01 AM | 18 May

Cool Temperatures: How They Benefit Your Sleep and Health

Woman sleeping comfortably

A cool bedroom does more than just improve the quality of your sleep; it can also improve how your body stores fat. Research suggests that it can help with the growth of brown fat, a special type of fat that can help you lose weight by burning calories. Brown fats are completely different from white fats, as they don’t bulge. They’re also extremely small and are found under the skin.

Activate Brown Fat

Brown fats are also known as good fats, as they can lower your white fat as well as your risk for chronic diseases like diabetes and heart disease. They can also do wonders for your heart by lowering your cholesterol and stabilizing your blood glucose level.

Studies suggest that exposing your body and skin to cool temperatures can help activate brown fat. According to an article from CBS News, this type of fat can work even with slightly lower temperatures, about 70F. You may also grow brown fat by exposing yourself to colder temperatures for a few weeks.

Lower Your Room Temperature

If you want to take advantage of the benefits of brown fat, you may want to lower your room temperature when sleeping. This is why AC installation experts in Salt Lake City suggest having a cooling unit that is efficient and of the proper size. While you can use a programmable temperature to boost comfort, you need to make sure that your AC is working properly.

Find the Best Temperature for You

It is also good to know that cool sleeping areas can be beneficial if you have insomnia. Cool rooms promote sleepiness by lowering your core temperature. Comfort varies from person to person so you may want to experiment with different temperatures to discover what works best for you. It also pays to invest in quality mattress and pillows.

If you’re having a problem in keeping your bedroom cool, there may be something wrong with your air filters or unit. If you tried changing the filters and still see no improvement, get in touch with an AC expert. Your unit might need repairs or a replacement.

01 AM | 13 May

Factors to Consider When Applying for In-House Financing

Couple reading documentCouple reading documentIn-house financing usually offers a convenient way to realize your dream of owning a house and lot in the Philippines. Compared with banks, developers are generally more lenient when it comes to approving housing loans.

Most Lancaster New City reviews on websites such as Cavite Properties would say that they ask fewer documents and process applications in less time. If you want to obtain a mortgage ASAP, in-housing financing is an attractive direction to take.

But then again, it’s not for everybody. In many cases, in-house financing options might not provide the most favorable deal. To know whether it’s for you, and to manage your expectations, consider these important factors.


Developers typically charge higher interest rates than banks do. In hopes of providing loans faster to their property buyers, they tend to take greater risks in lending a serious amount of money.

Although the deal you qualify for entirely depends on your developer’s assessment, expect to pay a slightly high rate if you don’t have stellar credentials.

Credit History

Your credit history would hardly cause your loan application denial. In fact, you might qualify even if you have unpaid credit cards in the past. As long as you have a steady of source of income, even if you’re an online worker, OFW, or self-employed individual, the developer would say yes to your mortgage request.

However, your credit history might affect the interest rate you will get. If you have a spotty history of repaying your debts, you might qualify for the loan but with high interest.

Maximum Term

The maximum term in-house financing lenders usually allow is 10 years. Whether you’re employed locally or overseas, you might not get a mortgage longer than that. A 10-year housing loan has its pros and cons. It might minimize your interest because you’ll be able to finish your mortgage in less time.

You might qualify even if you’re already of advanced age. Generally, you must not be over 60 years old when the loan matures. And since the maximum term is only good for 10 years, you might qualify even if you’re past the age of 50.

On the downside, your monthly payments might be larger because you have less time to repay what you borrowed. Considering your mortgage will be secured by your property, make sure you can manage them to avoid defaulting on your loan.

Exercise due diligence to determine whether in-house financing is for you. If you feel it doesn’t make sense to your situation, consider the financial products banks and Pag-IBIG provide.

01 AM | 11 May

Risks Associated with DIY Rodent Control Methods

pest control service

Infestation of your home by rodents might cause you a major headache. They will eat your food and scurry around causing irritating noise and embarrassment. Most homeowners will search the internet for the perfect solution to their home’s rodent menace.

There are many websites offering advice on rodent control for residents of Boca Raton, FL. Apart from the fact, these control measures are primarily inefficient; they expose you to a lot of risks. Here are some of the dangers associated with DIY rodent control.

Possible Rodent Attack

Traps are the typical solution for homeowners who opt for DIY rodent control. These traps do not kill the rodents, but will significantly agitate them.

