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You Won’t Believe these Disgusting Things Can Be In AC Units

AC Units in Utah

AC Units in UtahPoorly maintained air conditioners can lead to mechanical and electrical problems, as well as health concerns. Along with the steps you can take to keep your AC running smoothly, you should also not delay contacting an air conditioning repair  expert when you notice problems.

Failure to do so will lead to the accumulation of these disgusting contaminants:

  1. Molds

Molds only need a few things to survive, thrive, and spread. They can get their nourishment from all those things trapped in your air conditioning system, particularly the filter.

Although most types of molds are not immediate threats to human health, they can easily spread throughout your home, increasing your risks of exposure. Exposure to these fungi, especially for a long period of time, can lead to respiratory problems.

  1. Bacteria

Draper air conditioning repair company Airtime Heating & Cooling says without a working cooling system, you may feel uncomfortable. And worse, you may get sick. All sorts of bacteria can thrive in improperly maintained and cleaned air conditioners. Like molds, these can survive and prosper in filthy ACs.

According to EnlightenMe.com, two of the most common consequences of having bacteria living in dirty air conditioning systems are respiratory tract infections and Legionnaire’s disease.

  1. Animal/insect droppings and carcasses

Animal (rodents, mostly) and insect droppings, both in the form of urine and feces, are also common contaminants found in poorly maintained AC units. On their own they’re already disgusting. But more than that, exposure to them can cause problems with your health, as these animals and pests may be carrying disease-causing microorganisms.

It’s not uncommon for these pests to get trapped in air conditioners, and when they do, they likely die there. This can be an even bigger problem, as their carcasses can cause serious health issues.

Along with these, other tiny contaminants and allergens, like pet fur, dander, and shed skin, can all be blown in and trapped into your air conditioner, or blown back into the air inside your home. The best prevention for such possible consequences is to make sure you have your AC regularly inspected and monitored.

09 AM | 16 Sep

Buying a House Now is a Sound Financial Decision


houseHome ownership comes with a lot of perks, from the basic to the sentimental reasons such as establishing roots, being free from paying rent, and fulfilling a dream. More than those, however, buying a house now would make perfect sense in terms of significant financial benefits.

Home sales are on the rise across the US as of July 2015, its strongest pace in eight years.

Here are reasons you might want to buy a house now:

Low Interest Rates

Financial experts say that now, more than ever, is the best time to buy a property as fixed interest rates remain low and steady. When taking out a mortgage, this means lower payments that can even go lower after a few years.

It’s a good idea to grab this opportunity now while rates are low and before another economic problem causes it to spike in the coming months.

Good Investment

GatesEstates.com, a company offering homes for sale in Napa Valley, explains home buying is always a good purchase decision, if not a good investment.

Unlike other investments such as stocks, which are volatile, properties are able to withstand market changes better. It is rare to see a real property that does not increase in value. If you ever decide to sell or move, you can expect to gain from the property.

Builds Equity

Unlike rental payments which may be considered as money that is gone, mortgage payments will allow you to build equity.

The equity you build is an asset, which you can then trade for other assets. That is, if you decide to sell, you get more cash for the equity.  If you need cash, you can borrow against your home’s equity through a second mortgage (or a home equity loan).

Tax Breaks

Homeowners enjoy a number of tax benefits provided by the US Tax Code. This includes tax breaks on mortgage interest, points, equity loan interests, property taxes, and more.

Buying a home is a quite significant purchase, but one that pays off if you manage to pull it off. It may require a little bit of sacrifice now, but the earlier you stop paying rent, the higher chances you have of being better off financially.

01 AM | 16 Sep

All the Reasons You Need to Exterminate Houseflies


HouseflyWhen asked which they think is dirtier, scarier, and more disgusting, cockroaches or flies, many people will answer the former. But, this is not actually the case.

Flies possess more qualities that make them even more dangerous than cockroaches. So, if you have problems with flies in your home, knowing these things will make you realize your need to exterminate them ASAP.

They carry and cause so many diseases

This fact is probably all the reason you need. But, just in case you have the habit of still eating food where a fly has already been at, you should know that, according to the World Health Organization, you can get so many diseases from this habit.

Flies are disease-spreaders, mostly by making contact with the food that people consume. Contamination takes place quickly, and allowing these pests to continue flying in and around your home increases your risks of acquiring illnesses such as dysentery, typhoid, and cholera.

