05 PM | 24 Jul

What Does It Take to Maintain Your Interior Timber Doors?

Doors made with timber and glass

It is no doubt that getting bi-fold interior timber doors in your home is one of the ways to improve the functionality and aesthetic appearance of your home.

Bi-fold doors are low-maintenance, thus the popularity among many homeowners. You only need proper door servicing, annually, but with regular cleaning in between the service sessions.

However, getting an extended service life from your doors is an entirely new issue that demands high maintenance. Have a look at the following ways you can keep your doors in tip-top condition before your next service session:

Keep the running tracks clean

Any debris on the running tracks could cause blockage and affect the proper functioning of the mechanism. Forcing your door through the tracks will damage the door, even with a few trials.

It is advisable you consider regular vacuuming of the tracks to get rid of any debris that could get in the way of the tracks, and regular proper lubrication.

The hinges and door frames

Clean the hinges and frames using a mild soap solution and a soft sponge to avoid scrubbing the material on the door.

A rubber eraser is the most appropriate tool for removing stubborn stains from your door; your door may require special cleaning agents if it has a unique finish. After the hinges and frames dry, you could go with a silicone spray for a polished finishing.

Interior timber doors are robust and can last ages; however, a little maintenance will make them last longer and keep looking great; but, before it is time for any maintenance, you need to have a correctly installed door.

Wrong installation of the door poses a risk of severe damage on your door; you also render your warranty void when you install the door wrong. Professional door installation services will go a long way in delivering a quality door that will be quick and easy to maintain.

09 AM | 18 Jul

Due Diligence: Know the Risks of that House Purchase

Couple Receiving Keys to their New HomeOnce you have approved the real estate purchase contract, you have two weeks to cancel or push through with the sale. This period is not just for you to sit around and think about how you will live your life in the new house, should you continue with the purchase. It’s also a time for you to inspect the property for any hidden signs of damage that the seller needs to address or reimburse you for.

To make sure your new house will be ready and in the best condition, check the following:

Radon Levels

A simple test can be conducted to see if the house has safe levels of radon, a chemical that is responsible for most lung cancer cases involving those who do not smoke. You will only need to contact a radon testing company situated locally in Salt Lake City such as the Aerolite Group to get a report on how safe your house is from this chemical. You might also want to have the property checked for meth and other dangerous substances, especially if the neighborhood has presented with chemical-related problems in the past.

Crime Statistics

Though you cannot be responsible for cleaning up the community of crimes, the seller should be upfront about the kind of neighborhood in the area. If you have been made to believe it is the safest neighborhood, therefore enticing you to pay top dollar for the property, and you found out that is not the case, you may petition for a reimbursement or change in the purchase price of the property.

Presence of Mold

Some houses need to be vacated immediately because of the presence of mold. Now, imagine not knowing that and going the opposite direction–moving in. You are endangering your family’s lives, especially children and the elderly, who have weaker immune and respiratory systems. You may be wondering why they keep getting sick, now knowing that mold growth is your silent but potent enemy. In case you find mold in the house, you will need help in removing it, as well.

The house you buy should be livable. Do your part in double checking its safety and security; otherwise, you’re purposefully endangering your family.

01 AM | 15 Jul

Make Moving Houses Easier on Your Children (And Yourself!)

Family who just moved into a new home

Kids can sometimes be fussy when in a car. This is especially true and evident during long-haul road trips, which can be the case when you are moving houses.

Monster Moving and Storage is dedicated to everyone’s comfort when you are hiring moving services in Irvine. Follow these tips and never hear your kids whine or cry during the whole moving process!

1. Tell them stories about the new house

Kids can sometimes be difficult to convince when it comes to drastic changes. Whether it’s a new school, new house or even new clothes, it can be hard to keep them from crying when telling them that there will be some changes that should be implemented.

Always talk to your children and let them know about the new house. Tell them how exciting it is going to be and that they will have lots of space to play around.

Let them know about the amenities and what they can do inside the house and in the neighborhood. Keeping them in the loop will keep them hyped up and excited for the move.

2. Give the new home a few visits before moving

Tour your kids around the new home and let them know that this will be their new house. Give them examples of what they can do in and around the area. You can also take them for a walk or a drive around the neighborhood so they would know what to expect.