Any attempts to kill them at this point might result in you incurring severe injuries. Most store-bought rodenticides also agitate the pests, and they might attack you after ingesting them.

Exposure to Toxic Chemicals

Store-bought rodent control products use toxic, harsh chemicals to kill mice and rats. Handling these chemicals irritates your hands and might cause grave injuries when inhaled.

Their improper application also exposes your pets and household to the chemicals. Your home’s inhabitants might be poisoned through inhalation of the powders or ingestion of the chemicals in food and water.

Exposure to Pathogens

There are many pathogens transmitted by rodents. Rat urine, for instance, spreads leptospirosis, which causes significant kidney and liver damage.

The saliva of rodents contains lymphocytic choriomeningitis virus which causes life-threatening meningitis, meningoencephalitis and encephalitis. Accessing their hiding places to place traps and rodenticides exposes you to these pathogens.

There is no need to expose yourself and your household to all the risks above and yet not get rid of rodents. The simple solution for efficient rodent control is to hire a professional pest control company.

These experts will assess your rodent menace and use the best methods to get rid of these pests without compromising your household’s safety.

02 PM | 09 May

6 Tips to Pleasantly Deal with Visiting In-Laws

Family photo with grand parentsDealing with the in-laws can be difficult and complex; you want to please them, but you also want them to like you for who you are. If you and your partner have just been married and are entertaining visiting in-laws for the first time, here are some tips to help you survive the weekend.

Prepare your home

Your in-laws will nitpick everything, from your choice of furniture to the food in your pantry. You cannot do anything about their different tastes, but — as Greenside Pest Control and other experts stated — at least keep your house clean and call pest control services for your Salt Lake City home.

Arrange flexible itinerary

Pre-arrange activities so they can experience the best in Utah, but do have several options as well. It’s important to consult them about what they want to see and do. Don’t appear to be too pushy either.

Invite friends over

One way to ease tension between you and your partner’s folks is to have other people around you. Why don’t you host a dinner or perhaps a barbecue party and invite your friends in the neighborhood? This will help you loosen up.

Give them alone time

Let them know that you value the relationship they have with your partner by giving them space. You don’t have to be tagging along all the time. Encourage them to go out for breakfast or a drive around without you, for instance.

Avoid topics that trigger disagreements

Like what Erris Langer Klapper suggests on HuffPost, you need to stay away from topics that you mostly disagree on. It could be about having kids, your job, or even managing finances. Instead of encouraging arguments, be tolerant and understanding. Never engage.

Send a thank you message

It wouldn’t hurt if you send them a short and simple thank you note once they leave. You don’t have to overly indulge them, but letting them know that you appreciate the visit is a nice gesture.

Some in-laws are more difficult than others, but there truly is no sure way to your in-law’s hearts. Nonetheless, there are little things you can do that may potentially build the foundation of a better and more pleasant relationship.

07 PM | 08 May

Available Vinyl Fencing Options

Metal fence with light under green

One of the essential considerations when picking a fence is its material. The most popular choice nowadays is vinyl. It is a low maintenance fencing option and is child-friendly since it does not splinter.

It is also impenetrable to pests, fire-resistant and does not crack or split due to old age and weather. There are various options for property owners who opt for a vinyl fence for their Utah home or business. Here are some of these options.

Privacy Fences

These are primarily intended to block the view of passers-by and neighbors. Privacy fences generally have tightly interlocked tongues and groove pickets which provide a solid barrier.

The vinyl paneling for privacy fences is 4–6 ft. with a width of up to 8 ft. The fences come in various colors and top end designs including vertical, woven lattice, crisscross and horizontal models.

Shadowbox Fences

These are sometimes referred to as semi-privacy fences since passers-by can peer through them from certain angles. Shadowbox fences have staggered — rather than interlocking — panels, although they overlap. The staggers make them aesthetically appealing.

Your choice of height for a shadowbox fence depends on your setting, although most of them are approximately 6 ft. tall.

Picket Fences

These are designed to mimic the look of traditional wooden picket fences. They are primarily used for decoration rather than privacy or security. They are also used to keep children and pets in one area of a compound. Picket vinyl fences are typically up to 4ft high.

These options will fit virtually all landscapes and functions. If you do not find one to suit your taste, you can opt for a customized vinyl fence.