They are disgusting, annoying, and unsightly

Flies do not just feed on human food and water. They also get their nourishment from garbage, dead animals, human and animal faeces, as well as other decomposing materials. That fly that landed on your food? It most likely came from any of these things, and this alone should make you drop your utensils and throw the food right away with disgust.

They are even filthier than cockroaches

You may think that cockroaches are extremely disgusting and dirty, but flies actually carry far more filth with them. According to bed bug and other pest control experts, the fact that they frequent garbage, manure, rotting organic materials, and decaying flesh should already make you want to eliminate them completely from your home.

Even just the sound that these pests make is already annoying. This, together with their unsightly appearance and the potential diseases they can spread, should prompt you to contact a pest control company right away.

04 AM | 15 Sep

Granny Flat Choices: Primary Colours and What Works with Them


PaintingHaving trouble deciding what colour to use when painting your granny flat? Finding the old-fashioned white just too common and lacking in substance?

Most of the time it wouldn’t be you who will reside in the granny flat, you may be unsure whether they would feel comfortable with certain colours. Grannyflatswa.com suggests starting with the RGB colour theory and work your way to finding the best colour for your room.

  1. Blue

Normally associated with calmness and serenity, blue has a whole spectrum to create different and associating moods. Darker blues considerably make a room seem smaller and will require complimentary lighting and accents to match, such as yellow light or a literal silver lining to liven up your walls.

Furniture can be a complimentary colour, such as lighter blues and cool, minty greens. Conversely, very light, pale, or powdery blues can have a relaxing effect and can be accentuated by stark white furnishings and—surprisingly—dark blues and browns. Either way, a cool beach theme is a design theme when considering this colour.

  1. Red

It’s quite difficult to put a room completely under this visually striking primary colour and many of its shades and hues. However, red is a great complimentary colour when used on furniture like small tables, lamps, knick-knacks, and paintings.

Room designers usually discourage painting a room completely red as it may hurt the eyes and turn people away from relaxing in that area. However, if a room does have obvious tints of red, such as burgundy, burnt sienna, or brick, it’s best to compliment it with a splash of gold, brown, or other earthy tones.

  1. Yellow

While not as visually striking as red, yellow is still very bright and can directly alter a room’s mood depending on intensity. Sunflower, corn yellow, amber, and lemon are just a few stark tints that are said to be very cheerful when placed in the right room.

Consider using yellows in rooms that get only a small amount of light or filled with lots of dark-coloured furniture. If a room does get plenty of light but has something as bright as lemon on the walls, why not try installing thick curtains and using neutral tones on the chairs, tables, and sofas so your guests’ eyes can rest?

These primary colours can expand to a great deal of options depending on what you want for your room. Just by knowing what colours can be complimentary or contrasting, you can somewhat change a person’s mood by making a single colour stand out.

08 AM | 14 Sep

Refrigerator Repair – Removing Scratches on Your Fridge

Refrigerator Repair

Refrigerator RepairScratches are one of the most common problems that plague refrigerators. Although a scratch doesn’t directly affect the refrigerator’s performance, it can cause your otherwise sleek and in-fashion commercial refrigeration unit to be an eyesore.

Being such a large appliance, refrigerators are regularly involved in accidents that may cause scratches on their surface. The good news, however, is you can fix these scratches easily.


According to fridge repair experts from All Pro Appliance Service and Repair, Inc, to repair a fridge’s scratches, the first thing you should do is to inspect the damage. Did the scratch only damage a small part of the refrigerator’s surface? Or is it an obvious abrasion? The extent of the damage will determine how you should repair your fridge.


Clean the exterior of your refrigerator. You may use soap and water or a commercial appliance cleaner. Wipe the surface and wait for it to dry completely. For lighter scratches, use appliance touchup paint that you can buy in any local hardware store. These paints come in a variety of colors, but you should only choose the shade closest to the original hue of your refrigeration unit.

Also, buy a small brush for the application of the paint. Carefully apply the paint onto the affected areas and wipe away any stray paint strokes on other areas.

Filling the Gaps

For deep scratches or dents, fillers may be needed to fill the gaps. These are readily available in auto parts stores or even hardware stores. Let the filling agent dry, and afterwards use sandpaper to smoothen things out. Clean away any traces of paint.

Paint over the scratches with the same color as your fridge. Keep it dry and smooth the surface again with sandpaper. If the refrigerator has too many scratches, just sand and repaint the whole refrigerator.

