to warm wash and cold rinse to keep your energy bills in check. Laundry appliances can be quite expensive, so it only pays to take good care of these items while they are still in optimum condition.

Taking care of appliances does not only involve the units themselves, but their power sources as well. Keep in mind that larger appliances do not have to be powered through extension cords. Apart from keeping the appliances work longer, maintenance is also important to avoid accidents and disasters around the house.

12 AM | 22 Aug

What’s the Real Score with your FICO Score?

FICO Score

FICO ScoreThere are plenty of credit reporting companies out there but when it comes to the getting a mortgage, the only ones that really matter are TransUnion, Experian, and Equifax.

How? You might ask. Let City Creek Mortgage answer it for you below.

Why Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion?

These three credit reporting companies matter because mortgage lenders will use the median of your credit scores as reported by these three for determining your overall credit score. To illustrate, say your credit scores from these three are 640, 680, and 710, your overall credit score will then be 680, since this is the median or the middle score between the three. This means that your scores won’t be averaged or rounded up.

In general, your credit score is called a “FICO score”, aptly called after a prominent pioneer in credit scoring, the Fair Isaac Co. Basically, all things being equal, you get better Salt Lake City mortgage terms if you have a higher FICO score.

Raising your FICO Score for Better Mortgage Deals

Once a credit reporting company publishes your score, along with your raw credit scores, normally, it will also offer comments and ways you can use to increase your credit score. These are very useful and can range from the basic comments to more detailed ones that can serve as your blueprint towards raising your FICO score.

Note that you can actually improve your score up to 100 points when you pay attention to the recommendations noted in the credit report. However, these five tips will ensure that you’ll raise your FICO score significantly:

  1. Always pay all your bills on time.
  2. Ensure that the balance on your credit card is lower when compared with your overall available credit.
  3. Always pay your utility and doctor’s bills on or before their due date.
  4. Ensure that your “aged” credit cards remain open and utilize them every so often.
  5. Only get store charge cards when necessary.

Preferably, the balance on your credit card must not exceed 30% of your card’s overall available balance since this comprises 30% of your FICO score. In the event that you’re having difficulties paying off your charges, ask your credit company if you can increase your credit limit because increasing your credit limit may be effective in increasing your FICO score as paying off your remaining balances.

In addition, if you see a potentially bad event in your credit report, perform due diligence before using credit repair companies because you may need some time to fix your bad credit on your own before applying for a Salt Lake City mortgage.

06 AM | 21 Aug

Creepy Crawlies: The Most Common Household Pests


HomesWhile bugs and critters are important in achieving the balance of the ecosystems, they can be a real nuisance when they’re in places where they don’t belong, like your houses. These pest carry diseases that pose a huge threat to your family’s health, and they also cause costly damages to your home.

As homeowners, the first thing you must do to save your home from these household pests is by keeping your living space clean and tidy as often as you can. Those crumbs and spills should be picked up right away, and those pet foods and other dry goods should be kept sealed inside air tight containers.

But, sometimes, no matter how much you take care of your homes, you can still become victims of these pests. Pest control businesses that use special software to streamline their operations have come up with a list of the most common pets found at home. Here are some of them:


According to research, the most common pests found in U.S. homes are these inch-long bugs. They can contaminate food, stain surfaces, and destroy paper and fabric. But perhaps the biggest danger these pests brings is their ability to transmit bacteria and disease. Some of the most common illnesses include coliform, staphylococcus, streptococcus, hepatitis virus, and salmonella.


Ants are not loners. If you saw one, there’s always another one just nearby. So, it’s best to get rid of them immediately to avoid infestation, whether they’re just carrying a single crumb on the floor or scurrying across your countertops. To avoid attracting ants in your home, stop plantings and mulch a foot from the foundation. You can also try baiting them with items outside so they won’t enter your home.

Rats and Mice

These are perhaps the most disgusting for many people. Aside from the obvious sign of actually seeing them running freely inside your home, another clues include rustling sounds in the attic at night, rat droppings, and burrows in the garden or compost pile. Rats also gnaw on wood items at home as well as wires which may cause fires. Some of the diseases they can transmit to humans include rat bite fever, salmonellosis and typhus.

If you’ve tried all the DIYs and home remedies yet still see signs of pest infestation at home, it’s time to call the pros. Fortunately, their pest control software can schedule you for extermination or consultation, all in a jiffy.

01 AM | 21 Aug

The True Secret Artistic Success


painterTruth be told, no smile may have been dissected, reviewed and analyzed more than that of the Mona Lisa, the masterpiece of the Renaissance master Leonardo da Vinci. It’s noted to be the best known, and most prolific work of art in the world.

Yet you do not need the eyes of a Leonardo da Vinci to know how beautiful and infectious the smile of the Mona Lisa is in that painting. The same principle applies with any painting, whether it’s a portrait or the exterior of a building, if done right it’s beauty will always manage to shine through.

The Secret to Sucess

In his lifetime, Da Vinci was commissioned to paint hundreds of paintings, including the Mona Lisa. The reason why so many nobles wanted him specifically to paint murals on churches, or portraits of their images is because he was the best.

There were dozens if not hundreds of artists making a name for themselves across Europe during the same time, but everyone still demanded to have da Vinci as their painter. The reason for this demand for Leonardo’s services can be summarized in two very important parts – proven quality and name recall.

The Power of a Name

Once some very important dignitaries were able to view Leonardo’s work, word spread about his skill, and everyone began trusting the quality of his pieces. The same phenomenon can still be seen today, with the work of master painters such as Clear Renew getting much of the demand from commercial and residential properties.

Never trust an untested amateur to embark on a large scale project when money and time are on the line. Getting a professional team with knowledge and experience to begin any project, whether it’s a commercial painting task or otherwise, will always be the wiser option.

Not only are you assured to get the right color finish to your building or establishment, you can sleep well at night knowing that the job is running on schedule.

Remember, only a pro can come up with a professional finish just as only a Leonardo can paint a Mona Lisa.