This will give them an idea of what’s in store for them, and this will also give them a visual of what you are talking about.

3. Pack your children’s things last

Pack all of your belongings first before your children’s things. They would most likely want to play with their toys until moving day comes, so make sure to keep those intact until you need them to put them in their respective boxes.

Let your kids know that they will be seeing their toys again after a few hours and that those toys will be somewhere safer and bigger. This will make them more excited about the move and the new house.

Always explain things to your children before going ahead and proceeding with the move. Be patient, and the rest will follow!

01 AM | 12 Jul

What Should You Consider to Lower Your Water Bills?

Sink drainage working properly after fixing pipes

No matter where you live, it is crucial to conserve water to help reduce your bills. Besides, water is a precious resource that everyone needs to preserve. Cleaning drains, fixing leaks, checking pressure gauges, and repairing faucets are also some solutions that every homeowner should know in case they notice a problem.

To help with reducing your water bills, Alfa Plumbing Services and other renowned plumbing service providers advise you to consider the following:

Repair Leaking Pipes

It is necessary to seek services from a skilled plumber to help trace water and sewer leakages in your property. Leaving these unchecked can result to dampened walls and floors, aside from increasing your water bills. That can cause mold growth, which will pose a health hazard to you and your loved ones.

Replace the Shower Head

Faulty and old-model showerheads often account for a significant percentage of domestic water wastage. Therefore, it’s best to request for a professional inspection to determine whether your showerheads are the newest models and if you need to replace them accordingly. Also, ensure that the plumber follows proper installation techniques to guarantee the shower heads are working efficiently.

Use Efficient Toilets

Some toilets require more water for a single complete flush. If you can relate to this, consider requesting your plumber to change your flush toilets to water closets that use less water. Currently, dual-flush water closets are also available in the market. They come with features that allow you to use varying quantities of water when flushing.

It makes no sense to have an emotional attachment to plumbing facilities that incur extra cost to maintain them. Switch your old faucets, tubs, showers, and heaters to those that use the least amount of water. An excellent guide here is to ensure that the gadgets you are buying have EPA’s WaterSense label for efficiency.

01 AM | 10 Jul

Ways through which you can insulate your Patio

Patio coverings and Room Enclosures

Patios protect you from rain, excess sun, wind, and any other weather elements that may ruin your outdoor soiree. Moreover, if you have attractive vistas surrounding your property, a patio helps you enjoy the view uninterrupted.

In Brisbane, the seasons and temperatures drastically change throughout the year. That means outdoor living space that is comfortable in summer can be unbearably cold in winter. However, with the correct construction and insulation, your patio can be comfortable throughout the year.

That said, here are methods to ensure that you have well-insulated patio in Brisbane.

Window Tinting

Applying a window tint helps in blocking radiant heat from escaping your patio. Window tint allows heat to enter and warm up your space but does not allow the heat to leave the room. What’s more is the fact that window tinting alters your view of the outdoor with an insignificant margin. That means you will be enjoying warm indoors without giving up the vista view.

Use of Insulated Drapes

If window tinting does not work well for you, then you may consider insulated drapes. This insulated fabric can be used to hold warm air inside your patio. When there is sunshine, open the drapes to help the warmth of the sun to penetrate inside the patio. When the sun goes down later in the evening, close the drapes to maintain the warmth.

Sealing the window frames

Most of the warm air inside a patio leaks out through the window frame. This can be stopped through the installation of weather stripping around the entire window section. Alternatively, you can apply a clear caulk to seal all the areas between two window frames, which butt together, or by sealing the area between the wall and the window frame.

Depending on the position of your house, your patio can use solar heat even in winter. If your patio does not face the sun during the cold months, you can also warm it up by opening the door and letting the heat flow in. This works in that; warm air will always move to the cold areas until the temperatures in the entire space even out.

01 AM | 06 Jul

New Home? Top 5 Things to Do Before Settling In

Family New House

Now that you’ve handled the legalities, paperwork, or anything that has to do with buying a new home, what happens next? You’ve packed up from your old house and are now ready to unpack. Settling into your new house is the final leg of your home buying journey, but there’s still a lot of work to do. These include cleaning your carpets, checking for pests, or hiring air duct cleaning services in Indiana.