Restoring your refrigerator door seems easy with these tips. You get good results if you know what you’re doing, so always be careful.

04 AM | 11 Sep

Plantation Shutters: Combining Energy Efficiency, Security and Privacy


plantationMaking your home more secure, private and energy-efficient is necessary, with all the crime-related concerns and increasing energy bills Perth homeowners are experiencing. Fortunately, there is no need for you to deplete your savings just to achieve all these. With plantation shutters, you can make sure your home will possess all these qualities minus the high costs.

Here are a few things you can expect once you install these window treatments:

They provide a layer of security for your windows – a favourite entry point of criminals.

As Action Awnings say, outdoor and indoor plantation shutters — when installed correctly — can make your windows safer and more secure from unauthorised entry. Locking them up tight will make it harder for burglars to break into your home, which can happen if you leave your glass windows bare of these coverings.

They make it easy to enjoy greater privacy in your home.

Plantation shutters are also ideal for boosting the overall privacy of the room. You can close them all the way down for more privacy, or open them to let more light and heat in. Whatever your preference is, you have more control over visibility and clarity of views from the outside.

They help minimise heat gains and loss.

Although the primary use of plantation shutters is to increase privacy in homes and make them more aesthetically pleasing, they can also contribute to energy efficiency. These window treatments are a form of shading; using them to protect your windows can help you save on energy costs.

In fact, installing plantation shutters in ideal locations around the home can provide added insulation and help minimise heat gain and loss during the changing seasons.

Get quality plantation shutters from your local suppliers, so you can enjoy all these benefits. With these window covers, you can have a safer and more private home.

12 AM | 11 Sep

Compromising When Buying a Starter Home: Why and How


BuyYou and your spouse have been imagining and planning to buy a starter home for years, and now, you feel that it’s finally the right time. With all the excitement, you’ve made a long list of features you’d like to have, browsed some photos of stunning interior design ideas, and watched several how-to videos of DIY projects. You know exactly what you want in your dream house. The big question is: have you already done the math?

Sure, starting your lives together as a married couple is a wonderful time, but you have to keep in mind that buying a property is a serious undertaking. It seems simple, but it involves a lot of negotiations and compromises.

Deciding What’s Worth Having

When searching for a starter home, industry professionals like Gates Estates note that it’s necessary that you and your spouse know how much both of you are willing to compromise. This simply means you have to do some serious thinking and make difficult choices. For instance, will a fourth room make you happier than having a brand new car? Is an indoor pool more important than living 30 minutes closer to work?

Because the real estate market is uncertain, you should plan on staying in a property for eight to 10 years. Determine the gap between what you want and what you can realistically afford. Don’t be upset about the things you can’t have. Focus more on making smart decisions. You must figure out what’s most important for your family.

Taking the Plunge

To make compromises, recognize the areas in which you and your spouse are financially flexible, such as purchase price, repairs, and other expenses. Eliminate the features you don’t need for now to stay within a range that’s financially feasible.

If you want to live in your dream neighborhood, make sure you can live there for at least five years, and perhaps longer. Keep costs low and have realistic goals.

When buying a home, it’s important to not just negotiate on price, but also make compromises. Always think about long-term living plans.

03 AM | 10 Sep

Triple Pane Windows: A Must for Increased Energy Efficiency

Home in Minnesota

Home in MinnesotaTriple pane windows or triple glazed windows are made up of three glass panes, instead of the usual two, with spacers conveniently located in between each pane. The frame of these windows comes in various materials including fiberglass, wood, aluminum, and vinyl or PVC.

Advantages of Triple Pane Windows

Triple glazed windows typically have bigger glazing pockets that provide better insulation and comfort. They are likewise extremely energy efficient and effective in keeping out the cold, while maintaining comfortable temperature inside the home.