You should ensure your fence is installed with high-quality fasteners, inserts, and screws to prevent rust from your fasteners, which will compromise your vinyl fence. To enhance its durability, wash your fence periodically more so after storms.

01 AM | 03 May

3 Reasons People are so Stressed During the Holidays

Man delivering presents

It’s supposed to be the most wonderful time of the year. It still is but in reality, more and more people suffer stress during the holidays they can barely enjoy the festivities. Sadly, a lot of people get caught up in the madness that they forget to enjoy the little things that make the season one of the best times of the year.

Here are three possible causes why Americans get so much pressure during Christmastime.

All that shopping

According to surveys, some 51 percent of Americans suffer stress because of the pressure to get gifts or give one. They say it is better to give than to receive, but if you feel constant pressure because of either lack of time or money to give presents, it defeats the purpose.

You can remedy this by opting to create DIY presents. Handmade presents, as simple as they may seem, are often more valuable because they are one of a kind. But if lack of time is your problem, you can shop online to avoid the holiday madness at the department stores or buy ahead and wrap them early.

All the decorating

Time to bring out the holiday decors. Sometimes, the mere sight of taking out all the holiday decors can cause a lot of stress for some people, especially the competitive ones who want to go all out all the time.

What’s good to know is that there are teams who do residential Christmas light installation, so you don’t have to do the backbreaking work. You can put your vision to life or collaborate with the company for an amazing lights display in your own home.

All the cooking

Do you know that cooking, particularly cooking that is left unattended is the top cause of home fires during the holidays? Yikes. But most of the stress related to cooking comes from the sheer desire to come up with a holiday feast that is one for the ages.

Be smart about this. What’s good is a holiday feast if you’re too tired to eat? Rather, turn it into a potluck and delegate the dishes amongst your family.

Remember that part of the reason people are so happy during the holidays is the many festivities that come with Christmastime. But if you are too tired to enjoy them, what good is that? So be smart about holiday activities and learn how to avoid and manage holiday stress.

06 PM | 02 May

4 Ways to Ensure Your Home is Private

home interior window design

Our houses are our safe havens, so we want it to be as private as possible. Even if you are not a celebrity, you know the feeling of wanting to be able to enjoy your personal space without other people peeking into whatever what you are doing. This is also a concern that is related to your home’s security.

Here are four tips that can help you make your home more private:

Install blinds

Having curtains is a cool way to have privacy in your home. But if you want to go more techie, it would be better to have motorized blinds installed on your windows. Motorized blinds are easier to manage as you have to push a button to open and close it. Look fora supplier of custom motorized blinds to make sure that your home is private.

Plant evergreens in your backyard

Plants are a great privacy tool because they are gentle and more natural compared to walls or fences. It would be preferable to pick evergreens as they grow all year-round and look beautiful.

Use frosted or tinted glass for windows

Frosted and tinted glass are awesome ways to still keep the light in a while not giving strangers outside a full peek at what is inside.

Have a security system installed

Nosy neighbors and strangers do not want to be mistaken for burglars. So the fact that you will have a security system installed in your home is already a big plus. People will try to avoid your home the moment they see the security cameras zooming in on them.

As the owner of the house, it is well within your limits to make sure that your home is private. If you are to enjoy your home, you should not have to worry about strangers knowing what you are doing inside.

05 AM | 30 Apr

The Different Styles of Doors for Walk-In Bath Tubs

Elderly woman in a bath tub

Walk-in bathtubs were specifically designed to make it easy for the elderly and handicapped to take a bath. Due to their design, they tend to take up less space than the traditional ones. Some even include a chair height seat to increase comfort.

Elderly bathtubs have a door included in their design to make it easy for people to walk out and safe to walk in. The doors vary in design, and it is up to you to choose the most suitable one for your bathroom. The different designs include the following:

Outward Swinging Door

A walk-in bathtub whose door swings outside comes with numerous benefits. Many health institutions prefer this type of door because it allows for the quick removal of a person in the case of an emergency.

Slide in Bathtub Door

The door relies on a door track that comes fitted with a locking mechanism to open and close. While this design is more recent, it doesn’t attract a hefty price. This tub also allows for the emergency removal of an individual without having to drain the water first.