Let these things help you get started on the last list you’ll have to make for this journey:

Connect What Needs to Be Connected

This includes your Internet and your energy sources. Some companies may take weeks to reconnect your Internet when you move. Energy companies would require the same, so make sure you have this covered before the actual date of your move.

Update Your Address

All entities that have your home address must be informed of your address change. This includes banks, insurance companies, and all subscriptions you have in your mailing address. You won’t want autopayments coming back with a penalty charge simply because you didn’t inform them of an address change.

Change the Locks

This is the first safety precaution you should take care off right away. You’ll never know who has the keys to the current locks you have. Change all the locks from your front door down to the tool shed at the back.

Plan for Kids and Pets

If you have pets and children, making sure they’re out of the way when you start moving in your things. This way, you can make your move faster and easier. Have a friend or family member watch them over during your move to get things organized around your new home.


Construction, inspections, and all the other activities that took place in your house while it was being built can bring in all sorts of germs. You can disinfect your cabinets and walls DIY-style or just hire and supervise professional cleaners.

This should only be the first five items on your list. There’s still a lot of other things you’ll have to do like check for plumbing leaks or wiring options for your appliances. It may take time for you to get everything in order, but keep in mind that you’re at the home stretch now. You can soon sit back, put your feet up, and smile at yourself for a job well done.

04 PM | 05 Jul

Versatile Veneers in Liverpool

Dentist doing prophylaxis treatment

Cosmetic dentistry is growing in popularity in the UK. As Brits become more image-conscious as a society (spontaneous selfie anyone?) and more interested in spending money on their health and wellbeing, the more appealing a trip to the cosmetic dentist is.

This growing desire has also neatly dovetailed with cosmetic dentistry becoming more widely available. Time was, a patient would have to go to a major city to brighten up their smile. Now people can find a cosmetic dentist on every high street, offering aesthetic treatments such as veneers in Liverpool at increasingly affordable prices. This includes long established practices in the area such as Liverpool Smile Studio.

One of the most diverse and flexible treatments on offer is veneers. These thin porcelain shells cover a multitude of cracks, chips, gaps and stains. If there is a minor imperfection in the teeth, chances are a veneer can cover it.

How do they work?

Veneers in Liverpool are like false nails for the teeth, in that they cover up the surface of the tooth. The cosmetic dentist will remove the top layer of enamel to give the veneer a rough surface to bond to, and so it will lie flush with the surrounding teeth. They will then apply dental adhesive and stick the veneer on. Doesn’t sound like a very in-depth process, but veneers are remarkably durable and will last around 10 years before needing to be replaced.

What can they be used for?

If a tooth has been chipped or cracked through accident or injury, a veneer can cover over it. If the teeth are a little uneven or have small gaps, veneers are a quicker and cheaper alternative to braces for creating an even smile.

And if tooth whitening isn’t a possibility, because not all stains can be removed this way, veneers in Liverpool can cover up ingrained blemishes. One important point to note: any patient who wishes to carry out whitening to remove surface stains on other teeth will need to do this first before having veneers fitted. This is because it isn’t possible to whiten veneers, so they will need to be colour-matched to the newly whitened teeth to give a consistent look.

02 PM | 03 Jul

How to Earn from Your Home’s Extra Room

Room Available Sign

Having spare rooms available in your house can mean additional business for you. Of course, it would mean preparing yourself for a few changes and upgrades here and there, but it will be worth the time and money. Consider the following options and what you should invest on if you do plan to earn from your extra space.

Short-Term Rentals

This can mean vacationers, backpackers, and even overnight visitors. You can offer your extra room to online rental services or even post your own public ads. Make sure the room is clean, has fresh sheets and towels ready, and all minor repairs are completed. Ready a lease agreement and make sure you have at least spoken with your guests over the phone before their arrival. Also, as Desert Star Heating and Air recommends, keep the numbers of emergency AC services and other maintenance companies for fast fixes.

Small Business Space

Having a profitable hobby such as baking, crafts, or even painting require its own space when you work. The same can be said for a small home office. Fix up your room to accommodate shelves, tables, and other requirements. Make sure you have enough electrical sockets for your equipment and machinery. Also, make sure that the lighting fixtures are sufficient for you to work comfortably.