Note that not all triple pane windows are the same. And because some of them can be quite costly, you must consider the following when choosing among the different types and brands of triple pane windows:

  • The Frame Material – This is undoubtedly the most important consideration when buying triple pane windows. Among the many available materials, fiberglass is the most durable and energy efficient. Vinyl frames have a tendency to sag over time; wood frame expands or contract eventually; and steel or aluminum frames, though great as well, are actually conductors, so they can reduce the energy efficiency of your windows.
  • The Spacer – A spacer made from premium quality silicone is essential because of its resistance to oxidation and ultraviolet rays. The spacer should also be very durable and capable of retaining gas to maximize energy efficiency.
  • The Gas Filling – These are gases that fill the spaces between the glass panes. The gases usually used are Argon and krypton due to their excellent thermal performance.
  • The Sealant – It’s used to seal the window’s perimeter and the spacer’s back portion. The sealant is crucial to preserve the airtightness of the triple pane fiberglass windows.
  • The Energy Ratings – Superior triple pane fiberglass windows must have an insulating U value of approximately U-0.13 to 0.18 and an SHGC of around 0.60 to 0.65. They should also have great air filtration rates for better cooling and heating. Fiberglass frames maintain the air filtration rate as long as possible.

Some windows are essential for better cooling and heating, as well as reducing energy consumption and bills. Triple pane windows are among the windows that offer these benefits.

01 AM | 10 Sep

What To Look For In an Ecologically Friendly House Hunt


HomeIt’s no longer just a fad but a very practical idea to build a ‘green’ home these days. And why not, considering the high utility bills that one would need to pay? A green household not only allows you to save on energy, there are times that your home can add energy and food for your household’s use.

In addition, having an eco-friendly home can extend the life your house’s structure, along with making it energy efficient. How can this be possible? If you are thinking of buying an e-friendly home, consider these factors:


The more you keep the temperature of your unit, the more energy-efficient your home will be, explains Custom Green. Check if the insulation used is the effective but cares for the environment, too. Opt to look for non-chemically created insulation materials.

Another factor you can check is if the insulation material is recyclable or made of recyclable materials. Do your research on the different insulation materials on the house you want to buy and see if they truly are green and environment-friendly.

Light and Plumbing Fixtures

Are the light and plumbing fixtures energy-efficient? With the introduction of LED lights, energy saving has never been easier. Of course, you may want to take a look at how the lights are arranged in all the rooms. Do they take advantage of the room’s size and placement to maximise the light they produce? And what about the shower heads and faucets? Do they function at their best capacities despite using as little water expelled as possible?

Water and light are basic necessities in any home so you should make sure that there your new home has the capacity to both save and maximise their use.

Furniture and Appliances

When getting a home that’s fully or partially furnished, check the furniture and appliances. Are they arranged to maximise their functions? Having a green home requires that everything in it is also e-friendly, so do take the time to check on what is inside the house you are eyeing for purchase before making your final choice.

Though looking at a house’s aesthetic merits is partly why you buy a particular home, ecological concerns do matter these days. Knowing the basic requirements for an environmentally sound structure would help you greatly.

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Sneaky Leaks: Common Sprinkler System Issues


sprinklerLeaks can happen to sprinkler systems when seals get damaged over time. Usually, damage occurs due to reckless lawn maintenance, mowing, or vehicles accidentally driving over your sprinkler heads. Unless you participated in the attempt to break the Guinness World Record for the largest ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, you don’t want to be soaked because of faulty systems.

Fixing Sprinkler Leaks

Leaks in your Hastings irrigation system may lead to considerable pressure loss that will result in high water costs and your landscape having dry and overly saturated areas. This in turn will cause plant diseases. When attempting to fix a leak, its location will determine the best course of action.

While some rotor types allow seal replacement, when the entire sprinkler body, including the rotors and the sprays, exhibit large leaks, replace the whole thing. Make sure the replacement sprinkler features the same pressure, arc, and throw diameter as your old one.

For sprinklers with bodies located underground, dig them out and check them thoroughly. Clean the portion where you will connect the replacement to avoid soil from getting into your irrigation system. For replacements with the help of professionals, Skip’s Sprinklers suggests finding a company that doesn’t take shortcuts. Sloppy replacement may mean costly repairs in the near future.

Subfreezing temperatures and damaged pipe connections located at the sprinkler’s base can cause leaks. Use flexible connection kits to protect the pipes against breakage.

When digging out your sprinkler, use a hand shovel to avoid accidental damage to the irrigation line. In addition, watch out for the irrigation control cable. Your shovel may damage this, which may lead to more problems.

Irrigation Valve Leaks

Leaks can occur in your irrigation valves due to daily wear and tear or increased water pressure. Protect wire connections of electric valves located underground using waterproof connectors to  prevent signal loss between the valve and the timer.

Issues that cause valve leaks depend on the valve type. Generally, however, if your valve shows damage from an external crack, replace it.