Inward Swinging Door

A bathtub with this type of door is ideal for people with small bathrooms. It also has the advantage of being cheap and aesthetically appealing. Due to its restrictive nature when it comes to the emergency removal of an individual, a tub with an inward swinging door is suitable for home use only.

Walk-in bathtubs are a worthy investment for they are safe and comfortable, and they offer hydrotherapy. When choosing a bathtub, always make it a point to know the quantity of water it holds as compared to your water heater. In addition, consider the size of your bathroom when choosing the right door type.

01 AM | 28 Apr

The Health Benefits of Swimming Laps Daily

fiberglass swimming pools

Swimming has always been considered as one of the best cardiovascular exercises. It is not only fun and enjoyable but also low impact, which means there’s no strain on the bones, joints and muscles.

Athletes, for instance, swim laps to stay in shape, boost lung capacity or even help themselves recover from injuries. Whether you’re a serious swimmer or one who’s just fond of staying in the water, one great thing to do is to have a lap pool installed on your property. This way, you’ll get to enjoy the following health benefits every day right in your own sanctuary.

Full body workout

Swimming laps is an efficient way to get a full body workout. Each kick, push and pull you do is like a resistance exercise for different parts of your body, including your shoulders, arms, hips, legs, core and back. Even just a few laps daily can help you build muscles and take you a step closer to your fitness goals.

Lap swimming is ideal for people of all ages, especially since you can customize your routine to fit your goals or to address just a particular muscle group. For example, if you’re healing from a rotator cuff injury, you can still swim and do kick board exercises. Meanwhile, if you have knee injuries, you can strap on a pull buoy and still do some laps.

Working at your own pace

Having your own pool to do your laps can help you assess your swimming workouts better. Unlike in a public pool where you have to compete for space with other guests, you can swim laps at your own pace, whenever you want, in your home pool. You can easily measure your progress, including the number of laps you can do in three minutes, your lap time intervals, number of strokes and distance per stroke, among others. This, in turn, will help you perform your sets better, thus achieve your goals faster.

Stress reliever

Instead of heading out for drinks at the end of a stressful day at work, you have the healthier option of swimming to release stress and tension. Swimming is known as a ‘feel good’ exercise for a reason—it not only loosens up your body and mind but it also helps you feel good about yourself.

Bodies of water are also known to have a calming effect. The good thing is you don’t need to live near the beach to enjoy that. You can have your own pool in your home, where you can plunge and melt your stresses away.

It’s also worth noting that having a pool at home makes it more welcoming and inviting to have friends over. You’ll obviously be spending more time with your loved ones at home when you have a place to relax, bond and share more fun memories together.

01 AM | 27 Apr

Luxurious Bedding without the Hefty Price Tag? It Does Exist

bamboo bedding and sheet

The drive to live an ecologically friendly lifestyle has grown stronger in the past years. This increased awareness has driven both manufacturers and consumers to find the best in sustainable and renewable materials, with bamboo being a popular choice.

The use of bamboo is highly sustainable, as it’s easy to grow and grows quickly in most conditions. Items made out of bamboo are quite sturdy as well, making this material a crowd favorite, especially when it comes to fabric. If you’re looking for breathable and comfortable bedding, here are some pointers for finding the best bamboo sheets for you

Check for shrinkage.

Although fabrics are generally pre-shrunk before sewing, some shrinkage can be expected depending on the type of weave and combination of materials. In general, as long as you wash your bamboo sheets in cold water and choose to line dry or lightly tumble dry them, the chance of fabric shrinking is minimal.

Choose your blend.

Most 100% pure bamboo sheets are softer than those that have cotton blends. It has better antibacterial properties, too. However, sheets with a cotton blend are tougher than those without. Do consider that the lifespan of the material, as it can be managed with proper care anyway.

Mind the weave.

An alternative to getting a bamboo-cotton blend is to check how your sheets are woven. Sateen weaves are silky-soft, but are the most delicate type of bamboo sheet. These will require a bit more care so they last longer. Twill is not as soft, but it’s sturdier than sateen. It’s important to check that sheets in twill weave are pre-shrunk.

More than just being an eco-friendly option, bamboo sheets are comfortable. Bamboo as a material is equally high-quality as silk, but at a lower price point. It’s also much easier to clean and maintain. If you want something smooth as silk but not as fussy to maintain, why not give bamboo a try?