Storage Space

The people in your neighborhood can be your first clients for this venture. You can ask around your community for those who need storage rooms that are clean and safe enough to house their extra stuff. You can rate your services according to square footage and length of stay instead of weight just so you can maximize your area’s profitability. Also, be sure to provide proper documents with complete information for your clients to sign.

Owning your own home can be considered a luxury by many but it can become a lucrative business given the right circumstance. You can start by making sure your whole house is clean, tidy and well-maintained. This allows you to still consider your house a home despite you using it for business.

07 PM | 29 Jun

Emotional Renovation: What You Want Your New Kitchen to Make You Feel

Kitchen Placement Design

Millennial homeowners are in it for renovations, as the houses they bought on the cheap require some upgrades in the near future. Even those with a decent property are also looking to renovate, to make their home something more enjoyable and worth coming back to at the end of the day.

It’s no secret that kitchens are one of the most renovated parts of the house, competing with bathrooms for the top spot. But what do you want to achieve in your kitchen? These emotions are what your upgrades should evoke:


For dinner, your diet calls for a simple but healthy salad. There’s not much to do but chop the ingredients, dress, and toss. It’s a simple task that can be quite boring, and if you’re not a fan of salads in the first place, it may be downright unappetizing. But not if you have a kitchen in Salt Lake City that inspires ideas and healthy eating. A kitchen remodel should incorporate elements that make you excited to prepare your food and to eat it. Those trendy countertops sure add excitement to the room as you want to share your food on Instagram.


There’s nothing more rewarding than digging into homemade lasagna or a homemade pie at the end of a stressful day. You want to go to bed in a good mood, so the kitchen should not have a tense vibe to it. This would, of course, partly depend on how well you keep the room in order. Appliances should be clean and well-maintained, which means part of your renovation budget should go into replacing old appliances with newer, more energy efficient ones.


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but if you’re entering a chaotic and run-down kitchen with barely any appliances working properly, you might prefer to just run on an empty stomach. It’s not a healthy alternative to get take-out this early either. A newly remodeled kitchen will greet you in the morning as you take out your box of cereals or prepare bacon and eggs. No matter the family’s breakfast preference, the smell of filling food in the morning sets you off to a good start.

There are emotions involved in the process of renovating and after it. To be satisfied with the changes, it should make you feel good about yourself.

08 AM | 26 Jun

Window Treatment Shopping: Which One is Right for You?

Woman Looking Outside the Window

Drapes or Shades?

Choosing the right window treatments can be tricky, confusing, and irritating all at the same time. Places like Jo-Vin offer a wide array of treatments to choose from but you need to narrow down your choices and get the most suitable one for your windows. Thankfully, such places are also usually keen on lending a helping hand in the selection process.

Always ask yourself which window treatments you need and want. Are you leaning towards drapes or are you more of a shades person? If that doesn’t narrow it down, think of the window treatment’s purpose. Are you after privacy or is it purely for aesthetic purposes?

Your budget also plays a part in your decision. Window treatments are always priced by size so be sure to get your measurements right to avoid spending needlessly.

Different Window Treatments


Blinds are usually the cheapest window treatments  available. They offer little to no style but are great for providing privacy and filtering sunlight. However, they’re also a magnet for dust, so you better be prepared to clean them often. Blinds are best for rooms that need the most privacy, such as bathrooms and first-floor bedrooms.


If you want the functionality of blinds but also want some style, you can opt for shades. Although shades don’t have slats that blinds have for filtering sunlight, they come in various levels of opacity. They also come in black-out and motorization options, for maximum privacy and optimal convenience respectively. Depending on the type, shades can also be an energy-efficient option.


The possibilities with drapes are endless. With so many options available, you may have difficulty pinpointing which one best suits to your needs. Living and dining areas may have aesthetically pleasing drapes which allow natural light in. On the other end of the scale are blackout drapes which are suitable for nurseries and bedrooms, as they serve as a barrier to light and help keep the space temperate.

These are just some of the basics when it comes to window treatments. Consult a designer or a window treatments specialist about your particular needs. They’ll help you choose the most practical type of treatment for your windows.